HONOURED: Governor of Goa Sreedharan Pillai along with his spouse Rita S. Pillai felicitated 90-year-old freedom fighter Libia Lobo Sardessai at the Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula on June 18, 2022.
Speaking on the occasion Governor Pillai said that on the historical event of Goa Revolution Day, the Raj Bhavan was happy to felicitate a senior-most freedom fighter of Goa. Raj Bhavan has a wonderful tradition to felicitate eminent personalities of Goa from various walks of life and he highlighted the bravery of Libia Lobo Sardessai in liberating Goa from the Portuguese in 1961.
Home Secretary Sanjeev Gadkar and IAS & Secretary to Governor Mihir Vardhan were also present on the occasion.\


THE BJP has been bulldozing the allegedly illegal homes of Muslims, who rioted recently against the remarks of a BJP spokesperson about their religious prophet. The BJP maintains the homes were removed legally and now after the extensive protests and rioting we have the Agnipath Scheme. But where are the bulldozers? Why is the media silent? Why are citizens silent? Why is India silent?
Is this the decision-making capability of the BJP? The country is simmering with a weakening economy due to faulty administration and a desperate people seeking jobs. Never has unemployment been so high in India! But the situation had not yet reached a boiling point courtesy the BJP’s targeting, which means more jobs for the majority and other tactics like ache din, temple rebuilding, etc.
The Agnipath Scheme for youth is another disastrous decision. In contrast in 1947 we saw a volatile and explosive situation with the British trying to hang on to their colony; the INC with Gandhi and Nehru were weighed down by the complicated dilemma of how to secure Independence without bloodshed. And the BJP has the gumption to fault the INC stalwarts when today they are creating riots from non-issues! See how even the trains are ablaze and by whom!
— R Fernandes, Margao

THE monsoon rain is here and we’re taking stock of the roads littered with macabre and deadly potholes across Goa. We are also witnessing the first casualties on the broken, badly repaired roadways. The high number of accident deaths on our roads should be a matter of concern for the government! Poor road engineering is the cause of many fatal accidents.
Why are government departments and contractors not held accountable and responsible for shoddy road building and maintenance as a result of corruption and cutting of corners. They are guilty of short changing the public and should face the law.
Also please crack down on drunken driving and reckless over speeding. Vigilance by traffic authorities around schools and colleges must be enhanced to stop youngsters from behaving rashly in their vehicles. Can anyone do anything about cows squatting on highways, dogs and pigs loitering and crossing to cause many a sudden fatal accident?
The less said about the Atal Setu, third bridge across the Mandovi, the better. It is a monumental disaster beyond repair. We were assured that the bridge would last for over 100 years but it’s been crumbling within a few years of its rushed inaugural for photo shoots! It’s high time our traffic officials are professionally trained in all aspects of traffic management and road safety. Road safety is of paramount importance.
A government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety. Safety does not happen by accident. It is the solemn duty of everyone to take their own safety and the safety of others seriously. Prevention is better than cure!
—Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

ON front page of Herald on June 23 we saw how were impressed by the working of the publication’s printing press at Verna! I am happy you have praised this paper and I have no doubt it gives factual information and correct news without being influenced by the government. Now I would request Your Excellency to look into the deteriorating power supply to housing in the Dona Paula area where even main transformers wherever installed are dilapidated and broken with fuses completely open – and cause electrocution, as 11 KV supply comes to these transformers.
Take a look at the photo here at Sagar Society where the main transformer box with no doors has been lying in this condition for several years. Perhaps you are not aware that we in Dona Paula get no steady or regular supply of power but that it is constantly interrupted. When will the CE shift overhead wires underground?
—Stephen Dias, Dona Paula


  1. This BJP Government is standing on the Shoulders of the Independent & MGP MLAs. They are anti-BJP MLAs because they won against the BJP. Anytime they can pull this BJP Government down, because they won against the BJP.

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