2023 has been a war-torn year and we’re heading into another new year, 2024…what will it bring? More barbaric politics of revenge or hope for a new world in 2024 with one just predominant wish? Most folk we spoke to said they want peace on earth above all, so that we may return to normal good old-fashioned living! We asked around and got some responses…

Maria Pereira, 53, GMC ward sister:

I wish for peace for the world. Especially so in countries like Israel and Palestine where the war taking place today should stop. I would like corruption to end, it is very much prevalent. I think the mind-set of the government should change – there should not be any differences, all human beings are equal.

Sunanda Kakode, 74, chemist, Margao:

First of all I want my husband to recover from the stroke he got a month-and-a-half back and who is in this GMC ward suffering to recover…at the moment my mind is not good, I cannot think. Everybody in the world should be healthy! I wish after my husband recovers I will be able to do anything in 2024.

Sylvia D’Souza, 60’s, cake maker extraordinary, check out Truffles:

In 2024 I wish peace in family and in country, goodwill. Do good deeds, be kind, help poor – bring a smile, I don’t see so many smiles. Man is selfish, self-seeking. If all are saved good can happen. Lord Jesus said, Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Vishal PG, 27, call centre employee, Porvorim (Goa)

India is a dynamic country with various areas that could benefit from change. Specific changes might include enhancements in infrastructure, education reforms, healthcare improvements, and economic policies to foster growth and inclusion.  However, the specific changes needed in 2024 would depend on the prevailing circumstances and challenges at that time.

In envisioning social reforms for India in 2024, fostering inclusivity, equality and empowerment across various societal strata is vital. Education in reforms could aim to provide quality education for all, narrowing the urban-rural divide. Implementing policies to enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability could significantly improve citizens’ wellbeing. Advancements in gender equality could be pivotal, with measures promoting women’s safety, equal opportunities, and participation in various sectors.

 Strengthening social safety nets for  marginalized communities, including scheduled castes, tribes, and other backward classes, can uplift their socio-economic status. Addressing communal harmony and promoting religious tolerance would further strengthen the social fabric. Encouraging diversity and celebrating cultural heritage could foster a more cohesive society. Embracing LGBTQ+ rights and creating an inclusive environment for all individuals irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity could mark a significant stride towards societal progress.

Lastly, awareness campaigns and initiatives to tackle prevalent social issues like child labor, poverty, and access to clean water and sanitation could significantly uplift the living standards of the populace.

In 2024 technological advancements in India could revolutionize various sectors. Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could lead to significant breakthroughs in healthcare, with personalized medicine and improved diagnostics becoming more accessible. Additionally the adoption of blockchain technology could enhance transparency in governance, reducing corruption and ensuring efficient service delivery. Smart city initiatives might further evolve, integrating loT (Internet of Things) devices for better resource management, transportation systems, and overall urban planning. Renewable energy could witness a surge with advancements in solar and wind technologies, aiming for sustainable power sources to address energy demands while combating climate change. Moreover, fostering a robust digital infrastructure could facilitate financial inclusion, enabling more citizens to access baking services and digital payments easily.

In 2024, India’s environmental initiatives could take centre stage, emphasizing sustainability and conservation. Implementing policies promoting renewable energy sources like solar and wind power could further reduce the country’s carbon footprint. Ramping up efforts to protect biodiversity and ecosystems, especially in sensitive areas  like forests and wetlands, could be a priority. Investing in afforestation and reforestation  programs could aid in combating deforestation and a preserving natural habitats. Addressing air and water pollution through stricter regulations and innovative solutions could significantly improve public health. Encouraging industries to adopt cleaner technologies and promoting eco-friendly practices among citizens could  contribute to a healthier environment. Additionally, campaigns fostering environmental awareness and education could promote a culture of sustainability and responsible consumption across communities.

There can be many such changes implemented for India if they’re reviewed upon. Overall, a focus on technological innovations, social reforms, environmental initiatives, etc, can transform India into a more connected, efficient, and sustainable nation in 2024!

Sharmishta Chowdhury, 45, homemaker:

I WISH for religious freedom first in 2024! What we read in the news nowadays is not nice to read. Secularism in our country is the foundation of our country, sad to see it changing.

Meeta Sharma, 40s, Mumbai-based banker:

HERE’S what I wish for my country in 2024!

1. End of all wars

2. 2024 is the year of elections, I wish for fair and peaceful elections

3. With Naari Shakti Vandan Act – pay parity for women

4. Control on inflation

5. Better law and order in cities – control on people being dragged by cars and other crimes being conducted in daylight

6. Cheaper travel, flights, hotel stays, etc. That’s all!

Jayalakshmi G, 45, proprietor, Jaya Kitchen south Indian cafeteria at Dona Paula, Goa:

I WANT my country to be corruption free and peaceful. Everyone has to change, those who give and those who take also!.

Darryl D’Souza, Healthcare Professional, Educator, Organic Farmer, Environmentalist, Goa, India

For 2024 I wish that the Indian Govt quits World Health Organization for imposing Medical Malpractices on the people of India in the name of Covid-19 that has killed thousands and sickened lakhs of Indians.
I wish that the Indian Govt dismisses the Allopathy dominated National Covid Taskforce for completely failing its duty in protecting Indians during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and replaces it a Multi-Disciplinary National Heath Committee that has representation from all major systems of medicine being practiced in India, so that we do not suffer in the next Pandemic.
I wish that the Indian Govt bans all Genetically Modified Crops, Genetically Modified Organisms and Bio-Fortified Foods, because they are harmful to the health of all human beings.
I wish that the Indian Govt gives higher subsidies to Organic Farming and Natural Farming than Commercial Chemical Farming.
I wish that the Indian Govt retains the sovereignty of India and does not join the One World Order.
I wish that the Indian Govt pulls out of the destructive 4th Industrial Revolution being imposed by the World Economic Forum and Capitalists of the One World Order.
I wish that the Indian Govt serves the Indian people first, instead of the capitalists and international corporations, by providing healthy and adequate water to every person and home, by organizing its Public Distribution System to provide healthy fresh organic food to every Indian, natural body products and home products to every Indian, also healthy living environment and local jobs that facilitate a local circular green economy in every village and city and state.

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