THE WOMEN’S WING OF GCCI…organized a very inspiring and elaborate talk by Dr Munish Jindal, CEO of HoverRobotix and President MENTORX and also a TEDx speaker. The topic was “Bridging Visions, Fostering Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Interconnected World of Technology and Management.” The young serial entrepreneur spoke of his journey into Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for over three decades. He offered tips on successful personal and professional growth. The talk was attended by eminent invitees and followed by a very interesting interaction with the Dr Munish Jindal.  The program was initiated by Chairperson– Women’s Wing, Asha Arondekar, coordinated by her and the vote of thanks was by Sandra Fernandes (Co-chair, Women’s Wing, GCCI).


THE brazen digging of roads in Ribandar has been going on for over a year. There has been dust pollution galore with the residents stranded with the never-ending unplanned and very substandard Smart City Projects  threatening health and being a safety hazard. A matter of great concern as the well-being of our residents is compromised. Ribandar has never ever faced such helplessness. It has been organised chaos all over.

We can now only hope that our Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant comes to the rescue of the residents of Ribandar to alleviate this pain and agony that they have been enduring for too long.

It is so very unfortunate that the people’s normal day to life has been disrupted while nobody knows what would be the fate of the works currently being carried out. Is it not ironic that the authorities themselves say that they cannot guarantee the quality of these so-called development works? We can only pray and hope.

–Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar 


BHARATIYA Janata Party (BJP) state president/Rajya Sabha MP Sadanand Shet Tanavade, while speaking to media persons recently said that his party is against dual citizenship and the reason why he had raised this particular issue in parliament is because he wants the process of providing citizenship to speed-up in our country (which includes Goa) at the very earliest. 

This clearly shows that the BJP leaders are not at all interested in giving any solution, especially for Goans over the dual citizenship issue, but are only interested in taking away even their basic fundamental rights by finally  revoking their Indian passports on flimsy reasons, and branding them as anti-nationals under some pretext or the other in Goa in future. 

What do these BJP leaders really think about Goans? That Goans who have/are still opting for Portuguese passports and working in some European countries are all ungrateful people and don’t love their motherland, despite of continuously contributing so much over the years towards the Indian economy? 

The reason why most Goans (especially from the minority community) have/are still opting for Portuguese passports and migrating to  some European countries for employment is because our respective governments, have miserably failed to provide them with some good salaried jobs in Goa to even lead a simple comfortable life and to support their poor families in Goa. 

The BJP leaders instead of unnecessarily trying to punish Goans for holding/opting for Portuguese passports by revoking their Indian passports, to play their own dirty communal politics, should seriously sort out this dual citizenship issue once and for all in the state at the very earliest, after taking into account actual ground realities using some simple common sense — and then dream of winning the south Goa Lok Sabha seat in the next Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024.

— Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

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