THREE CHEERS FOR THIS! This is a doctor’s graduation ceremony picture without the traditional black robes! Our friend, the noted heart doctor Dr Vivek Jawali, Chairperson of the Executive Council & Cardiac Sciences, Fortis Hospitals in Bengaluru, who posted it to us asks, Don’t you like the new colors? We admit it is very cheering to see some much needed changes happening amongst the medical fraternity down south India. Any more changes happening?


ON Jan 22, 2022 I had a severe garbage problem due to street dogs, their population is increasing and more than in the old days. s earlier times. At night I kept the garbage bin outside the gate for the CCP/Panchayat workers to pick up the garbage as usual in the morning. The bin was overturned by stray dogs haunting the Dona Paula area and are all over. The plastic bag which I put out at the gate for the milkman to drop in two milk bags was also torn to pieces.  I discovered this when I got up in the morning.

 These dogs are hungry perhaps and covid might be affecting them and food is not put out for them regularly by residential dog lovers here. To overcome this nuisance I modified our garbage bin by putting out a school bag type strappy bag with a buckle and replaced the milk bag with a metal box (see photo). We see garbage piling up daily near the Dona Paula Outpost Police Station and CCP lady workers slogging to collect the garbage spilled all over the roads – because the trolley boxes at collection point are overturned, they are not safe from foraging street animals be it dogs or cows.

Perhaps CCP can be inspired by my at-home-shortcut-solution and find some better solution. Making proper animal-proof enclosures or bins with clasps so that no garbage is scattered across roads where stray animals forage or gales of heavy wind rush through.

— Stephen Dias, Dona Paula


AT the drop of a hat MLAs and candidates cross over to another party and another and even come back to home party to roost! Whenever this happens the concerned party holds a function to welcome the new/old entrants and much fanfare is witnessed. On the side fellow party colleagues may be celebrating saying “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

Instead of wasting money, time and resources, all our political parties could meet at a common place to exchange their candidates, conduct an auction (like IPL), carry out wheeling-dealings and take away their “merchandise” with content. This event may compared to farmers selling their livestock – the only difference being that  elected candidates will be milking us dry for the next five years!        

–Sridhar Iyer, Caranzalem


THIS Valentine’s Day will the son rise for the first time in the backdrop of the red carpet laid out by the father, or will the Don walk away with his Valentine for yet another celebration? Or will the mystical broom clear the path smoothly for its candidate’s maiden victory? It could even be the hand that rocks the cradle ruling Panaji?

Surprises galore are in store for candidates yet to be announced. Will it be the Ace of Spades, the fragrance of the Queen of Flowers, the King of Diamonds or the Jack of Hearts, who call the shots? For the moment the cards are in the hands of the people of Panaji to decide the outcome and their future anew. The first waltz in Panaji could be a close affair and a day to cherish for the triumphant one!

Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


ONE of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite hymn ‘Abide With Me’ was dropped from the closing ceremony of this year’s Republic Day celebritions. According to the program of the Indian Army this hymn was replaced by  ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha.’ Does this mean that ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’ hasn’t been played at this even ever? Not many know which tune is played at the closing ceremony.

Due to the removal of this one hymn and the discussion which followed everyone has come to know that 26 tunes were to be played at this year’s ceremony. ‘Abide with Me’ was included in the closing ceremony of Republic Day since 1950. In the year 2020 the tune was removed from the ceremony for the first time. The controversy put it back on the list in 2021! Now again it was removed from the Beating of the Retreat ceremony.

Many Indian poets have written poems with beautiful descriptions of the country. One of Gandhiji’s favourite poems could have been included from 1950 instead of ‘Abide with me’. The person who is associated with this soil can best describe India through poetry. Body gets thrilled as soon as we hear the tune of ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’.

This tune is easy to understand. It is not easy for the people of the country to understand it even when ‘Abide With Me’ is played. In such occasions what is written by Indians and can be easily understood should be played out or read out so that everyone follows it and understands it. There are different views in the country regarding Gandhiji’s views!

Republic Day celebration is of India and we have heard the tune of a foreign poet in it for many years. Is this fair? Respecting the poems of the poet is a different point.
There is no doubt that the absence of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite tune will start a new political controversy. What do the people of the country think? This is important. The 26 January event has the world’s attention as well as the Beating Retreat  ceremony. Which is Indian?

— Er Jayesh Rane, Mumbai


  1. Corrupt Government Officials are the reason for Goans sufferings. They take months or even years to pass one simple file of Goans, which require only few days to pass. Without bribes they even not looking at the Goans face, forget about completing the file of the Goans. Whenever Goans goes to the office, next chair employee says that he or She is on outdoor work. But actually he or she is at home or doing some of its personal business outdoor. They must be punctual and if he or she is gone out or on leave then there must be a replacement to sign or work on his or her behalf.

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