Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai says science of systems is not so much about what to think but how to think and thats what young people can be trained to do for a better, happier, future

I’VE got in my hands on the trilogy copy of VA Shiva (PhD, The Inventor of Email) in my hand which my sister from Chicago sent me and am once again fascinated by this man’s indefatigable efforts to make the world a better place to live in for the working classes (those who presumably live in various levels of dystopia while the one or two per cent live in utopia and control our lives).
These days the Massachusettes-based eloquent systems scientist (apart from being a polymath holding four degrees from MIT, a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, First Outstanding Scientist and Technologist of Indian origin) is urging working people to get together in a revolution of sorts to take on the “not so obvious establishment” which plays a key role in making life miserable for the working classes. Amongst things meaning that our governments of the day , in league with the one or two per cent monumentally super wealthy of the world, would like to limit the population of the world or at least keep it tightly controlled and harnessed to fuel its own manipulative powers…not funny, take it seriously please!
Anyway, this is to say I find the distinguished and maverick Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s talks and videos extremely educative, stimulating and his talk of fuelling a world-wide revolution of Truth-Freedom-Health is already under way with thousands of fans and scholars on his side. A most interesting man, from the sound of it he has lived a most adventurous life as an activist or catalyst for change from the bottoms up. He is an American Indian who sees himself as more American than Indian, nonetheless he has links with his old home village of Muhavur in Tamilnadu in South India and was visiting it recently…read up his history if you wish, it is worth it.
If you listen to Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai you will hear how it’s not only India which suffers from a caste system complex, it also exists in another sense in the US of A and he’s paid the price for it! A political man apart from being a man dedicated to the systems science of life, he fought for Senator’s seat in Massachusetts but lost out, went to court to prove it was a fraudulent election more about selection than election. For some time now I’ve been listening to his Facebook talks and video presentations on related subjects but primarily politics.
His live-wire movement for revolution with the tantalizing line of Truth, Freedom and Health is going places the world over with his thousands of listeners and admirers, and now revolution warriors — who understand his systems of science revolution perfectly. You may have caught his talks and videos on Facebook like I have and may or may not be taking him seriously. But he is worth taking seriously! I’ve written about this Truth, Freedom & Health man here before, he hails from a lowly toddy-tapper’s or farming family background from Tamil Nadu; went out to the USA as a seven-year-old boy and never looked back. He is the real inventor of E-mail, Echo-mail and much else to make his dreams come true.
IF I WERE Prime Minister Narendra Modi I would make Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai an invitee guest member of my Advisory Committee on such subjects as what makes for good bottoms up politics, education and to free the working class from feeling like they’re slaves in the cog-wheel of development and progress — the fruit of which is hogged by the “not so obvious establishment” classes in the corridors of power who unleash the political wars of our mad or sick leaders!
It is time to make governments of the day responsible and accountable in true democratic tradition. Well, my dears, I don’t know what your favourite dream is but mine is, and I don’t mind sharing it here, is to take all our sleazebag corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, 1% business controllers to court, put them away behind bars for some years – years commensurate to the amount of fortunes they have built up for themselves while in the service of the country! It is because government after government has failed to give everyone from the bottoms up a level playing field that democracy has come full circle in India or Bharatdesh or whatever you want to call it.
THESE days governance in India means mostly building grand statues to long since dead heroes of lost causes, grand government buildings, memorials, changing names of streets, towns, cities, celebrate all kinds of days for fancy causes — generally spend a couple of hundred crore on paisa feko tamasha dekho extravaganzas where the same folk get awards, trophies, shawls, free luncheons and dinners and the rest of it which comes easy when it is public money being spent by a government which loses its raison d’tat with every new year.
Returning to Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai I think you should make some time for what he is saying so ardently, passionately, and with commitment to a cause he calls revolution for the working classes who’re being homogenized into a new ways of slavery by our not so obvious establishments. He has authored several books and the trilogy I have incorporates “The Science of Everything”, “Your Body Your System” and “Your System Your Life.”
Amongst a host of fascinating other things he says today’s medical science is obsolete, to quote him: “One of the most far-reaching applications of systems biology is Personalized Medicine or Precision Medicine. With my continuing interest in medicine that began with my grandmother, Personalized Medicine was one of the things that attracted me to Systems Biology. Personalized Medicine means that one day you will be able to go to your doctor’s office (or possibly simply get on the internet) to Access your DNA, which has already been stored in a secure information repository, and submit a sample of that day’s blood or saliva. Within moments you will get a read out telling you exactly what to eat for that day and what activities you should do to optimize your day’s health.” How exciting, no? Except that I won’t be around to see all this happening…but may it happen one of these days! I guess that’s what Dr Shiva’s not so obvious establishment controlling powers are looking forward to!
He would like it to be a more democratic bottom-up empowerment for the working class and towards this end he is busy presently building up a force of Truth, Freedom, Health warriors across the world. He is busy educating them in the science of systems which also means how today’s political forces work and how to understand them and the power to bring them down should be in the hands of the ordinary working classes and not nasty greedy exploiters! I’ve been sharing his Facebook postings, you must catch up with this remarkable systems scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai for he has much to tell and analyse for us.
His vast build-up of researched data courtesy his company called CytoSolve is based on “a technology that enables rapid discovery of multi-combination therapeutics without animal testing.” He says what we put in our mouth makes a difference to the status of our health and he has these close-up analysis of foods like blueberries, strawberries, kale, black cumin, raw sprouts and much else which benefits body beautiful. I wish I could take time off to do nothing but enrol in his Foundation of Systems ™ course and bone up on his lectures and talks, be a part of the growing global community he is building up at a frenetic pace these days!
LAST heard of the Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai online university had 73,252 students, 4325 scholars in 56 countries! Yes, nothing to sneeze at, sit up and go check him out. If you’re a student down in the dumps in today’s miserable killer times all the more reason why you should check out what this guy is saying and not exactly from the boondocks of America (remember he is from India) – I am keen he is put on the curriculum of colleges in India. If you’re asking me India is ripe for a revolution Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai-style and may my mahadeo be with him.
On that note its avjo, selamat datang, poiteverem arrivedecci, au revoir,arrivedecci and vachun yeta here for now!

—Mme Butterfly

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