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ALL SMILES: A happy moment at the new Menezes Polyclinic Physiotherapy Centre (standing l to r) Dr Aadil Chagla, Mr Shawn Gracias, Dr. Deepak Murty, Dr Prakash Nadkarni, Dr Caeteana Moniz and Dr Josephine Gonsalves, (sitting l to r) Fr Joaquim Loiola, Mr Cesar Menezes, Dr. Mimi Menezes and Dr. Aurea Mascarenhas; (inset) Fr Loyola blessing the centre with prayers

By Our Special Correspondent


IT was a moment of quiet and graceful epiphany! Considering how much cancer there is in Goa the Menezes Polyclinic’s newest addition to its health services, a brand new state-of-the-art Physiotherapy Centre, will surely be welcome in capital city Panaji. Rev Fr Joaquim Loyola led the inaugural prayers at a small function held on November 7, 2019, he blessed the new physiotherapy unit and wished it well in the presence of chairperson of Cosme Matias Menezes Memorial Trust, Cesar Menezes, who welcomed the invitees on the occasion.
The Physiotherapy Centre is conveniently located on the ground floor of Menezes Polyclinic and is a well-lit, comfortable, compact unit equipped with various physiotherapy machines to bring relief and heal patients suffering from post-surgery issues, be it in the case of cancer surgery or post-trauma orthopaedic pain of various kind which make living difficult. Physiotherapy is prescribed now in oncology along with lymphedema management, orthopaedics, neurology, sports injuries, gynaecology, paediatrics, geriatrics, cardio respiratory fitness as also post-operative care.
Dr Caeteana Moniz and Dr Josephine Gonsalves (masters in orthopedic physiotherapy) are in charge of the new physiotherapy unit. Dr Caeteana, an oncology physiotherapist (masters and gold medalist in oncology physiotherapy, KLE, Belgaum), explained that the pneumatic compression machine they have is perhaps the only one of two in Goa. This machine helps patients suffering from post-cancer buildup of lymphatic fluid at various places in the body, it helps reduce fluid build-up and ease pain. It can also be used for other health issues as in the case of patients suffering from venous insufficiency and so on.
They have a combo electrotherapy machine capable of physiotherapy with the use of various currents ranging from TENS, IFT, muscle stimulating, Russian currents for strengthening muscles. There is a lot of muscle work required after a patient has been through some terrible trauma injuries and invalided for long periods. There is also an ultrasound machine for treating pain of any kind be it acute or chronic, for any kind of sprains and foot, ankle, knee injuries. A “foot gym” is for exercising various parts of the foot.
Speaking on the occasion were Mimi Menezes, Dr Deepak Murthy (trustee, CMM Trust) and Dr Aadil Chagla (neurosurgeon, KEM) who did the formal inauguration of the centre. Also present were Dr Prakash Nadkarni, Dr Oswald D’sa, Dr Ana Karina Jacques, Dr Aurea Mascarenhas, Dr Philomena D’souza, Dr Shanti Pamnani and others who would variously be consulting doctors to patients benefiting from the new Physiotherapy Centre at Menezes Polyclinic.
It may be remembered that the Menezes Polyclinic is a veritable small hospital founded by the late founder of the CMM Group of companies, Pascoal Menezes. It is run by the CMM Memorial Trust which facilitates treatment to underprivileged patients at free or subsidized cost as required. The polyclinic has its own pharmacy, laboratory, general surgery, obstetrics/gynaecology department, general wards and rooms and is the only fully equipped hospital at Altinho. The Goa America Heart Foundation is also located here.

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