HINDU RAKSHA MAHA AGHADI on growing jihadi movement: 

Religious fears are the very devil! It is not as if the people of the world have not lived in fear and terror before, history is the story of civilisation good, bad or ugly. In this respect India fears the return of Partition terrors anew in the sub-continent. Speaking   at a press conference called by former RSS chief Subhash Velingkar on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 he said,  “We have taken note of the mob-lynching of Bajrang Dal worker Harsha at Shimogga  in Karnataka by jihadi groups instigating the hijab movement…” Alarmed that such incidents may grow Hindus should unite under the umbrella of the Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi in Goa. The organisation is taking  note of whatever is happening by way of fundamentalist religious incidents. Dr Suraj Kanekar who was present said the government should ban the Popular Front of India which is instigating the minority community, just as it seeks to ban some Hindu groups. Others who urged the majority community to be alert to mischief makers were Subhash Phal Desai and


SPEAKER of the Legislative AssemblyRajesh Patnekar has dismissed the plea of the GPCC Girish Chodankar to disqualify the by now notorious defection of MLAs from the Legislative Assembly. Patnekar asserted that the act of joining the BJP by the 10 Congress MLAs and the merger of the two MGP MLAs with the BJP was legal, as the electoral rules specify that if 2/3rd of members of a legislative party broke away — it was a split and not a defection. So to the misfortune of Goa’s voters it is a case of defections zindabad!  


THE secret is out. Emeliano Dias of down south Goa Raia has been selected as King Momo for the annual four-day carnival festival to be held from February 26 to March 1, 2022 this year. Emeliano Dias is an actor having acted in a few dramas and movies, he was selected from a list of seven people who had applied to be King Momo for the carnival or carnival.

King Momo has appealed to all carnival revelers to enjoy the carnival but do so by observing covid protocol of wearing mask and keeping distance. The Miramar beach venue that was to be turned into a food-preneurs plaza has been shifted to the wooded grounds opposite the ESG/Old GMC in Panaji down the Mandovi riverfront River front. See you there!


THE law and order situation in Goa has worsened. This is dramatized by the fact that the cops have added 80 more goons on their list of history-sheeters which is now gone up by 22.  A history sheet is a record of the accused, family and  associates. Of the history-sheeters 114 are in North Goa and 108 in South Goa. Many criminals have been externed. Three were arrested under the National Security Act.


IT is now been established that the coronavirus of Covid-19 can seriously a toll of the heart and damage it.  The virus leads to inflammation of lungs and formation of clots in blood vessels. Most fatalities courtesy heart attacks are due to Covid-19 infection. Other side-effects include Alzheimer’s, cerebral hemorrhage and gastroenteritis problems. Some patients see kidney failure too.  


ADVOCATE Aires Rodrigues has approached the Lokayukta asking for an enquiry into the assets of Cumberjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar. Aires has alleged that the Madkaikar-owned company Nikitasha Relators has on April 1, 2019 bought a Rs200 crore bungalow in Old Goa which is within the Heritage Zone, less than a 100 meters of the Bom Jesus Basilica.


THE Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court has dismissed the writ petition filed by Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar, seeking the disqualification of the ten Congress MLAs and the two MGP MLAs, who defected to the BJP consequent on the appointment of Pramod Sawant as the chief minister following the death of the late Manohar Parrikar.

The Goa bench of the Bombay High Court comprising Justice Manish Pitale and RN Laddha have upheld the decision of the Speaker of the  Goa Legislative Assembly Rajesh Patnekar — that there was no case made out for disqualification of the ten congress MLAs and a two MGP MLAs. The court has pointed out that according to the electoral laws, if 2/3rds of the members of the Legislative party break away from the parent party (in this case the Congress, it would be considered as a split and not a defection). Similarly, the two MGP MLAs who merged with the BJP comprise 2/3rds of the 3-member MGP Legislative group in the assembly.

So now there is happiness all around for defecting politicians. Except in the hearts of voters who thought they were voting for Congress party candidates only to learn that they had been betrayed! Such is the political farce that it’s becoming more and more difficult to remember who’s Congress, BJP, AAP, TMC, RGP, GSP, etc. If you’re an aspiring politician you may win by conning your voters, and if you defect and join the winning party – the law is on your side! Not for the first time voters are asking: What kind of anti-voters laws are these which bless Judas candidates in today’s political games? Elections have become a joke or a farce or what? Shame, shame.

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