NEGLECTED: The Tribal villages which have the large number of Gaudis and Kunbis and Velips, the majority of the pre-Liberation children and parents do not have birth certificate

by semlovely sharma

Be prepared. The NRC is coming like the wolf to swallow you. Prepare your birth certificates on the guidelines given below. It is difficult but still possible. If the officials do not co-operate get in touch with We have experience of making birth certificates for those whose birth were not registered

Is your birth registered with the competent authority.If you don’t have any idea of where to do that, do remember that the Municipal Corporation (MC) is the competent authority. Every district and place has a separate Registrar in the MC office. This entity holds the licit right to issue the birth proof.
If your roots lie in the village, you can visit the Gram Panchayat or para-medical staff. They, both, have the right to stamp the birth application on behalf of the Indian government. There are a few places, like Nagaland, wherein these bodies don’t exist. The school teac…hers and hospital In-charge can sign the birth application.

Unregistered Birth

It’s mandatory to get your name recorded in the books of the nearby Municipal Corporation (MC). Otherwise, you birth would be categorized as an unregistered birth.
If you have lost or damaged your birth proof, however, you can get it again. But, the competent authority would issue the NABC (Non-availability of the birth certificate) first. It is a mandatory step to regain the original birth proof.
What does the Birth and Death Registration Act 1969 state?
The Indian legislation directs every citizen to register his/her birth. This is what the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969 states. In general, it reads:
The birth should be listed in the books of the Registrar within 21 days at zero cost.
In case the registration exceeds the prescribed days but within 30 days, the same service would be payable.
If the parents register their child’s birth within one year, the Registrar would issue as a payable service. Simultaneously, the parents must seek permission of the competent authority and present the notarized affidavit on behalf of the State Government.
One more amendment occurred in the subsequent years. It made the process a smooth sailing for those who are born on and before 1989. Such people can show the affidavit to the Registrar. By acting upon your request, he would register your ward’s birth.

RUSH: Citizens queuing up before the Sub-registrar office at Margao to change their names so that it matches the original birth certificate filed before liberation to ensure that they can get a Portuguese passport for which there is still very high demand


On the contrary, those who are born after 1989, they have to produce the birth certificate/school leaving certificate or mark sheet showing the date of the birth for a passport and visa verification.
Role of Non-Availability of Birth Certificate:
This certificate certifies the registration of the unregistered birth. If you’ve lost your birth proof for anyhow reason, the same certificate would come in the place of the original birth certificate. But, getting this proof is an obligatory step to obtain your original birth proof. Later on, you can produce it before the Magistrate or Notary Magistrate. He would verify your affidavit. Afterward, you can get it a second original certificate of your birth from the MC office.


How can you get it? Getting the affidavit is the first priority for you to have this certificate. Therefore, you should have these documents for jumping through any hoop during the court verification:
10th class school mark sheet/ school leaving certificate
PAN Card/Aadhaar Card/Driving Licence/Voter ID
Address proof
Photograph of the child/parents
Be ready with one more soft copy of these documents. Once these documents are cross-checked by the Magistrate, he will issue an affidavit with a notary stamp. After taking it along, you can go to the MC office and fill the NABC form.

Processing Time

This process would be a can of worms. You can get out of the hot water by appointing an attorney or a lawyer. He would take this affidavit out. Subsequently, you can enclose it with the NABC form along with other identity and address proofs. The verification would be a few days longer process. The days may convert into weeks for verification.


How can you get it online? Once it is verified, you would be able to get your birth certificate on the prescribed date. Every government governing body is taking a giant leap to the ultimate technology. This is what a difference the digitization has made. To apply online, you can visit the respective website of the State’s Municipal Corporation.
You need to register yourself with the website. Afterward, sign in to select the birth certificate from the services offered. You can download the soft copy of the NABC from the website. Then, fill it completely with valid details. Upload all documents to support your application.
It may ask for online transaction against this government service. You can pay online or opt in another option of the direct payment at the office. The Registrar will verify your application and deliver you a message regarding an appointment date. Make sure that you’d be physically present on the stated date in the Registrar’s office. Eventually, you will get the proof of your birth.


IF you have any problems you can contact the Civil Registrar or the Sub- Registrar of Goa. They are the designated officers who are authorised to issue duplicate Birth Certificates, incase original certificate is lost. Following Nilesh Cabral becoming Minister for Civil Registration, you can apply for duplicate certificate online.

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