CM PAYS FLORAL TRIBUTES AT MARTYRS MEMORIAL: Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant led the people of the State to pay floral tributes in memory of those who laid down their lives in struggle for India’s freedom at the  Martyrs Memorial at Azad Maidan, Panaji, on January 30, 2023. With him paying their respects were Chief Secretary Puneet Kumar Goel (IAS), Director- General of Police Jaspal Singh (IPS) and other dignitaries who all paid floral tributes and  observed a two-minute silence on the occasion. The police contingent presented arms (Salami Shastr) and reverse arms (Shok Shastr) as mark of respect to the martyrs, followed by bugles sounding the rouse. After the “Last Post” the police fired a single shot of gun fire in air to signal the start of two minutes of silence and fired the second shot of gun fire to signal the end of two minutes of silence. Freedom fighters, secretaries to government, heads of department among others were present on the occasion. The children of Bal Bhavan presented patriotic songs on the occasion.


WITH burglars daring to step into the “temple of justice” in Panaji, they have ventured into their last possible destination of crime. After all, such  burglars never opt for the Secretariat or the Legislative Assembly to commit a theft, perhaps because some of their partners in crime are those in citadels of power!

We grew up in a crime-free Goa known for its quality of tranquillity and peaceful village co-existence. Unlike, say the crime-ridden Uttar Pradesh or Bihar or Haryana today! But now Goa must have  surpassed those state in all crimes of all types.  There is need to introspect as to why we have reached this current despicable situation in law and order, where the rule of law and good governance has long since gone for a toss.  

Those in power are not interested in soul-searching on this issue concerning the well-being and safety of Goans, institutions, as they know who is responsible for the growing incidence of crimes. Goa has become a crime-ridden state and this is the hard ground reality.

Goans are left to fend for themselves and live in fear while our politicians move around in surrounded by an army of security bouncers. With crimes on the rise who is there to protect the common people on the street and in their homes, the poor, and also their cherished institutions?

Now that even our courts have become easy prey for burglars, all we can seek is God’s interventions to protect us and our lands! In Goa the law enforcement authorities are conveniently abdicating their responsibility to protect and support the people who foot the public kitty’s bills.

To think that once Goa was called the “Pearl of the Orient” but now it is competing for the title of “Crime Capital of the Nation.”

— Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


JYOTI Kumari, IAS, will be remembered by the people of south Goa for her citizen-friendly and pro-active approach. I have had occasion to meet her during her tenure as deputy collector and SDM, Salcete. During her tenure as deputy collector she made a record of sorts by speedily disposing of hundreds of partition cases languishing for years altogether.  Another of her major contributions was ensuring transfer of corrupt staff who were ruling the roost in the Mutation Section.

Later when she became the collector she took several initiatives to streamline the administration. Whenever common people approached her she was ready to redress their grievances and ensure a solution.   

–Sadanand Raikar, Salcete, Goa


THE BJP government in India is inebriated with power and has thrown responsibility and accountability to the winds. Home Minisster Amit Shah’s stark statement that the  Mhadei river waters dispute has been resolved solely in the interests of winning elections in Karnataka has come as a rude shock for Goans. The Home Minister wants to play games for political gains. Since the matter is sub-judice he should not have made such a statement until the Supreme Court gives a verdict. It is a clear instance of trying to lead the Supreme Court.

It may be recalled that the people of Karnataka gave a mandate to the Congress and that the BJP engineered defection and formed a government against the democratic mandate of the people. The same happened in Madhya Pradesh where the clear mandate was for the Congress that had formed a government there and again the lust for power made the BJP infringe and form the government in bad taste.

The people of Goa have voted in majority numbers against a minority government and  through dubious means it has broken the Congress party in Goa for the second time. Will the Opposition and the people of Goa not fight for a reversal of the order gifting the waters of the Mhadei waters to Karnataka?

Karnataka is a big state with 28 Lok Sabha seats while Goa has only two seats. Is this why the Centre is making Goa the sacrificial lamb? Until the Amit Shah made his intentions clear Chief Minister of Goa Dr Pramod Sawant maintained a deafening silence, for he knows he has betrayed the people of Goa. Clearly he is a puppet in the hands of the Centre and for Goans there will be no fair and equitable solution to the concerns of what diverting the Mhadei waters to Karnataka will do to Goa’s farming people all along the Mandovi river and the eventual damage it will do to Goa as a tourism state or even as a state where the happiness quotient is high!

— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


KARNATAKA Chief Minister Basaavaraj Bommai whilst speaking to media persons  at Belagavi airport recently, has openly  said that the comprehensive exercise by  Goa government to prevent Karnataka from going ahead with the Mhadei project would never materialise as his government has got the approval for the DPR relating to Kalsa-Bhandura project from the BJP leaders at the centre.

Unfortunately, our CM Pramod Sawant has issued a mild statement in front of media persons the other day to bluff Goans by claiming that he is very firm over the Mhadei issue and whatever has to be done legally, technically and politically, his government will be doing. The big question is, When? And why is it taking so long to convince his own BJP leaders at the centre to withdraw the  DPR granted to Karnataka – if they’re really running a much publicised double-engine government in Goa? 

Seeing the casual approach of Goa BJP government it looks like the Mhadei for Kannadigas has already been sold at the  behest of BJP leaders from Karnataka and centre so that everyone can hold on to their political hot seats. The reason why  CM Bommai is daringly issuing his statements on the acquisition of the Mhadei is because he confidently knows that Goa’s CM Pramod Sawant is a central government remote-controlled robot,  specially appointed by the Central party leaders to do all kinds of settings to slowly destroy Goa by selling its natural resources to neighbouring big states. All this is hypnotising/distracting our “succegaad” Goans in the name of bringing some long-term developmental projects (which are actually destructive in nature)…atam Goenkarank bhivpachi karench garaz asa!

–Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

THERE was a report that in the Mirzapur Court of Uttar Pradesh a judge accidentally shot himself in the foot while putting on his gown inside his chamber. Hope he has recovered by now. The people believe that arms and ammunitions are prohibited in the premises (except for the cops) of any court but it is surprising to know that a judge had carried a loaded gun, maybe licensed. What compelled the judge to have a loaded gun on him during duty hours? Hope in the future judges do not carry guns to deliver instant justice or to maintain law and order in the courts! It would be a case of “shoot first, ask later.”

Sridhar D Iyer,   Caranzalem, Goa 

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