CEO and MD of Ironman Asia Jeff Edwards and franchise owner Deepak Raj

The world’s most famous fitness endurance challenge is here in Goa anew. Triathletes from something like 30 countries will participate in the swimming, running and cycling competition in Panaji on Sunday, October 8, 2023. This is truly the international event to check out how fit you are and some famous triathletes as they are called participate in it year after year after year.
Announcing details at a press conference were CEO and MD of Ironman Asia Jeff Edwards and franchise owner Deepak Raj who said they loved Goa and were here for the second time. The races will get set and go from Miramar beach – the first is a 1.9 swim in the beach waters, followed by 90 km bicycle ride and finally the half-marathon run covering 21.1 km. In fact, speaking later he told a correspondent that is how the name Ironman came about, the three activities of swimming, cycling and running define the fitness of body beautiful or something like that. Some of their ironmen and iron women come from the world over and this year too they have entries from the UK, US, Russian Federation and even Bolivia, South Africa, Argentina, Estonia and New Zealand.
About 1,200 participants have registered this year for the Goa triathalon with 90% participants from India alone, 15% of them being women. This year they’re also having a trithalon for kids below 16 years of age who will say “I did it!” Amidst some fanfare the jersey and medals of the of this year’s Ironman 70.3 were unveiled at the press conference. This weekend Sept7-8 is going to be hectic down the Campal promenade in capital city Panaji, go for a dekho at least! Early morning hours, please. Have breakfast at the Miramar Fortune if you wish!


 DON’T blindly rely on the GPS system on your smartphone. It can lead you into a river instead of a bridge. A young doctor in Kerala followed the GPS on a rainy day when visibility was poor. His GPS showed a sturdy road but the ground reality was there was no road. As it happened the   GPS directed the 29-year-old doctor into a river!

The car sunk into the river killing doctor and his friend sitting on the front seats. The two passengers on the back seat managed to escape. Therefore do not blindly have faith in any technological equipment. Do use eyes and a map to verify that your GPS is really working correctly at ground level.


THE United States government has filed a case of building a monopoly. Microsoft claims Google sabotaged Microsoft’s bid to compete and both companies are led by Indian origin technocrats.  Nadela has accused his counterpart in Google of  choking computation. One of the oldest search engines is Indian Rediffmail.com and Google sells what results will appear on its front page


 A BJP MLA is reportedly demanding a goonda tax. We are not clear if this is to  protect goondas or bulldoze them. Workers of the MLA dug up half a km of newly laid road as goonda tax was not paid. UP CM has launched a drive against goondas’ property and goondas are bulldozed.


SC help sought on NewsClick 16 news bodies in the country have asked SC to intervene in the crackdown on News Click. The founder Prabir Purkayastha  has been remanded to seven days of police custody.  The charge is that the online portal was funded by China. As far as we know while the rest of the media organisations have registered their protest against such dadagiri, Goa’s GUJ has remained silent. The online portal was accused of promoting farmers’ agitation.


CHIEF MINISTER Dr Pramod Sawant laid the foundation stone for the re-construction of the office building for the CCP at a function on October 4, 2023. The function was organized by the Corporation of the City of Panaji in association with the Goa State Urban Development Agency. Briefing media people the CM said being the only city corporation of Goa, there was a need for a  new building. The new building will around Rs75 crore and construction of the building will be completed as early as possible. Taleigao  MLA Jennifer Monserrate, CCP Mayor  Rohit Monserrate, Deputy Mayor  Sanjeev Naik and councillors were present at the function.

Rohit Monserrate said that the project will be completed  in about two and a half years. The new building will have a basement and four floors. Off-street parking has been demarcated to cater to all the shops. The building has been conceptualised and designed by Soares & Associates.

The proposed building has the advantage of abutting the city roads on all sides, that is 18th June road, Atmaram Borkar road on two sides and Pandurang Pissurlekar road. The building is designed around a central courtyard as seen in traditional Goan houses.


 CHIEF MINISTER Dr Pramod Sawant led the people of the State in  paying tributes to “Father of the Nation” Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 154th birth anniversary  at a state level function held at  Gandhi Chowk, Old Goa on October 2, 2023. Present were Union Minister of State for Tourism & Ports, Shipping & Waterways  Shripad Y Naik,  MLA for Cumbharjua Constituency Rajesh Faldessai, President-ZP North  Siddhesh Naik, acting sarpanch of village panchayat, Se Old Goa, Vishwas S Kuttikar, Director General of Police Jaspal Singh (IPS) and others who also paid floral tributes at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

The CM said that it was a honour to observe two great leaders birth anniversary on the same day, Mahatma Gandhi as also Lal Bahadur Shastri, on October 2 every year. Mahatma Gandhi advocated social changes and sacrificed everything to achieve India’s independence; his principles of non-violence, salt satyagraha, etc, motivated the people to unite to fight for independence. While Lal Bahadur Shastri’s slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” brought in  major revolutionary changes in the country. The CM said all efforts are on to develop Goa and in this respect the inspirational thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on cleanliness are being observed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of Swatch Bharat is being observed by the entire nation on Gandhiji’s birth anniversary. The prime minister has urged every Indian citizen to practice one hour of cleanliness on October 1 and this campaign has been a huge success. It is his effort to keep Goa clean, green and beautiful for another year! In this respect the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign has been launched as also other programs and initiatives of Central and State governments, so that all citizens may get housing, water, sanitation, insurance and other things.

The newest scheme of Vishwakarma will see the government providing equipment up to Rs15,000 at no cost, including 5 days of training and loan up to Rs1 lakh at low rate of interest through the Swaympurna Goa campaign and common service centres for 18 traditional trades. This will complement the  Atmanirbhar Bharat and Swyampurna Goa programs.


AS part of nationwide Swachhata Pakhwada, Swachhata Hi Seva 2023, a massive cleanliness awareness drive was held at Azad Maidan in the city on Oct 2. Officials of Department of Information & Publicity along with Dipak Bandekar, director Pandurang Talgaonkar, joint director Prakash Naik, Information Officer  Manisha Naik, office superintendent and others  took part under Shramdaan — one hour cleanliness drive. It started at 10 am sharp and the drive was observed across the country from Sept 15 to Oct 2, 2023 to coincide with Gandhi Jayanti. It may be noted that the campaign was first launched in 2014 by Prime Minister  Narendra Modi.


GOVERNOR of Goa  P S Sreedharan Pillai, in his message on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and “International Day of Non- Violence” remembered with profound reverence and deep gratitude Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

In his message he said, “Gandhiji is especially known around the world for his non-violent movement and his birth anniversary is celebrated as Non-Violence Day. Gandhiji believed that non-violence is a philosophy, a principle and an experience which can be made the basis for betterment of society. He made strenuous efforts to remove untouchability, eradicating social evils, improving the economic condition of our farmers and women empowerment. He preached and practiced the values of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. His universal ideas continue to inspire us even today. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Atmanirbhar Bharat currently in progress are in a way, modelled on Gandhian thought and principles.” He added that we cannot do better than walk the path of Gandhiji and observe his values, principles and philosophy. So take the pledge of truth, non-violence and to work towards progress, prosperity and development of our country.

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