AUSCHWITZ: The notorious Nazi death camp where millions of Jews were put to death in gas chambers and in other ways

‘Guardian’ editor, Carole Cadwalladr, who discovered to her shock that the first 20 results of a Google search claimed that the holocaust in Nazi Germany where six million Jews were killed, never happened!

The undersigned lodge my complaint as under:

  1. That I am the wife of Adv Gajanan Sawant, who is practising as an advocate in the State of Goa having office at UG-10 Maharudra Saynsran, Sajjangad Sankul, Dattawadi, Mapusa, Bardez Goa.
  2. That my husband is presently admitted in GMC due to the assault committed against him by four police officers including one Mr Sandip Parab alias Kamin, who is the head constable in rank, (attached to Porvorim Police Station) at the instance of Mr Vijaykumar Sammati.
  3. That my husband was under trauma and mentally disturbed due to assault and more so as my husband was referred for medical belatedly after the lapse of almost 6 hours from the incident the present complaint could not be filed at an earlier point of time. At present since my husband has undergone dental surgery today, he is not in a position to file the present complaint and as such, I am filing the same as per the facts narrated to me by him yesterday.
  4. That on 8/12/2022 at about 10.12 hrs my husband received a call on his mobile from my husband’s client Mr Richard Pinto who is son of Mr Diago Pinto, resident of Near old Corporation Bank, Alto-Porvorim Goa that some police officers have arrived near the main door of his flat bearing flat no- G-2, situated on the ground floor of “Peace Heaven” building Porvorim Bardez Goa and were directly orally him i.e. Richard and his other family members to vacate the said flat. At the relevant time said Richard Pinto, his wife his mother and children were present in the flat. Since Richard and his family members were not opening the door, the police officers were banging the front main door of the flat and were orally abusing and directing Richard and his family members to come out of the flat.
  5. That on 08/12/2022 at around 10:45 am, when my husband reached near the above-mentioned flat, he noticed that there were around 2 constables in uniform standing outside the main door of the said flat, along with 4 young non-Goan students who were earlier residing in the said flat. Also Mr Vijaykumar Sammati was present at the spot along with his wife.
  6. That my husband’s client had obtained a decree from the Civil Court and upon following due procedure, the sale deed fraudulently registered with respect to the said flat in the name of Mr Vijaykumar Sammati was duly cancelled and the possession of the said flat came into the hands of my husband’s client. There is no order staying the decree by the Civil Court and the same is in operation till date.
  7. That initially in spite of the decree being passed in favour of my husband’s client. Mt Vijaykumar Sammati illegally handed over the possession of the said flat to the above students. My husband’s client approached the 4 students and informed them since being the legal owner of the said flat having a decree in his favour, he is entitled to vacate them. The above 4 students considering the decree in favour of my husband’s client, requested my husband’s client to execute a leave and license agreement in their favour for a term of 5 months till their academic year ends, to which my husband’s client agreed and accordingly a leave and licence agreement was executed between my husband’s client and the 4 students.
  8. That on 05/12/2022, the above mentioned Leave and Licence Agreement was executed and the copy of the same as submitted before this Police Station. However, on 07/12/2022, due to continuous harassment and threats meted our by Vijaykumar Sammati, the above 4 students informed my husband’s client that they intent to vacate the said flat and accordingly vacated the said flat and accordingly vacated the said flat and handed over possession to my husband’s client on 07/12-2022.
  9. That as my husband received a phone call on 08/12-2022 around 10.12am from his client’s son Mr Richard Pinto requesting my husband to come at the spot as the police officers in uniform were banging the door and were threatening of wrongful and forcefully dispossessing them from the said flat, my husband went to the spot.
  10. That upon reaching the spot i.e. Peace Haven building Porvorim Bardez Goa at around 10.40am. I noticed that near the front main door of the said flat there were 2 police constables standing in uniform along with Vijaykumar Sammati and his wife, and in my presence one of the police constables on the phone called Mr Sandip Parab alias Kamin who immediately within 10 minutes reached the spot wearing civil clothes and a black colour jacket along with an unknown police officer in civil clothes. In my husband’s presence, Sandip Parab started abusing my husband’ client by saying “cheadeachano, fodrechano, flat atta khali korot, na zalear tumca jitet martolo ano flat kalli kortolo” etc. The said Sandip was acting on the instruction of said Mr Vijaykumar Sammati and his wife and was pressuring, forcing and threatening my husband’s client to vacate the said flat by abusing on the strength of his uniform.
  11. That on hearing the threats and abuses, my husband politely requested Mr Sandip Parab and Mr Vijaykumar Sammati that since the since being civil in nature, to approach the Civil Court and obtain possession of the said flat. On hearing this Mr Sandip became violent and started abusing my husband by saying “Koslo lawyer tu, tu kon re chedeache, tujea asle advogad khup poile avem, doen ghelo tu anu tuzo court, sheta tod maji” etc. Further he threatened my husband with dire consequences in Konkani by saying “tuka kitem korta te poi anu tuka zittot martolo.”
  12. That in order to illegally and forcefully give possession of the said flat to Mr Vijaykumar Sammati, Sandip was acting illegally and by abusing his powers as a police officer, was taking law in his hands and abusing and threating my husband and his clients with dire consequences.
  13. That Mr Sandip Parab along with the other 3 police constables whom my husband can identify upon seeing, forcefully caught hold of my husband and started driving my husband from the building while he was standing inside the compound wall. As the said above police officers were driving my husband out of the compound wall my husband made an attempt to run away to save himself at that time Mr Sandip Parab slapped my husband on his face and as such, in fear my husband started running. Mr Sandip Parab picked a wooden plank which was lying near the building gate and Sandip and his other associates started chasing my husband. Upon catching my husband at a distance of 2-3 meter, Mr Sandip Parab with force hit the said wooden plank on the right side of the husband’s head with the intent and knowledge to kill my husband. Upon receiving the said blow on the head, my husband started bleeding and fell on the ground and upon falling on the ground, the police officers who were in civil dress as well as in uniform started assaulting my husband with kicks on his abdomen and face. Sandip Parab and his other police constable associates forcefully dragged my husband towards the police car which was parked just at a distance of around 5 meters from the spot where my husband fell down. Sandip Parab and his associates forcefully threw my husband on the rear seat of the police car (Maruti Alto white in colour) and started assaulting my husband inside the car with kicks and punches.
  14. That the family members of my husband’s client who had witnessed the entire incident were shouting for help, however no one turned to help my husband and forcefully my husband was brought to this police station. The wooden plank was taken by Mr Vijaykumar Sammati with him in order to destroy the evidence.
  15. That Mr Sandip Parab and the 3 unknown Police Officers, (out of which 2 were in uniform) and said Vijaykumar Sammati and his wife formed an unlawful assembly, abused, assaulted my husband with the intention and knowledge to kill him and threatened him with dire consequences so as to succeed in their illegal motive of forcefully and illegally vacating my husband’s client’s flat.
  16. That my husband is undergoing treatment in GMC and has not recovered. Presently, he is under grave trauma due to the aforesaid incident and there is a threat to his life at the instance of Sandip Parab and his associates, as from their conduct it appears that in spite of being police officers they can stoop low to any extent to execute the threats of dire consequences meted out by them.
    I, therefore, request to kindly register a FIR under sections 143, 147, 148,307,504,506 (ii), read with sections 149 and 201 of I.P.C against Mr Sandip Parab, Vijay Sammati his wife and 3 police officers attached to Porvorim police station and to investigate it.

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