SIGNAL HQ: The HQ 2 Signal Training Centre Panaji (near North Goa Collectorate) occupies prime real estate that could be put to better use


Following reports that some defence force staff were enrolled as voters for Goa’s Legislative Assembly elections on February 4, Stephan Dias did a extensive survey of Panjim on the number of military establishments in the capital. From the results, it appears that the Indian Army which liberated Goa, decided to stay back.

The Corporation of the City of Panjim has repeatedly requested successive the ministry to get the armed forces to vacate prime property in the heart of Panjim. Goans have great regard for the forces and have, along with other citizens, made sacrifices for the country. We even boast a former chief of army staff – General Sunith Rodrigues – and have provided a lot of land like Defence Colony in Porvorim for serving and retired service staff. Panjimites only want the army to relocate out of the busy areas in the heart of Panjim. Is the Raksha Mantri Manohar Parrikar listening?

PANJIM MOST PROTECTEDBARRED: The Military Hospital at Campal is not open to Goans, who have to go all the way to the government hospital in Bambolim

PANJIM MOST PROTECTEDFANCY DINING: The Officers’ Mess is at the Military Training Centre in Altinho, which has long been known as an elite residential location

PANJIM MOST PROTECTEDTRAINING: Headquarters 2-Signal Training Centre BDE Line is also near the North Goa Collectorate

PANJIM MOST PROTECTEDBARRACK STORES: The office of the Garrison Engineer who is responsible for repairs and maintenance and ordering consumables needed by the armed forces, is located just off a narrow lane between Panjim market and Geeta Bakery

PANJIM MOST PROTECTEDFORTIFIED: A sign shows the location of the Army Camp at Altinho, near All India Radio



  1. And with “OUR MAN IN DELHI” as the DM or rather the “Part-time DM”, as recently most of the time he is in Goa taking care of Goan politics – and by his statement that he is here for his Xith-Coddi, – Goans had expected him to get rid of all these posh location “occupation” by the Indian Army including “OUR OWN DABOLIM AIRPORT – A GIFT TO GOANS BY THE PORTUGUESE GOVT., – but alas we Goans have been ditched by this “Hitler”.

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