Naseeruddin Shah, a prominent figure in Bollywood, is known for his outspoken nature and frequently expresses his opinions.

By Mausam Jha

The veteran actor Naseeruddun Shah has deplored the targeting of the Muslim community by the BJP and the Sangh Parivaar.

The controversy surrounding Adah Sharma’s film, The Kerala Story, continues to generate ongoing debate. Naseeruddin Shah recently added his perspective, stating that the trend of “Muslim hating” has gained popularity and criticizing the current films as blatant propaganda, as per media reports.
Shah, a prominent figure in Bollywood, is known for his outspoken nature and frequently expresses his opinions. He often directs his criticism towards the ruling party during interviews, establishing himself as a vocal critic of theirs. His most recent appearance was in the web series Taj: Divided by Blood.
As certain Indian states consider banning the film, numerous actors have voiced their endorsement of the ban.
The film “The Kerala Story” has become a significant topic of discussion in the country, generating divided opinions among viewers. Notably, actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kamal Haasan have voiced their opposition to the movie and criticized its plot.
In an interview with the Indian Express, Naseeruddin Shah shared his perspective on the ongoing discussion and expressed his concern, stating that we are currently living in unsettling times.
The Sarfarosh star said, “Oh sure, these are worrying times absolutely. The kind of stuff that’s pure, undisguised propaganda is being lapped up and it’s a reflection of the zeitgeist of the times.” Naseeruddin Shah further called out the ruling party and continued, “Muslim hating is fashionable these days, even among educated people. It’s what the ruling party has very cleverly tapped into this nerve. We talk about secular this, democracy that, so why are you introducing religion into everything?”
In addition, the industry veteran strongly criticized the Election Commission for its silence during this time. He also emphasized that if a Muslim leader had urged voters to say ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and vote, it would have caused immense uproar and chaos. He said, “I mean how spineless is the election commission of ours? Who doesn’t even dare utter a word. If there had been a Muslim leader who had said, ‘Allah Hu Akbar bol ke button dabao’, sh*t would have hit the fan.”
Naseeruddin Shah further said, “But here our Prime Minister goes ahead and says things like this and yet he loses. So, I have hope that this will wear off. But it’s definitely, at the moment, at its peak. It’s been a very clever card played by this government, and it has worked. Let’s see how long it continues to work.”

Courtesy: The Livemint

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