GOA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (GCCI) WELCOMES INDONESIA CONSUL GENERAL EDDY WARDOYO: The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Mumbai, Eddy Wardoyo, visiting Goa called on the GCCI in capital city Panaji on November 20, 2023. This was his first visit to Goa after taking charge in August 2023. He was accompanied by Endy KI Ginting, Consul (Consular & Protocol) from the consulate. Mr Wardoyo expressed his sincere gratitude to GCCI for all the timely cooperation extended to the Consulate on a regular basis. GCCI Vice President Dean Menezes introduced and presented in detail the functions of the chamber. Among the various topics discussed were joint tourism initiatives and entry of Indian pharmaceutical products in Indonesian markets. The CG was all praise for Indian pharma products which on par with US and European based products but comparatively lower in price and have very good potential. Under joint tourism initiatives it was discussed that both Indonesia and Goa are tourism hubs and so progress in this direction will benefit both parties. Direct flight connectivity, student exchange programs in hospitality /culinary academic courses, etc, are on the cards. The CG shared that the Indonesian government has passed legislation to allow doctors from foreign countries to practice in Indonesia. India-based hospitals and medical centres are looking forward to setting up bases in Indonesia. He assured full cooperation from the Indonesian government in providing necessary support for start-ups and IT ecosystem and attractive investment incentives in terms of taxation and other matters. Present at the meeting were Pallavi Salgaocar, Rajesh Dempo, PK Mukherjee, Sandesh Kundaikar, Sairaj Dhond; GCCI’s Director General Sanjay Amonkar gave the welcome address and Deputy Director Ambika Dhakenkar coordinated the meeting


IT IS sad to see that the festival of Christmas is so glamorised by the ad-world and by other people for their selfish motives. Even the word Christmas has been reduced to X-mas.  Many still do not know why we should not reduce Christmas to X-mas. X-Mas is literally and symbolically distasteful. Not only does it “X” out Christ from Christmas, but also gives a negative picture.

Remembers Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is a most significant event in human history and civilisation. However, today with the enhanced commercialisation of Christmas, many people remove Christ from Christmas; we have malls, shopping arcades, schools and even other people celebrating Christmas, but they forget to thank the same Jesus Christ for the goodness and gifts he gave the world during his lifetime.

The commercialised Christmas also has reduced the spirit of Christmas, Christmas has today become just a day of enjoyment, merry making and dancing, forgetting how Jesus, the infant, was born in the poor abode of a stable. Today we celebrate Christmas without any Christ-like presence in our lives. Today we keep Christmas everywhere but fail to celebrate the great festival by placing Jesus in our hearts and our lives.

Please, as we celebrate the festival of Christmas this year, let there be a change. Let  us all work to bring the message of peace and harmony by spreading love, joy, hope — to people waiting to be loved and wanted. Let’s not commercialize Christmas. Let nothing come in the way to bring cheer to those who are broken, sorrowful and lost in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

 I wish all readers a happy and holy  Christmas, may Christ’s joy fill your hearts and lives all the days of your life!

–Cajetan Peter D’Souza, Mumbai


ALL GOOD wishes always for our dear multi-talented Dr Francisco Colaco who turned glorious 80, on December 11.  The ever so humble,  friendly and extremely cordial Dr Colaco is Goa’s cardiologist par excellence, has been above always a very noble doctor with a big heart.   

A true Goenkar, he is always concerned for  Goa’s well-being and has never minced words in all that he has to say. He is very soft-spoken and extremely affable at the same time, he has always stood for democratic principles and a secular ideology in Goa which is a progressive and peaceful state. He has never hesitated to stand up for social causes and injustice anywhere.

He is always for the best  interests of Goa and Goans from all walks of life. Unfortunately, Goans of Dr Francisco Colaco’s calibre and integrity are dwindling in our Goa. However,  here’s wishing a very happy birthday to  Dr Colaco and may you have many more! May he continue to inspire us all for years to come.

— Aires Rodriguez, Panaji


THE  Goa Government Employees Association (GGEA) after taking a serious note of the recent Parliament security breach is now rightly demanding to ban entry of staff of ministers and MLAs visiting government departments without ID cards in the state and for often misusing their position to get their own work done in Goa.

Today it has become a trend for anyone  claiming to be staff of ministers and MLAs to frequently barge/intrude in different  government departments under some pretext or the other, they flex their muscles in front of government and behave like roadside rowdies to get their own personal work done. 

When wearing of identity cards around the neck is already compulsory for media people, security guards and even children studying in different schools/colleges, why not make wearing of ID cards compulsory for the staff of ministers and MLAs? Stop them from misusing their position and acting like mini-VIPs in Goa!

The Goa government should accept this legitimate demand of the Goa Government Employees Association at the very earliest and make ID cards a must for visiting staff members of ministers/MLAs compulsory, whilst visiting government departments. No partiality for anyone with any political influence in Goa, please.

— Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


THIS is to tell your readers doing Christmas shopping not to miss the Christmas special at the Made in Saligao Community Market this Tuesday, the 19th of December, 2023, at the Salaigao Institute from 4.30 pm to 8pm. You’ll have fun evening as there’ll be lots of Christmas sweets and savouries, there will be Christmas carol singing and you may explore your artistic talents at the palette playhouse, get your caricature made and support the kids who’ll be competing at the karaoke competition. Christmas cannot be Christmas without you!

 And don’t forget to shop at our Upcycled Christmas for ornaments, personalized stockings and stars, cushion covers, handmade accessories, eco-friendly toys and lots more! See you there!

–Ninoshka Delaney, Goa

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