THERE IS FINANCIAL HELP FOR BOTH PATIENTS AND RESEARCH: The Goa Cancer Society (founded in 1968) released its annual report at a general meeting on November 11, 2023. It reiterated that it is a voluntary, non-profit organization, dedicated to service, education and treatment towards fulfilling the commitments in the worldwide fight against cancer. GCS President Shrinivas Dempo said that while the incidence of cancer is ever on the rise and alarming, it is important to fund cancer research too for we must know why it is happening.  To a query  GCS’s Sangeeta Chavan said, “Since 2014 we have aided 500 patients and arranged for transfer of funds of Rs1.90 crore to patients.” Now the society has schemes which patients as well as researchers may apply for in collaboration with the Manipal Hospital. GCS Jt Sec Dr Shekhar Salkar shared that in Goa annually 1,500 people report with cancer, out of which 300 to 350 patients present with  breast cancer (which afflicts both women and men). After breast cancer it is oral cancer which leads due to smoking and the chewing of tobacco. Goans need to look at their lifestyle habits shun drinks and food which is carcinogenic. Picture shows GCS President Shrinivas Dempo, Dr Shekar Salkar, Dempo Charities trustee Pallavi Dempo and members of the society releasing the annual report.


GRETA Thunberg is the poster girl for the present generation and the epitome of the fight for the preservation of the earth’s environment. Though she is the climate activist with universal approval we are on the brink of the Climate Conference COP28 which started Dubai, UAE on November 30 and will continue till December 12, 2023.

Success has not come easily to this Swedish girl who had dropped out of school to  embark on a mission to browse through  libraries, in order to learn about climate change and the effects of the emission of greenhouse gases that is leading the earth in the grip of heat waves, wildfires, typhoons, cyclones, and other climatic anomalies – reportedly caused by emissions of greenhouse gases,  the heating of the earth leading to melting of icebergs and rising sea levels – all that needs to be addressed with urgent action to slash consumption of coal, petrol, diesel and aviation turbine fuel.

Greta has not had it easy as she shuns flying, uses an electric car and sails in yachts that do not use diesel as fuel. She is the voice of today’s youth fighting against global warming and climate change. Not many know she suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, which means that she can see almost everything only in black and white.

— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


 CHIEF Minister Dr Pramod Sawant must bring out a list of Goans who are  employed in all the casinos, newly set-up industries like factories, hotels, etc. and then advise them to support all planned big projects in Goa. While he was speaking at a program organized to inaugurate the new Sant Andre panchayat ghar at Goa Velha recently, he fully batting for the Marina project (controversial project planned at Nauxim and which will not only be a facility to park pleasure boats, yachts, and small vessels used for tourism, but it will also include other facilities for “holidaying, pleasure spending, staying, swimming, playing, shopping, business & cultural meets and festivals”) and urging the people not to oppose such important projects unnecessarily, not to reate any hindrance to development works in the state.

In fact, he was trying to excite everyone with his nonsense, claiming that the Goan youth  planning to go abroad to work on ships may even decide to stay home in Goa if marina projects are successfully set up and high salaries given.

Neither the casino ships anchored in the Mandovi river nor the big starred hotels employ a large number of our Goan youth and give them decent salary in all these years! Mopa Airport too is a dead loss despite all the tall claims of politicians vis-à-vis guaranteed jobs for the local youth of Pernem. And now now Sawant says the Marina project and other such projects will do wonders for Goan youth in future!

First bring out a list of Goans currently employed in the casino ships, newly set-up industries like factories, starred hotels, Mopa Airport and other big projects – then only start  selling fake dreams to gullible Goans, Mr CM!

–Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


STRANGE are the ways of the BJP! How can a minister’s post be given to Alexio Sequeira when there is a petition pending against him? He is a traitor and betrayer and how can he do justice to Law, Judiciary and Environment? Taking an oath under the Constitution as a minister, one should remember that the same minister betrayed his solemn oath prior to election, given to his electorate, his former party and most disgracefully to God for not defecting after election…by his shameful subsequent act of defection to the BJP he has believes he has washed his colossal sins of omission and commission and now as minister of law and environment, can he stop all the anti-people, anti-environment issues such as three linear projects, declare tiger reserve, demolish old Goa bungalow from the UNESCO heritage zone, stop  Nauxim marina project, etc, etc. God help save Goa from such  notorious personal development driven politicians!

–Fr Godwin Pereira, Goa

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