CHIEF MINISTER Dr Pramod Sawant flagged off a state-of-the-art environment research ship “Thimaavesh” built by Vijay Marine Shipyard at Loutalim at the Panaji Ferry Terminal on May 22, 2023. The vessel is reportedly the largest IR class FRP Catamaran ship in India and was commissioned by the Maldives government at the behest of the World Bank. The CM said that it was a matter of pride for Goa that a Goan shipbuilding company won the contract to design and build the ship which is on par with international standards for the job it has been assigned to do. All this fits in with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Swayampurna Goa and Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Present on the occasion was a beaming Vijai Marine Shipyard’s director, Suraj Jairam Dialani, who to a query later confirmed that this was a ship commissioned by the Ministry of Environment, Maldives under a World Bank project. “Thimaavesh” which was designed and built at Rassaim and will surely revolutionize the MSME and export sector of Goa, he expressed his happiness with the hope that Goa’s shipbuilding history will get a boost with this project for “Thimaaveshi” sets a benchmark in shipbuilding. This was a Rs8.5 crore contract and his company which was founded by his father in 1985 has a versatile profile, they have invested in ultra-modern machinery and equipment to enhance designing and building high-quality FRP boats. The company has a fiberglass-reinforced plastic boat division to enhance designing and building high-quality boats. It is the country first 30m catamaran ship and the company sets a national record by competing against international shipyards to be awarded the contract to design, build and deliver the monitoring and research vessel which it has done on time. What does the ship’s name of “Thimaavesh” mean? One of the guests from the Maldives who was here to attend the function replied, “It means `environment’ in the Maldivian language. Our seabed is quite different from the one you have in Goa which is generally made of gently slopes. In the Maldives shallow can suddenly plunge into very deep and now we are worried about global sea warming and how it will impact the islanders…this boat will do research and come up with some solutions hopefully!”


THE Aadhaar subjugation in India and its linking to bank accounts, mobile phones, permanent account numbers, as well as probably election photo identity cards, has put the lives of all Indians under illegal surveillance. This infringes on the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution as a fundamental right, it also goes against the just verdict of the Supreme Court which gave a clear verdict that the Aadhaar should not be compulsory for linking with bank accounts, mobile numbers as well as stocks and mutual funds. 

What do common people do when Income-Tax Departments supported by a crazy government, bent on nullifying the verdict of the Supreme Court. The Aadhaar card is not compulsory but optional. How will the Supreme Court assert its locus standi as the apex arbiter of counting and stop the Income-Tax department from snooping into the bank accounts, mutual funds and shares as well as mobile numbers?

Undoubtedly the Income-Tax department is indulging in illegalities that do not stand the scrutiny of law but tramples on it. Will the Supreme Court step in to save integrity and credibility of ordinary people? Who is going to enforce the SC  verdict?

How will the Supreme Court remain relevant if its verdicts are flouted with impunity by  government arms such as the Income-Tax department, RBI, SEBI and the Telecommunications department? Even the ruling political party is not revealing its  entire sources of income from donations and other channels. The law is being broken by the law makers themselves!

— Stephen Dias, Dona Paula, Goa 


IN the run-up to the French Open which is a prestigious Grand Slam on clay, both in the men’s and women’s clay court events, neither have there been players who have performed consistently well and thus these tournaments were preludes of what is in store at the Roland Garros. Going by performances there are no clear favourites for this major event. It would be fair to say that barring any major upheavals there would still be the prospects of top players in a toss-up for the coveted respective titles, depending only on their ability to be able to negotiate in each and every of the seven rounds, with the best performances reigning reign supreme. Rankings may be of importance in the earlier rounds, but thereafter it seems that the battles will go down to the wire on each day’s showing and that coveted crowns will settle on heads with the seven of the best showings in a row.

Come Sunday till June 11 there will be a feast of the best talent in world tennis and grinding cliff-hangers on the slow clay of Roland Garros. Upsets may happen on a bad day for the fancied. Be ready for long rallies and tough duels. The green orb will spin more but will the placements do the trick?  Will the one with big match temperament prevail or will the momentum carry the winners past the championship point.

— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi inaugurating the new Parliament House is a slap on the face of every Indian. Parliament gets its authority from the Constitution of India and January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day. The day the Constitution became operative. The Constitution lends legitimacy to parliament, the importance and value of the Constitution of India is far superior to any citizen. The new Parliament House should have been inaugurated on January 26 by President Droupadi Murmu of India. It is an insult to the Constitution if the PM forcibly inaugurated the new Parliament House on May 26, 2023. He does not represent India, the president does.

–Anonymous, Goa


IT will take five years to institutionalise water security. If our MLS
start in 2023 Goa will achieve water security by 2029. If this work does not begin now the consequences for Goa will be nothing short of a manmade disaster and will end all socio-economic  development for Goa. Goa will be on a ventilator in 2030. The business community is advised to become serious corporate citizens and provide every available resource to the MLAs to develop a jointly executable water security strategy in 2023. This is a no brainer.

–Mallan Kurien, Goa

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