Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate remains one of the most enigmatic politicians in Goa. He is known for developing Taleigao and is keen on getting a chance to replicate his achievements in Panjim

By A Special Correspondent

The Congress candidate for the Panjim Legislator’s Assembly by-election 2019, Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate, is committed to an action re-play of his achievements in the Taleigao constituency which he and his wife Jennifer have represented for the last two decades and are justly proud of. Babush Monserrate’s focus on Panjim would be in cleaning up the St Inez Creek (now-turned-nullah), scientific garbage management, full-fledged sewage treatment plan, speedy disposal of garbage, protection of Panjim’s environment, ensuring adequate water supply and power for the residents of Panjim. We present you with excerpts from Babush Monserrate’s manifesto for the Panchayat election where his achievements in Taleigao are highlighted. This will more or less be the blueprint for the development of Panjim in addition to his focus on creation of jobs…

Babush plans to prioritise garbage management by scientific and speedy disposal to ensure that Ponjekars get access to better garbage collection and disposal systems. Introducing source segregation scientifically and also segregation at processing sites will ensure that all garbage is disposed off in a scientific manner. Bio composting will also be introduced to ensure that all bio degradable garbage is turned into compost which can be used as manure and also sent to other places that require it.
THE SEWERAGE SYSTEM is almost laid in Taleigao and will be functional shortly, making Taleigao one of the first villages to have a complete sewerage system in place. Panjim also need to have all sewage work done in a planned manner. Hot mixing of all roads must be done once all underground sewerage work is completed and connections are given to the people. Areas which have been left out in the past need to be covered this time
Panjim is known for flooding in heavy rains and repairing and cleaning gutters is a critical part of ensuring the city handles heavy rain
With environmental concerns rising, Babush and team want to increase awareness about the need ti increase tree cover where possible. Development is essential and can go hand in hand with measures to protect the environment. Drives to plant trees are carried out regularly in Taleigao and green spaces in Panjim city also need to be identified and encouraged so that Panjim looks lush and green. The team is also focused on reducing plastic bag usage to reduce clogging of drains, and the problems of dealing with plastic bags as waste. We have to work together to reduce the environmental burden of plastic
Babush and his team are putting a lot of efforts on getting the de-silting of St Inez creek done to avoid any flooding during the monsoons. A retaining wall is also planned on either side to reinforce the creek and a buffer zone to ensure proper flow in all seasons for the safety of the people staying on the banks. They already have plans to rehabilitate the residents of Camrabhat and CCP workers with better living spaces and hope to be able to solve the problem of the St Inex creek at a macro level by coordinating efforts across Taleigao and Panjim
Development must be planned in such a way that there is infrastructure to support it and Babush wants to replicate his success in Taleigao in Panjim city. The city is currently struggling with aging infrastructure, narrow, shabby roads, no parking, broken down pavements etc. Citizens young and old deserve better quality of life and facilities

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