Here’s news of the very best kind! Gaurav Padte, Shubham Naik, Shubham Pai Naik , Shailesh Rajput and others of a younger generation, tired of a Goa full of garbage, litter and rubbish talk, are all set to start an ongoing revolution to clean-up. This Sands of Change initiative will eventually cover seven beaches that lie along the stretch of the Taleigao highway in one day. The clean-up drive kicks off at Cacra beach at 8 am this Sunday, February 23, 2020. The group will make their way to the beaches at Shirdona, Odzel, Hawaii, Dona Paula, Bambolim and a step beach in between…and yes, there will be music and fun along the way. If you would like to help this clean-up Goa group in anyway be there at Cacra beach this Sunday. If you care and love Goa promote such clean-up initiatives around about wherever you stay!

Viva Carnival! It’s carnival time again so forget all woes and enjoy awhile. Goa’s annual 4-days carnival parades take place in Panaji, Margao, Mapusa and in several other places with local art and cultural groups organizing float parades and dances to celebrate the spirit of carnival. Goa’s carnival or carnaval has been celebrated since the 18th century. It was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled for Goa for over 500 years. The celebration is a precursor to the abstinence of Lent. Today, of course, carnival is a popular festival everybody recognizes for its razzmatazz masks, somewhat clownish caps, parades, dances and food and cultural fiestas. The four-day carnival entertainment attracts folk from far and near to Goa. Date: February 22 to 25, different venues. Panaji carnival gets its official start at Adil Shah Palace on Saturday, Feb22, afternoon. Details:

Food & Cultural Festival 2020: This is organized by Goa Tourism to complement carnival time. Look forward to several live music performances by bands, dancing, cultural entertainment and some interesting eating out with a host of stalls providing a variety of food and beverages. Enjoy a night under the stars! Venue: Panaji Parade Grounds, Panaji. Date: Feb21 to 23. Time: 6pm onwards. Details:

Environment Film Festival: A one-and-a-half day eco film festival by environmental research and advocacy group Toxics Link supported by The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. A treat for all to catch! Venue: Maquinez Palace auditorium, ESG complex, Panaji. Date: On Sat/Feb22 & Sun/Feb23. Schedule: The Birdman of Chorao/11.30am;PM 2.5’/ 12.30pm; The Pangti Story’/12.40pm;When Every Drop Counts’/1.15pm; Living Toxic: Russia’/2.15pm;Global Warning: Kashmir Chapter’/3.24pm; Missing’/4pm;Taming the Teesta’/4.30pm; Toxics Trail’/4.50pm. On Sun/Feb23:The Silent Epidemic’/10am; Smog Wars’/10.30am;India’s Healing Forests’/11.45am; `The World Most Famous Tiger’/12.50pm. Details: 8806668630/7498069128/

Art & Craft Exhibition: Mushtifund Saunstha, Shree Mahalaxmi Primary School is celebrating its annual science, arts and crafts exhibition. It is open to students, parents and enthusiasts of science, art and crafts. Venue: Mahalaxmi Primary School, Panaji. Date: Feb28/29. Time: 10am to 1pm

Games of Chance at Sunaparanta: This is a performance lecture series accompanying an ongoing exhibition. Be sure to catch `Who’s Telling the Stories’ by choreographer and dancer Ada Einmo Jurgensen. Venue: Sunaparanta amphitheatre, Altinho, Panaji. Date: Sat/Feb22. Time: 10am. Details:

Carnaval Khell at Velsao: The villagers of Velaao razvoir present this khell theatre and this is their XVI ANNual Carnival Khell: This year the Khell (3 partio) will be presented by Milagres de Ganapoga and his troupe. Free seating, housie games, spot prizes, etc. Venue: Razvoir, behind Cansaulim Cemetery, Cansaulim, south Goa. Date: Sun/Feb23. Time: 2.30pm onwards.

Healthy Living: Learn how to make salads and smoothies with Sharan. Registration mandatory. Venue: Saukhyam, Porvorim. Date; Feb29. Time: 3.30pm. Details: 9820322033

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