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“Indians must be richer and get a better quality of life, this is my purpose for today! People in India will afford what they wish. I’m sure my project will help them and now I do all my best to spread information about that“ explains Narayana. “Nowadays people are struggling financially and providing them with the opportunity to earn a year’s salary remotely from their homes is incredible to me!”

Most recently, attending an investment forum in New Delhi, Narayana Murti founder of “Infosys”, declared he had injected more than $3.000.000 in a cutting-edge automated trading platform. After 2 years of development, the company is ready to go public. “We were improving the platform to increase the success rate of trades which are made on everyday basis and finally made it affordable for ordinary people” remarked Narayana Murti. “Since today nobody needs to possess specific knowledge about cryptocurrencies or traditional financial markets. There is no better way to release the project when so many press around me here. Bitcoin iPlex App is our child that will give big opportunities to earn thousands of dollars for many Indians” with a smile on his face said Narayana Murti
Due to improvements in the platform, the minimum entry threshold for a person has been decreased almost twice from Rs36.000 to Rs18.499 and has become very comfortable for many users. The system is based on machine learning, and it’s a huge advantage compared to many other platforms out there, not just in India. Having analyzed thousands of deals of professional traders for the last 20 years, the algorithm has experienced already more than 10 million unique cases on financial markets and easily understands how to make money today. “All markets are cyclical; they repeat themselves every 4 years. We know the best time when to trade and what to trade exactly: oil, gold, bitcoin or whatsoever. There is no limit for users. They can maximize their deposit very rapidly. Me personally made Rs55.747 just for 1 week as a test to be sure everything works before release date. Gold had been growing much recently, the platform had predicted such growth and made money” shared his experience, Narayana. It’s also worth noting that people can use the platform remotely from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if a person is from New Delhi or Bengaluru. All people across the country have access to Bitcoin iPlex App.
This is an obvious example of how technologies improve our quality of life: it becomes convenient and easy when you have a daily passive income. However, not everyone likes this idea. One journalist from pro-government views asked a question from the hall: “How are you going to deal with authorities? Is it legal nowadays?” Narayana immediately reacted with following words “Don’t worry, we’ve prepared everything to be legal this is why I’m talking about Bitcoin iPlex App right here from the stage.”
During Narayana’s speech, we noticed many attendees in the press-conference room started typing the brand name of Bitcoin iPlex App in Google to try it out themselves. There was a feeling of inspiration among people, however we were skeptical still. As an independent media we couldn’t pass by and investigated it right after we finished our work at the forum. We easily found one volunteer in our team, because many were willing to get passive income. But we selected our video operator – Rahul Kumar.

1 Day
We created an account on the official website of Bitcoin iPlex App. It took not more than 90 seconds to enter name, e-mail address and phone number. Previously Narayana mentioned minimal deposit had been decreased and this is exactly what we saw Rs18,499 rupees. Rahul made a deposit and money immediately appeared on the balance of the account. We were assigned by a personal manager who turned out very helpful and comfortable to ask many interested us questions. Moreover, it was like 9:26 PM but anyway we’ve got a call in regardless late evening.

2 Day
The second day started very curiously because in our team nobody ever had experience in trading, and we were excited if we could succeed. However, how strong we were shocked when opened a site in the morning and found our balance has been increased up to Rs23,788 rupees. We called our personal manager, and he explained what the trading platform did exactly. All people in our team were surprised how it’s possible but it looked like exactly what Narayana said a few days ago at the press conference. Of course, we decided to check if we can withdraw money from the platform. It took not more than 5 minutes until we got money on Rahul’s bank card.

3 Day
Next day was like the previous one, however we had some long conversations with the personal manager, which helped us in opening some extra deals. Because for the second night the balance rose to Rs27,431 rupees, and we wanted to accelerate the trading volume in our account.

The conclusion of our internal investigation about:
It’s not fake. The platform is real, the deals are opened very fast without any issues on the site. We did completely nothing and had no specific knowledge. The customer management was very loyal and helpful, they covered our questions and didn’t push us much to make any extra deposits. They were satisfied that we were earning money, because if we earn, they earn, taking a small commission of 2% of trading volume. This is a win-win cooperation. Just for 3 days of our experiment Rahul earned Rs8,932 rupees. There are some advantages we should point out:
Accessibility: The platform allows for anyone across the India to sign up on the site.
Simplicity: Bitcoin iPlex App is simple and intuitive – without any trading knowledge, you can learn in less than 10 minutes and start earning.
Client oriented: Personal manager is very helpful. They respond very fast and clearly.
No risk: It’s not a casino. More than 93% of opened deals were in profit. It feels how machine learning is ahead of humanity and today can improve our life.
Trustworthy: Every time we called our manager, he was online. When we decided to withdraw money, nobody restricted our account.
To become a member of the platform, you need to complete the following steps:

Follow this link to the official website of the platform from Bitcoin iPlex App.
1- Sign up on the site by carefully and correctly filling in all the fields of the form.
2- Wait for a call from the platform manager to your mobile phone number and confirmation of registration.
3- Choose the amount you want and get your first payout by the evening of the day.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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