COMMUNICATION MEGA TRENDS: Briefing media people at a press conference in Panaji on Sept 16 are  Public Relations Council of India office bearers (L to R) US Kutty (secretary, national president), K Ravindran (senior vice-president), Geetha Shanker (director, YCC), MB Jayaram (chairperson emeritus PRCI), Dr T Vinay Kumar (national president) and Anindita Sinha (chairperson, Hyderabad chapter) . Quoting MB Jayaram, “Our vision under PRCI is to be a one-stop-knowledge powerhouse in the field of mass communication with the motto of `communication for a better world.’ And to be the No1 organization to promote and protect the interests of communication professionals in India.”

By Pankajbala R Patel

FROM sound and looks of it public relations as a business venture is thriving and blooming in the country!  The Public Relations Council of India, a pan-India professional council now having 50 chapters across India and abroad, has a very successful narrative. It is growing from strength to strength with some media people arguing that in fact, the public relations business is beating the mainstream media business these days. While the first is thriving, the second is dying a slow, tortuous death!

Many media people will confirm that in today’s times the dividing line between public relations and print and electronic/online media is considerably narrowed. So much it’s becoming harder to sieve the truth from half-truths or white-washed truths and outright lies in the  media today.  

Chairperson and Emeritus MB Jayaram of the PRCI, who is here in Goa for its two-day 15th global conclave on the theme of “Communication in the New Decade,  Mapping the Mega Trends” on September 17-18, 2021, appreciates PR versus Media conflicts and confesses that public relations has become part and parcel of our  communications and media future. Speaking to media people on Sept 16 at a press briefing he acknowledged that at least 10% of the PRCI’s membership now comprises of media people.

Amongst other things the PRCI conducts useful workshops and conferences for the benefit of public relations students and enthusiasts interested in taking up PR as a business venture. Governor of Goa PS Sreedharan Pillai  is scheduled to inaugurate the PR conclave and accompanying conference talks, while Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will be doing the honours of giving away the organisation’s Chanakya and Kautilya awards for national achievers. The conclave is expected to see a gathering of about 200 delegates from across the country with Covid-19 protocols in place.


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