USA-BASED MIT PhD Dr Shiva Ayyadurai in one of his educational videos explains the complex reality of the human immune system vis-a-vis vaccination programs and how they could be creating ever new auto immune diseases, “Research is still functioning on outdated understanding of one size fits all fake science theories! The body is a complex personalized system and in today’s personalized medicine treatments there is no room for vaccines.”

By Pankajbala R Patel

In the light of all the back and forth fierce contentions on the subject of vaccination – finally we have the dilemma of vaccines for Covid-19! Do not be any doubt that our immune system is the master operating system which keeps us ticking and kicking. We need to see our immune system in perspective. As in old perspective which is dated vis-a-vis the enlightenment of fresh ongoing scientific studies and evidence. It is high time we better understood and respected our immune system, so that we may not use and abuse it will on the altar of mammon…

HOW old is our rudimentary understanding of the human immune system in relation to the subject of vaccination which has become so contentious in recent times? Especially in the year of the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 and what follows in its wake – the deaths, the side-effects, the fall out which is so dramatic that the world is in depression with the economy more or less in shambles depending in which country is your home.
Quite simply who lives and who dies will be decided by your immune system, how young it is, how compromised it is, how many co-morbidities drag a Covid-19 patient down and finally, of course, how well the drugs used in treating the contagion work or don’t work, or further trigger multiple organ failure with a quick or prolonged exit, goodbye, cruel world.
Can vaccines take care of the enemy, the devil coronavirus in all its mutations? Or are we pinning our hopes on a short cut which will further be a slap to our immune system? As Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, inventor of email, scientist, with four MIT degrees and a PhD in biological engineering amongst several achievements, observes again and again in his lectures, videos and books, our understanding of the human system is anything between 150 to as recently as 60 years old and today in the 21st century it is an outdated understanding. He asks, must we still respect obsolete scientific theories or the “fake science” peddled by the powers-that-be just so that we continue with the “nonsense” that only vaccines can save us from Covid-19 viruses attack on our biological bodies? Should we not concentrate on strengthening our immune system by other means like improving our dietary habits, exercising, accepting the fact that in science nothing stands still but keeps moving to open up fresh new fascinating vistas, so that we better understand and appreciate the highly evolved body beautiful of human beings?
Surely we know that our immune system is the operating system of our body and that it controls everything. Only two factors determine the quality of our immune system: What we eat and drink and how we keep ourselves exercised, and environmental factors like how honest and clean is our air, water and earth in which we grow our food. Dr Ayyadurai brief is that patients in the grip of Covid-19 should up their dosage of vitamins A, C and D because these are the most important vitamins to boost healing, as also sunshine is crucial to our wellbeing. The sun actually aids the disintegration of bacterial membranes in the body…and vitamin A and C are pivotal to health.

He also tells us everyone is different. Our constitution is different, – our genes, environment, routine and other factors play a unique role to arrive at optimal health. He believes in personalized healthcare instead of today’s fanatical and obsolete adherence to one size fits all. The world is not an elephant which we need to see blindfolded or half-blindly! More than 30 years of research has gone into the creation of his book titled “Your Body, Your System” and we cannot do better than refer to it as a primary guide to the modern immune system and what makes it work.
Interestingly, he sees the body in terms of engineering technology – it functions via highly sophisticated and complex ideas of “transportation, conversion and storage” (as in the older healing system of Ayurveda which analysis three humors of the human body as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. His grandmother was a Siddha medicine woman in his village woman in Tamilnadu and she commanded his utmost respect when it came to her understanding of the human body in distress and diseased state.
In these times of pandemic Covid-19 scares and fears we must understand what the human system is all about in its elementary foundation…we cannot afford to remain in the darkness of obsolete scientific values! Perhaps like horses with blinkers on. We are not horses, okay.
Dr Ayyadurai is a wonderful teacher who had done maximum to promote and simplify education about the human immune system widely through a series of books, videos on U-Tube, social media, etcetera. You may access from his website and his organization also runs courses online. Read him up and you will understand and appreciate how the human body’s immunity stays alive and kicking. Interestingly, he has also been running for senator’s seat in Massachussettes, USA, in vain, because of electoral malpractices he is engaged in exposing in campaigns! This never say die man has become a popular voice throughout the world now and yes, he hails from Tamilnadu, he is a Mumbai-born boy who made good after his parents migrated in search of greener and fairer pastures in USA in 1970. It’s a captivating story you may catch up elsewhere.
I find his talks about the immune system most educative and captivating. Most of us may or may not know that our immune system is made up of the Innate System and the Adaptive System, but how many of us at lay level have heard of the go-between system of the Interferon System which is linked to sub-systems like the microbiome (our second brains, our gut which is populated by trillions of bacteria and viruses) and the neural system (the brains as usually perceived, “our neural system and gut talk to each other all the time”).
Thus, there is constant communication along neural pathways linking our mainstream Innate, Interferon and Adaptive systems and sub-systems of our immune system…the fact is coming to the modern viewpoint, researchers like him say by giving vaccines our Adaptive System is targeted and coerced to go into the production of antibodies or antigens: “dead and attenuated lumen, adjuvents, stimulate immune response to produce antibodies or antigens to protect against enemy virus.”
However, vaccines are like a short circuit to generate anti-bodies, vaccines just try to mimic nature and your natural biology and oftentimes do a hatchet or botched up job of it for our understanding of the immune system is so piecemeal! We see parts independently and not in relation to the complete total picture. The larger picture is that upon vaccination the rest of the immune system goes into overdrive wondering what is interfering with it to fix the human body in bits and pieces or so speak? Does it work in the long run or do we with successive vaccination programs compromise our immune system till it become dysfunctional.
Oh yes, in the first place our Innate System when faced with the entry of an enemy virus goes into action producing “soldiers, or the infantry, non-specific agents like microphagus, neutrophils, dendrite cells, the artillery attack is put into defending mode…say a bunch of soldiers start shooting down the enemy pathogens!” Later on it is the Adaptive System which makes the natural antibodies or antigens which also take care of other enemy viruses. The two mains stems of defense work on a timelines of zero to 72 hours and then three to plus, plus days if required. When our Adaptive system goes into action it produces T cells and B cells and these are specific defense forces generating antibodies…it’s the current modern school that as long as antibodies are created a body is in great shape!
Never mind how the antibodies/antigens are triggered – naturally or through meddlesome vaccines (which reap huge fortunes for some famous pharmaceutical empires). Fact is up-do-date research has also come up with evidence that constant and mandated vaccination programs drive our complex, interdependent, very fine-tuned natural immune system into a state of hyper activity of confusion and seeking to defend us we witness these cytokine storms which we hear so much about in coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 cases – scientists believe that it is these cytokine storms which occur when a the immune system is on overdrive mode and this fuels and complicates Covid-19 cases, along with the drugs given, ventilator services, etcetera.
The term “cytokine release syndrome” are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes to do with elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune cell hyperactivity triggering pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions and much more which take a final toll on life in vulnerable condition.
We must understand that our highly communicative body can eventually give up the battle and stop defending us courtesy ill-conceived or half-conceived scientific understanding of the entire immune system and interference which does not come with enough high risk assessment reports for doctors to take cognizance of…adhering to old obsolete or “fake science” as Dr Shiva Ayyadurai calls it, we refuse to address the issues of the compromised immune system. We take chances with newer and newer vaccines which come out with little risk assessment studies (if they did many of the 13 standard vaccines which children get in the USA would be withdrawn or parents at least cautioned and in any case vaccines have no business to be State mandated in a democracy where choice is a fundamental right for citizens).
The question haunting many honest researchers today are the many auto-immune diseases we see like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, the autism diseases of children and more…are they the result of over-vaccination programs? We may have eliminated smallpox and measles but have we replaced a few old scourges with more newer scourges by increasingly compromising our immune system and hence fighting fit parameters of vital health which has evolved over millennia?

According to Dr Ayyadurai and many other researchers today vaccination programs are “cheat programs” interfering with a lazily understood science about the immune system! Or are we deliberately motivated to run campaigns for short term gains in exchange for now clearly visible long term disasters in our modern healthcare system which refuses to change if it means fewer patients to spin out the legendary pharmaceutical fortunes we hear about constantly nowadays?
It is as if we’re bullying and fixing our immune system and its sub-systems which actually work in terrific harmony and have a fantastic memory on their own merit — and we don’t know when our ignorance can backfire and who pays the price of life on earth? Today we know a lot more about the body’s immune system and how it reacts and counteracts to defend us, as also we know more about the gut-brain axis and how if we can take care of the gut a lot of problems can be eased…but who is interested when the Covid-19 pandemic story may well be one of our utopia versus dystopia confrontations — when some privileged people up there in their utopian havens play god in tandem with one another and want half the world dead! How valid are the conspiracies making the rounds? Will the truth ever come out and will we believe it and be able to do something about it?
After all isn’t is clear to us that this is biological warfare is all about — if only we can prove it and line up evidence enough to take cognizance of, if we can deal with the truth staring us in the face with so many happy to dilute it with morbid justifications? We’ve got so used to the carefully camouflaged lies of life. I would say learn more about Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s Truth, Freedom and Health movement and spread the light or be the light in whichever country you’re living in! Mother Earth provides for need but not want and never greed. Even the good Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi said that, remember?

According to scientists in the UK the new variant or the mutant virus, which has been named “VUI 2020/01” comprises a genetic mutation in the spike protein that could be the cause of immediate and easy spread of the virus amongst people. Up until now the differences between the old and new virus include 23 mutations in the virus’ genetic code that have altered four viral proteins. About eight of these 23 mutations seem to have affected the spike protein that gives the coronavirus family their name. While nothing has been confirmed scientists have suggested that this new strain could be the reason behind the faster spread of the virus. It is about 70% times more transmissible, more contagious!

According to Dr David Samadi in a video talk the dreaded coronavirus infection goes through more or less four stages. In the first stage one may experience the usual flu symptoms from mild to severe and this is when some painkillers and anti-inflammatories are given. When there are lots of chills, chest pain and a cytokine storm is observed (when your immune system goes on overdrive) there is evidence to show that in this second phase (when viral replication happens) nebulizer or steroid puffs help, these are bronco-dilators which open up the lungs to aid better breathing and oxygenation. It helps reduce inflammation. Zinc supplements, Hydroxychlorine, Remdesivar and blood thinners which prevent clots help. Alas, in third and fourth stages a patient is in advanced disease stage and may go on ventilator, organ failure may take place, only 20 to 30 percent may make it back to life…the prognosis is poor although a drug called Dexamethasone has been known to reduce death. And yes, it is important to believe in god or you’re on your own, good-luck to you!

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