Take a look at Magsons’ Fresh Bakes!

At Kirit Maganlal’s Magsons Supercentre at one time I remember the tight hard rye bread loaves but one doesn’t see them anymore; they’re frightfully expensive anyway. These days while at the Caculo Mall Magsons I look at these designer loaves of rich white bread in various avatar – there’s plain loaf, velvety soft coconut loaf, spiral style croissant, sesame seed dotted tapered bread, cinnamon bun is my favorite even if it is all white bread with a hint of sweetness we’re talking about here. But these breads are nicer tasting that the flat cardboard taste of the commercial breads, even if I say so. Have a look at them when you’re next at Magsons although these days I’m looking for that Korean orange marmalade which I’m told will take some time to arrive because…because!
I’m not a bread person unless one is talking of thin cucumber sandwiches generously set in Amul, mint chutney and iceberg lettuce, hint of fresh black pepper… or the old brun-maska of Irani restaurants which we so loved as young working women in Bombay that is Mumbai today. It was quick dipping of the light slices of crackling hard brun bread in tea or coffee and popping them in the mouth…the taste of Amul and bread redolent of yeast bursting sweetly in the mouth. Aur ek brun-mask leke aao waiter! But then those days I used to do a lot of walking around Flora Fountain-VT-Crawford market areas, in golden Goa I’ve forgotten how to walk in recent years. So another new year is here and a familiar resolution – eat less Amul-lathered bread and walk some more before peripheral artery disease catches up with my feet and I can no longer walk. Wishing you a happy new year season my friends with go corona, go, corona, go, begone!

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