FOOD for thought this week! In the wild when the population of a species is too abundant something like natural culling takes place. Or so I’m led to belief. After the bloody wars, mass killings, acquisition of slaves from the defeated armies, colonial histories and more recently progressive education, abundance of technology, the trappings of so called civilized living in rural and urban scenarios…you may put the rest together for some vital brain-storming as the big boys and girls call it. Then what?
It seems to me at least that in a much used and abused finite mother earth there is room only for the high and mighty, rich and beautiful, the powerful who live utopian lives in utopian places …call them the “swarm” or the governments who grow fat, lazy and evil in the pockets of mostly gross capitalists or robber barons as we call them lower down the ladder of the good life.
Well, now do they want to cull the population of the world with all manner of laws to suppress the freedom and rights of ordinary working people, insensitive and senseless policies, covert and overt vaccine programs to put an end to too many senior citizens, too many babies, too many weak, vulnerable, infirm and disabled? Think about all this and don’t just think.
OUR world is changing dramatically and melodramatically with never-ending bombardment of the technological revolution and ruthless urbanization with such ungodly drivers in the seat of power, profit and control…that we are at an important crossroads again. Dealing with a new frightening world like never before which has little or no respect for life on earth. We want to live our varied lifestyles up and down the ladder of the seemingly or perceived good life, what details the real good life? Is it the good life of destruction, mayhem and superfluous theatrical enactments… a preference for wasting time on the vanities offered by social media, where we choose to live out our grand or not so grand lifestyles of plenty, also pathos; on social media, where the good, bad and ugly intertwine enough to be educative sometimes but pass-time most times.
If you’re asking me my dears, even if democracy is the best system of governance we have seen so far, surely we don’t need or want the kind of capitalistic, hedonistic, excessive and now criminalized so called democratic governance operating around the world today (with few exceptions)? A democracy which operates and bears fruit indiscriminatingly for the few at the expense of the many…who are paying the price for growing impoverishment anew? Hedonistic capitalists like Elon Musk and a host of ambitious political leaders like them are seeking fresh pastures in more basic, primary and still innocent Asian countries, tell us — more people in India are committing suicide! Why? People are committing suicide the world over unable to deal with what life throws their way.
SO many big shot trillionaires of the Western and Eastern worlds are keen to turn a nasty story to more equitably wealthy story, with all these come lately algorithm-based programs seducing us on social media …you just have to sign up on the dotted line to get rich quick and easy to live happily ever after! Think again. How credible are these teasers and are they yet another one of today’s myriad scams in a race to continue looting the many for the few whose needs, wants, greed are so mind-boggling that they surpass even God almighty or so to speak?
Money is a good “friend” when nobody is a friend in life – but we don’t eat money and we don’t sleep with it, or do we in a manner of sorts? For self-glorification of the ego we destroy Mother Earth who keeps all life on earth ticking in small and not-so-small ways.
Just by way of some food for thought this week, don’t know about those who perennially sit on some fence or another to control the reins of power, profit, control, and judgment…but isn’t it time we, the people, the working people at large think about the state of the world and how humankind’s civilization is impacting Mother Earth and all of us who live here? Most of us are trapped in slave labor of various denomination and work for “masters” — read governments – who live in various temples clouds of self-proclaimed divinity!

Elon Musk & Quantum AI offer… Earn $1000 per day in passive legitimate way! On the subject of global poverty it’s up by 9.3% from 8.46 in 2022. In India more than 1 in 8 people (13.4%) and one in 6 children (16.6%) live below the poverty line after accounting for housing cost. Coming to suicide due to financial problems is it rising and global inequality is in bad shape. Richest 10% receive 52% of all income, poorest half get 8.5%. 5% Indians are isolated every year whatever that means! According to Suicide Prevention India representatives 70% Indians are stressed out and suicide rate is on the rise. He is urging everyone to register for his Quantum AI program to earn $1000 per day!

Who are high on new ways to loot the public kitties of capitalistic democracy and play with their citizens’ lives, dictating policies…for whom, whose wellbeing? Whose vainglorious comforts of mind and body, heart and soul?
Surely, we, the people, must draw a line to decide how much of the comforts of technology are needed or wanted or desired? Who decides who should be allowed to live and who to die? How much of the technologies do we want of the digital, artificial intelligence (ChatGPT), social media kind which are determining or brainwashing us vis-à-vis how we feel, think, live…in mindless, heartless, soul-less ways? No wonder we are becoming victims of stress and fear and we are encouraged to think of making living wills prematurely for that injection to put us away forever – and there is also suicide to encourage up and down the ladder of the good life as I call it.
On whose side are you on, on the side of the monster parasites who live off the many, or the many who feel choked, suppressed, oppressed by the drudgery of age old curses sneaking in or being showered on them increasingly day in and day out without reprieve and till it is doomsday? The world culls itself.
Think about all this and don’t just think, take a call and stop talking or walk the talk. It’s advice I’m giving myself too! On that note it’s avjo, poiteverem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci, hasta la vista and vachun yeta here for now.

—Mme Butterfly

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