Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels

GO Team

With the thawing out of the Covid-19 lockdown several five-star hospitality properties are getting ready to be back in business! Keeping in mind that the pandemic situation will continue to be around various hotels are putting into place several sanitation and safety measures for the benefit of guests and visitors.
Fortune Hotels, for example, has launched “Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels” in partnership with TQS Global to embark on Covid Secure Practices Protocol & QMS leading to ISO certification Gurugram, May 19, 2020. Fortune Hotels is a member of the ITC’s hotel group. According to a press release with the launch of “Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels” a comprehensive safety and hygiene program for guests and associates is set in place and this will revolve from pre-arrival to check-out. The program is set on 10 pillars of safety and hygiene and will be diligently implemented across all ITC hotels including Fortune Miramar in Goa as they re-open/commence operations.
The chain has also tied up with TQS Global Management System (a leading food safety and research firm) to embark on acquiring CORE 19 (Covid Secure) safe practices protocol blended with Deming Cycle certification under ISO Standards. All Fortune hotels will undergo a phase wise implementation, training and certification exercise over the next few months.
Addressing the introduction of this initiative, Managing Director Samir MC of Fortune Park Hotels, said, “The world is undergoing a vast change in the way we travel, stay and socialize. We realize that the Covid-19 outbreak will change the nature of holidaying and doing business altogether. This hygiene program and certification are important steps forward towards re-defining our spaces and experiences to create a very safe, hygienic and stress-free environment for our guests.”

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