SMRC HOSPITAL ORGANIZES CAMP: To mark World Blood Donor Day on June 14, 2023 the SMRC’s V M Salgaocar Hospital in Vasco da Gama port town, in association with Caring Souls, organized a successful blood donation camp. This was in collaboration with the Goa Medical College (GMC) which has a blood donation bank. Along with the blood donation drive there was alongside an awareness program endeavouring to educate people across Goa on the importance of blood donation, to encourage them to come forward and help save lives. Every day thousands of people die due to lack of donated blood. There is a need for sustained efforts by civilian organisations to raise the level of consciousness so that more people join the noble cause of being a blood donor. This time around the SMRC Hospital which initiated the drive saw over 35 people donating blood and receiving a Donor’s Card.
The Donor Card was issued by GMC to those who donated blood at the camp and a certificate was awarded by the Caring Souls to the donors.


WHILE the deadline of June 30 is fast approaching for linking of Aadhaar card with Pan Card for income-tax purposes, it may be feared that like the government is using CBI and ED to target political rivals, the Income-Tax department may keep under surveillance those who not support the government and to wrongfully persecute people in general who are not government complaint. It may be stressed that income-tax authorities are already targeting common people and harassing them to pay income-tax.
The Supreme Court clearly ruled that linking of Aadhaar card with Pan Card is optional for bank accounts, obtaining SIM cards and filling income-tax returns, so why is the government using the IT department to undo the verdict of the apex court by forcing Indians to link their Aadhaar card with Pan Card?
Our Opposition parties should file cases against the Income-Tax department for trying to enforce illegally that which is not mandatory and for asserting that those who do not link Aadhaar card to Pan card be allowed to continue with their existing Pan cards, and that the SC will not support the illegal linking. The SC has to agree that all Indians are not breaking the law but that they will protect the rights of those who follow the SC ruling, as sensitive bio-metrics like iris scan and finger prints revelation infringe on the right of privacy guaranteed by the Constitution of India.
—Stephan Dias, Dona Paula

TRANSPORT Minister Mauvin Godinho of late is heard continuously talking of scrapping all private and government-owned vehicles in Goa that have already completed more than 15 years — to reduce air pollution in Goa.
If Godinho is so concerned about air pollution why is he not forcing his own government to shut down all the pollution creating industries/factories in Goa as well? Let’s face it. Some Goans have bought second hand vehicles after seeing their own budget/financial position and are still seen using these vehicles after keeping them in good running condition all these years in Goa.
Now, how can Godinho suddenly advise these Goans to scrap their well-maintained second-hand vehicles just like that based on his own personal silly arguments in Goa? Doesn’t he knows that the prices of most brand new vehicles have doubled in recent years and are beyond the reach of most Goans in Goa?
I think the reason why Godinho wants Goans to get rid of their old vehicles is maybe because he must have been assured by owners of automotive companies of a definite share/commission on sale of every new vehicle!
Personally I feel Goans need to scrap such corrupt politicians first who have already completed more than 15 years in political service. Done nothing but sit in State assembly and loot us, making people their “bhakra.” Viva Goa. Viva Goenkaar!
—Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

REGARDING the news items about erasing Portuguese history in Goa, has Chief Minister Pramod Sawant lost his marbles? He doesn’t know Goa, this Maharashtra lover! Are our students going to learn history in school about the past and what history should be erased? The generations to come will not learn how mistakes are made and they should not be repeated!
Although European countries have ruled Goa and we know their atrocities which are unforgivable, we cannot deny the good too which came along with the bad. Does he know the Portuguese establishment gifted us the Uniform Civil Code, the only state that follows UCC. That potatoes, tomatoes, maize, papaya, peanuts, guava, avocado, capsicum, pumpkin and most importantly chillies were introduced in India by the Portuguese?
Does he know sati pratha was abolished in Goa by Afonso Albuquerque, the second Portuguese governor general? Goan cashews and caju too were introduced by the Portuguese adventurers from the New World. Goa has been enriched by Portuguese architecture, beautiful buildings of churches as old heritage homes…
Portuguese history is everywhere in Goa and how much will you erase! It was Portuguese culture which came with all the gifts which Goans so love to this day…instead of wasting public money why not concentrate on important issues which fill the people’s heart with anxieties and stress? For a thousand years the Indian sub-continent was colonized by Muslim invaders and European conquests…and even if they took much away, they also gave something back and became a part and parcel of Goa’s and India’s history good, bad and ugly! Nobody can erase history which is already in the dustbin of time. So don’t be silly, dear CM. If you want Goans to love you and remember you concentrate on the present and the future and not the past!
—Irene D’Souza, Porvorim

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