SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY! By Aravind Bhatikar

By Aravind Bhatikar

PUBLIC memory is short. Myth managers, spin doctors and hired social media brigades can misuse and abuse information technology to spread distortions and lies.
Rahul Gandhi asked many relevant questions in Lok Sabha about businessman Gautam Adani’s spectacular fortunes courtesy Prime Minister Narendara Modi’s patronage. As usual the BJP, instead of answering the questions honestly tried to shoot the messenger. Prime Minister Modi, in his long winding speech in the Lok Sabha, only reminded his critics that they would have to face 138 crore people of India who have showered their blessings on him!
In a recent speech elsewhere, he alleged that some people inside and outside India had taken “supari” to constantly malign the Prime Minister’s image. He was most probably referring to the speeches of Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha and Chief Minister of Delhi Aravind Kejriwal in Delhi Assembly making direct or indirect allegations about the relationship between him and Adani. Modi also said that he didn’t have to worry about the “supari” because he was well protected by the Indian masses.
The aam aadmi in India should not forget that in 2019 the BJP under Modi was elected by only 37.7% and rejected by 62.3% of those who voted. Considering that out of a population of 138 crore in 2019, only about 90 crore were eligible voters and only 67% of the eligible voters voted, it would mean that Prime Minister Modi was crowned by only about 15.9% of India’s population. About 84% of Indians were either ineligible to vote, abstained from voting or voted against him.
It is not only BJP which has gained power through a minority of votes but most governments in the past probably did the same. This is because of the provisions in our election law. Provisions of law did not hurt as long as ruling political parties played the game as per the rules.
The time has now come to re-visit our Constitution and the election laws to make our government more representative of the people and to prevent abuse of power to strangulate our democracy. The ultimate question is whether we will allow 15% to decide the future of 100% of the population?

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