RS 400 crores FOR FISHING

In the wake of the Rs 300 crores sanctioned for celebrating the diamond jubilee the Minister for fishing Giriraj Singh announced on Sunday that the center will be investing Rs 400 crores to strengthen the fishing industry in the state. The majority of the money will go into creating “30 landing centers and jetties for fishing boats with road connectivity. This is suspiciously like the Sagarmala project of Nitin Ghadkari as the fishing jetties may be a cover for coal jetties.

The fisheries minister is also claiming that Rs 41 crores has already approved for Goa for promoting cage fishing. The Minister claimed that the inland waterways and khazan lands can produce the largest quantity of fish in the country at there are 70 villages where fishing takes place.

There is a proposal for setting up an aquarium at the cost of Rs 30 crores and upgrading the Margao fish market at a cost of Rs 50 crores.



The centre has asked twitter to block 1178 handles besides the 257 accounts which it wants to be closed. The centre has invoked section 69 A of the information technology act to direct twitter handles using hashtags such as Modi planning farmers genocide. The government has warned that the twitter would be Panalised and its officials jailed for seven year if they did not comply. Interestingly Jack Dorsey has himself been posting in favour of the farmers. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has liked the few tweets which supported international popstar Rihanna stand on the ongoing farmers protest against the due agricultural law. The tweets like by Dorsey included the post by Washington post journalist Karen Attiah.

The Indian government has reacted with the comment “if the founder of twitter is openly taking sides it does raise questions over the neutrality of the platform and how it deals with India’s request related to the subject”.



The Panjim Carnival will provide only 50% seating capacity inside the pandals allotted along the route of the parade.

There will be no curbs on those participants for the floats provided they follow social distancing and wear a mask. There will be a samba square in Panjim which will also subject to standard operating procedure such as wearing mask and maintaining physical distance.


The National consumer Commission ruled that the Punjab National Bank was responsible for the action of its employees. A depositor Munesh Kumar resident of Hariduvar has approached the district forum alleging that he had deposited Rs 12.10 lakhs. However the same was not shown deposited in his account. The charge was that the cashier had not shown the amount in his account.

Justice Deepa Sharma preceding member held the PNB bank liable for deficiency in service. Justice Sharma observed that “Since employee of PNB did not make proper entries in the relevant register and did not credit the money in the account of the depositor he cannot escaped liability. The judge directed the bank to pay Rs 20,000 and cost apart from the money he had deposited.

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