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While the monsoons come as a relief from the summer heat for most, for some, the season marks a host of diseases and fungal infections – from smelly feet and nail infections to various other skin-related issues which need to be treated right away.
Fungal Infections occur when an invading fungus affects an area of the body and the immune system is unable to fight the attack. These infections appear anywhere on the body. Different types of fungi cause fungal infections, and many are contagious. Fungal infections occur during the monsoons as rains are ideal for fungi, bacteria and viruses to thrive in the raised humidity. If left untreated, infections get aggravated, causing severe rashes, scarring, itching and redness.
Homeopathy Treatment for Fungal Infections: Homeopathic medicines help in healing and boosting the weakened immune system, subsequently controlling the condition. It also helps prevent its recurrence. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use by all age groups and even during pregnancy or lactation. These medicines are highly beneficial for those that have sensitive skin and where conventional medicines are not as effective or cause side effects. The following are a few types of Fungal Infections, along with their homeopathic remedies:
Ringworm: The most common of infections, it takes the shape of a ring and affects areas like the armpits, neck and feet. Do not scratch the affected area, use an anti-fungal powder or cream for relief.
Homeopathic Medicine: Chrysarobinum 6c – 5 pills taken twice daily, till symptoms disappear, is a gentle and natural remedy.
Athlete’s Foot: Caused by exposing feet to dirty water for a long time, resulting in feet getting discolored, scaly and patchy, causing itchiness and irritation. Wear breathable socks and always keep your feet dry. Rubbing vinegar on the feet helps.
Homeopathic Medicine: Silicea 6x – 2 tablets taken twice daily till symptoms disappear, is an effective remedy.
Nail Infections: Nails are more prone to fungal infections during monsoons. The infection occurs when dirt accumulates under the nails and is not cleaned well. Trim the nails and keep toes clean to avoid infections.
Homeopathic Medicine: Graphites 30c – 5 pills taken twice daily till symptoms disappear.
Tinea Capitis: Known as ringworm of the scalp, tinea capitis is a fungal infection that occurs on the scalp and beard. Use anti-fungal shampoo with salicylic acid to scrub and exfoliate the infected skin and dead cells.
Homeopathic Medicine: Sulphur 6c – 5 pills taken twice daily till symptoms disappear.
**Please Note: These remedies are only suggestive. Consult a homeopath for an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal medicine that is unique to you.

TIPS TO AVOID FUNGAL INFECTIONS: Medication may relieve you from the discomfort and heal the infection but some simple precautions can help prevent the condition throughout the monsoon.
Stay Clean and Dry: Fungi thrive in warm and damp environments, so keeping your skin dry and clean is the best preventive approach. Wash your body daily and dry off thoroughly before wearing clean, dry clothes. Pay attention to areas such as skin folds, the groin and in between your toes.
Change your Innerwear, Socks and Gym-gear Daily: Sweaty clothes or those in direct contact with the body, like innerwear should be changed daily. Ensure wearing fresh clothes work-outs.
Dry Those Sweaty Shoes: Closed shoes, like sneakers, provide the perfect environment for fungi to develop, especially in humidity. Dry them out after use and consider flip-flops to avoid moisture. Do not walk barefoot, especially in bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, carpeting and public bathing areas.
Nurture Your Immune System: Look after your body by having a well-balanced diet, exercise and rest. This promotes a healthy immune system and protects you from fungal infections. To boost the immune system, employ methods to combat stress, like meditation, chanting, deep breathing, etc.
Don’t Wait For A Fungal Infection To Clear Up On Its Own: This can lead to the infecting flaring up and permanently damaging the affected area. Visit a homeopath to treat the fungal infection effectively without any side-effects at the earliest.

(Courtesy: Parsi Times)

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