Covid-19 did not spare the US president Donald Trumph. The Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson spent two weeks been treated for Covid-19. Half the Modi cabinet including the Home Minister Amit Shah has been infected. A major meeting on the resumption of mining between Modi and Goa’s mining MLAs and mine owners was cancelled because the minister for mining got Covid-19. Covid-19 is a matter of destiny. Take precautions use your mask as a mask not as a scarf. Wear the plastic shield when you are in crowded places do clove inhalation to release your chest. Be safe but don’t block yourself at home. Live a normal life, life and death are a matter of destiny.

One thought on “ANYONE CAN GET COVID-19”

  1. Goans should bring AAP Health Care Model To Goa.
    The Best Health Care Model of AAP.
    Aam Aadmi Clinic is one of them.
    World is praising the AAP Health Care Model.

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