DELILAH INAUGURATES DIWALI JEWELRY EXHIBITION OF C KRISHNIAH CHETTY GROUP from Bengaluru: It’s that time of the year again when most women pine for a bit of jewelry for good luck! Have a look at the Durbar collection and other handcrafted jewelry spread laid out for you at the exhibition put up by the 155-year-old C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewelers,  famed jewelers to royal families! Siolim MLA of Delilah Lobo and actor-model Samiksha Karmalkar Harji inaugurated the exhibition on Oct 27, 2023 at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim. The exhibition is on up to Oct 30 before it moves to Hotel Nanutel, Margao from November 1 and 2, 2023. There’s a festive offer 2469 where you get 2% off on silver, 4% off on gold, 6% off on diamond and 9% off on 18.69 lakh worth of diamonds! Hurry, there’s some very fashionable jewelry temptations here! Also, Rare Scents.


THE authorities claim that Panjim is a smart city which in fact has been deteriorating day by day. The city as it is progressing no longer has any charm for the near future. Apart from potholes on all inner roads and disastrous pavements we have this  adjacent compound wall towards the seaside, near Indoor stadium, which is  under stress. The CCP allows the organisers of various events to demolish what doesn’t suit them.
 Starting from Miramar till ferry boat near Neelam the footpath walls are  raised down to permit entry of trucks at various places for organising events at the Bandodkar grounds. Ponjekars have lost the freedom to enjoy the beauty of Miramar beach and panorama of sky on the sands. The sandy areas have suffered damage and turned pinkish by bad tourists who sit drinking booze and also urinating and defecating along the beach. Who is responsible for such ill-manners and vandalism taking place at Miramar beach where so many Goans like to go for a walk or for some decent rest and recreation?
 May I say it is the CCP, Tourism or Forest department?  I am forced to write after seeing the compound wall broken recently at the Campal grounds for organizing the National Games – if you go take a look you will definitely curse the concerned authority which has made this area for cooking at the side of the compound wall! Our Panjim has turned into a prostitute site where anybody and everybody planning to have an event can dirty and mess up the public spaces of Miramar and Campal promenade areas.

–Stephen Dias , Dona Paula


IF  the protection of Goa’s environment and its fragile eco-system does not become a priority, then Goa will lose its charms as a tourist destination.Already it is being observed that the quantum of foreign tourists who used to come to Goa in search of green hideaways has diminished.

Why, because the present government is found wanting in caring for the green opens paces of Goa and their natural beauty as lungs of oxygen generation. It is essential that the balance is maintained by protecting rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, canals, waterfalls, mangroves, marshy lands, wetlands, beaches, coastline, forests, hills, fields, springs, national parks, wildlife reserves in pristine condition.

So that Goa continues to lure tourists in search of some peaceful wild places for a holiday. If Goa’s environment-friendly green forest state goes tourism too will go. Tourism basically flourishes with the preservation of the natural eco-systems which alas, have been giving up the ghost in Goa increasingly in the last decade.

The proposed marina at Nauxim will only cater to a few and definitely impact adversely the traditional fishermen who have been tending to the beaches and coast far longer.

–Elvidio Miranda, Panjim


POWER Minister Sudin Dhavalikar whilst speaking to reporters on the side lines of a function in Vasco recently, said that  tradition of making Narkasur effigy and later burning it early morning  on Diwali day should be  stopped. He claims that today many youngsters engage in undesirable thigns while participating in these Narkasur competitions/events and sometimes innocent life is lost in Goa.   

Don’t our youngsters do far worse things almost every day and practically lose their life in needless road accidents courtesy drunk drivers throughout Goa? The tradition of making Narkasur effigy and burning it early morning on Diwali day was not started in recent years by any political party, it has been taking place since our Liberation day and has been kept alive by all true-blooded Goans (irrespective of caste, creed and religion) who still believe in living in unity and harmony in Goa.

Dhavalikar should stop talking his own silly nonsense over the Narkasur effigy being burned to ashes. Better he focus on fixing roads properly, providing people with uninterrupted power supply, housing, maintaining law and order in the state, etc. 

If he is so concerned about the future of our Goan youth and wants the new generation to take the true culture of this state forward, then he should stop all the alcohol/drugs/prostitution/casino-related activities going on in Goa currently and which is being promoted to woo domestic tourists to bring revenue for Goa – by messing up the life of Goans all over Goa! Viva Goa. Viva Goenkaar!

–Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

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