IT WAS `WORLD BOOK DAY’ ON APRIL 23, 2023…and Governor of Goa PS Sreedharan Pillai celebrated it being a book lover and a prolific writer himself. He attended a function organized at the Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library at Patto, Panaji, and in his address urged the writing community to continue the good work of writing for writing educates and enlightens the people about various issues. Writing offers a lot of satisfaction, he said, in his experience writing showcases the unity of people and country. Writers should get more opportunities to create a bright future for our country! See how Mahatma Gandhiji wrote his books in Gujarati although he had good command of the English language too. He wrote in simple language. Governor Pillai also noted freedom fighter Ram Manohar Lohia as a powerful speaker and writer, his books are available at the Raj Bhavan library. Present at the occasion were Sushant Tandel (curator, Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library), Sulaksha Kormule (Assistant State Librarian), Sindhu Damle (program in-charge), Sagun Velip (director, Department of Art & Culture) who welcomed guests and presented a book to the governor as a token of love.


EVERYONE may see for themselves how D B raod is looking, the gutter spaces are completely blocked with debris and mud. How will monsoon rain drain away? Also I would like to suggest the steel plates over the chambers have smaller holes or dedicated plates – so that when required they may be lifted easily. Look at one of the photographs where all drainage ways are packed with rubble and filth. CCP’s work will continue forever without anything being resolved to make life easier for citizens, tanji tokli assa diprant!

–Stephen Dias, Dona Paula, Panaji 



WILL the government of Goa at least apologise about the controversial G20 signboard that was  displayed near the washrooms at Manohar International Airport — featuring a picture of world-famous Basilica of Bom Jesus Church in Old Goa. It was finally removed after citizens noticed and raised an alarm, complained about hurting religious sentiments of Goans.

Who was responsible with that mischief and on whose orders? Why pick the Manohar International Airport at Mopa for displaying that vulgar and insensitive G20 board which had been tampered by someone? The state BJP leaders will now definitely unleash two of their most trusted loyalist minority leaders, namely Mauvin Godinho and Nilesh Cabral in particular, to slowly issue   statements to media people to whitewash whoever is guilty. We will never know how the G20 board happened but it reflects poorly on the Manohar International Airport staff and officials for not having caught it in time to have it removed.   

Perhaps this is one way of officially indulging in communal agenda in Goa. Didn’t the government make serious attempts to cancel the public holidays  of St Francis Xavier and Good Friday in the past, hurt the religious sentiments of Goan Catholics? 

We Goans irrespective of caste, creed and religion), should take serious note and file an FIR against whoever was responsible for this blatant “bhivpachi garaz na” incident. Find the culprit and ask for an unconditional apology for hurting the religious sentiments of Goa deliberately or not deliberately or courtesy someone filled with hatred.

–Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


THE very grievous attack by a pack of dogs on a 38-year-old woman in Vasco recently, must awaken the authorities to the prevailing grim reality of public places. The increasing number of stray dogs is a matter of great concern. The stray dog menace across Goa is now beyond control.

The stray dog population is multiplying in every  nook and corner of the state. Every road in our cities and all corners of the villages are infested with stray dogs. The situation is very alarming and disturbing with strays chasing cyclists and two wheeler riders who are more vulnerable.  Even those walking are not spared while people’s sleep is disturbed with the night long howling of stray dogs.

Animal welfare organisations make tall claims about their success in controlling the stray dog population. However, the general public remains unimpressed as the stray dog population grows relentlessly. The anguish and distress faced by a victim of a dog bite is only to be experienced or seen.

It’s true that animals are required to be protected from unnecessary pain and suffering.  However, when it comes to choosing between the suffering of human beings due to a dog bite, obviously the weightage will have to be given to human beings. There is a need and necessity to consider the seriousness of the stray dog menace in a very dispassionate manner, not being influenced by any emotional issues.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate that dog lovers adopt stray dogs and keep them in their homes well cared for and domesticated, instead of this  feeding them on the streets and making it all messier and precarious for society?

–Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

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