SAVE GOA’S CHILDREN FROM SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Curtorim constituency MLA Alexio Reginaldo Lourence took time out to inaugurate a first of its kind three-day training course for 27 counsellors in substance use disorders in children, in Margao. The Curtorim MLA speaking on the occasion observed that parents play a major role in preventing substance abuse among their children if they have initiated use. He said parents need to stay involved in their children’s day-to-day activities. Chief co-ordinator Peter F Borges of the Human Touch Foundation, which is conducting the course, said they are being aided by the United Nation’s Office on Drugs & Crime and the training will be a major step forward in enhancing psychosocial interventions and developing a pool of expertise to treat issues arising from substance abuse. The training which commenced on Aug26, 2021, is being held at St Therezinha Lar Retreat House at Pajifond.


THE US military has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 20 years. The US also had to lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. The financial blow has fallen upon them. The US military too stays on in Afghanistan with reluctance. No country can afford to deploy troops in another country for prolonged years.
It was with this in mind President Biden’s called for a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. This is the first decision. The second scenario is rampant corruption in the Afghan administration. It was a golden opportunity for the Taliban to get back on its feet and takeover capital Kabul and almost all of Afghanistan which has been in a civil war situation or so many years with a resurgent Islam.
It is noteworthy that in the current situation the embassies of Pakistan, China and Russia are still operating in Afghanistan. These countries have secretly aided the Taliban. Neighbouring Russia is quiet. It means they accept the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan. Russia, along with Pakistan, rank among the countries feeding terrorism.
Russia is a powerful country in terms of the weapons industry. This is evident from the weapons the Taliban have to keep on fighting wars. They may not have the necessary ammunition factories to manufacture their own weapons but there are many happy to arm them. The infiltration of the Indian embassy by the Taliban reflects their views on India.
— Jayesh Rane, Mumbai

RECENTLY, I saw a post in a WhatsApp group about an elephant which uprooted a huge tree in a video clip. Perhaps we in Goa should get elephants to uproot some of the weak tress all around! These dangerous trees may be seen all down the Campal promenade and most often our Forest Department and CCP don’t think about such things.
We have no logic when it comes to planting trees down public thoroughfare or even how to cull them before she monsoon season so that they do not come tumbling down. So let us get some elephants to do their job for them at least of bringing down the weak trees now which sand so precariously! Before they fall in a gust and injure some property of kill some people.
See a photo I have attached here of an old tree fallen and how it has damaged a compound wall of Foodland restaurant at Miramar beach which is under the Tourism Department. I have personally informed the Foodland office staff to take action which unfortunately till date (August 20, 20211) has not happened. What is the use of writing to newspapers when authorities do not read newspapers to take stock and do something about the people’s hardships and complaints!
What we have now at Miramar beach behind the Pergola upto a kilometre’s stretch, is the GSIDC transformation going on endlessly in the name of transforming the beach into a paradise of Samadhi and what they call a recreation hub.
— Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

IT IS really sad that when post-mortems are conducted by doctors, crucial evidence and clues that could strengthen prosecution against the accused are sometimes ignored and carelessly omitted. GMC has done tremendous work during the pandemic but something is not right about its post-mortem investigations.
So many suspicions have been raised by many amongst the public regarding the recent death of a young woman at Calangute beach. Did she really drown to death or did somebody kill and dump her there to give the assumption that she committed suicide by drowning?
The GMC is Goa’s premier medical institution and Goans respect it and believe everything is in safe hands there. But in the case of the Nachinola girl’s death at Calangute there is a lot of foreboding with the police doing no independent investigations to confirm homicide. Here is so much unprofessional behaviour both by police and the medical people. We have a history of many botched post-mortems and political interference in the past.
As citizens we humbly request that all suspicious cases undergoing post-mortem investigations be video recorded and there should be a panel with at least two members of the public i but from NGOs – so that there is no bias, wrongdoing and political interference. We hope that this will happen and hospital authorities and doctors live up to the faith reposed in them by the general public.
— Jo Dias, Chandor

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