Tourist Taxis in Goa which is the only means of transport in the absence of reliable buses , metro or suborn trains have been on strike for over a week. The main demand of the Taxi drivers is that Goa Miles a local app based taxi service which charges much less fairs should be discontinued.

The Taxi drivers who are camping at the Azad Maidan have been joined by their wives and children on the tenth day of the protest. The majority of them are neither wearing mask nor maintaining any physical distance. The protesting crowd includes very young children and elderly women who are most vulnerable to covid-19. There is little or no sympathy for the taxi mafia which have got a way charging any amount they fancy.

Goa is only state in the country where taxis are not required to install meters for GPS systems. The fair from the airport to the Candolim Calangute beach belt where the most of the night club are located is as high as Rs 3000 plus. The cost of the airfare from Mumbai to Goa is less than the tourist taxi fairs to your hotel or residence of Goa.

Tourist taxis in Goa also do not permit even local residence to pick up their friends from the hotels they are staying in. The tourist taxis insists that fresh taxis have to be hired from those attached to the concern hotels.

The SC has made it mandatory to his taxis to have digital makers. The Goa government has not been able to enforced it as the tourist taxi drivers and owners have political patronage. The North Goa tourist taxis have the protection of the Calangute MLA Michael Lobo while the South Goa Taxis are protected by CHurchil Alemao.

Not only tourist but industries is affected as heads of manufacturing units who travel frequently to head offices in Mumbai are unable to travel due to the taxi strike. The Goa miles taxis have also come to a halt after several drivers were assaulted and Goa Miles taxis vandalized.

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