UNNECESSARY: The highways are being expanding at huge cost not for the benefit of Goans or tourists, but for the benefit of Gautam Adani to enable him to transport coal.

Charge sheets are becoming popular. Never mind they are long and tedious – they speak the truth about a government more concerned about its own survival than of the people they govern and live off happily ever after as if to the manner born in a Raj Sarkar of plenty for the government but little for the people! After the Goa Trinamool Congress placed a charge sheet of the sins of omission and commission of the BJP government, it is now the turn of the Indian National Congress to come up with a more comprehensive charge sheet which sums up the BJP’s governance as “10 years of betrayal, corruption, insensitivity.”

Goan Observer reproduces the salient points of the Congress charge sheet (which they wanted to present to the Governor of Goa PS Sreedharan Pillai on Jan 8, 2022 but which the governor refused to accept)k) for discerning citizens  to pay heed to before casting their votes in the forthcoming assembly elections on February 14, 2022!

THIS is the first of its kind charge sheet by Goa’s  Opposition party against the a most insensitive, irresponsible, corrupt and failed BJP government. The government is anti-Goan, anti-environment, anti-democratic and pushed the state of Goa in to bankruptcy with its defective policies. The BJP government failed to implement the Goa Vision 2035 Document prepared by eminent experts from various fields.

The failure of the BJP government has resulted in financial emergency in the state of Goa, causing serious harm to its development and prosperity and completely demolishing the seven core focal points  emphasised in the Goa Vision 2035 document.

DACOITY: In a Delhi-like case of decoity, a businessman from the national capital attacked the historical Souza Lobo restaurant on Calangute beach with the group of 80 goons.

Samrudh Goa/Affluent Goa

The BJP government took credit for stopping the mining activity in Goa. They failed to boost and promote the tourism industry in Goa. After the outbreak of covid pandemic, the BJP government failed to provide an economic revival package for the benefit of the marginalised sector. The sale of jobs and blatant violations of rules to favour the kith and kin of the ministers and BJP office bearers, deprived the  deserving, qualified youth from government jobs. The BJP government miserably failed to provide jobs and create employment opportunities to the youth. The BJP  government’s “Mission Commission” style of administration resulted in the collapse of each and every household budget, pushing every Goan under huge financial burden and converting the state as a penurious Goa.  

Sushaseet Goa/Well-Governed Goa

The BJP government has transformed this peaceful state into a criminal hub of daylight murders, frequent sexual exploitation of women and rape, kidnapping, gang wars and unsolved murder mysteries. Goa has become a crime destination. The BJP government has promoted drug mafia in the state and transformed it into a misruled Goa.  

Swanandi Goa/Happy Goa

Business for people’s sickness policy of the most insensitive BJP government resulted in murder of covid patients due to shortage of oxygen and covid mismanagement. Many Goans lost relatives, friends and associated due to the covid pandemic. Closure of business, loss of employment after the outbreak of covid further brought tears in every household, converting the state as a sad Goa.  

The Indian National Congress hold the BJP government fully responsible for the complete mismanagement in administration, collapse of law and order, failure to protect the identity of Goa, failure to respect the sentiments of the Goans and failure to protect the environment of Goa….


Murder of democracy

The BJP government came to power by disrespecting the people’s mandate. The anti-democratic BJP government was formed in an unethical manner going against the provisions of the Constitution of India. The formation of the BJP government encouraging defections was midnight murder of the Constitution of India and its democratic principles. The BJP government failed to hold proceedings and business of the Goa Legislative Assembly in a free and fair manner by giving enough opportunities to the legislators to  raise issues, participate in debates, etc.

The corrupt BJP government tried to conduct the Zilla Panchayat and Municipal Council elections in the most unfair and undemocratic manner with complete political interference in the ward reservations, etc. It was only after the intervention and clear directives of the Hon’ble High Court and the Supreme Court that the State Elections Commssion was allowed to conduct the elections of the Zilla Panchayat and Municipal Councils in Goa.


Environmental Disaster

The BJP government sold of the lifeline of Mhadei to  Karnataka for political gains. The BJP government is adamant in pushing the three linear projects for the benefit of the Crony Club of Modi-Shah. The railway double tracking, expansion of highways and laying of power transmission line will cause severe destruction to the environment, forestland and wildlife. Thhe bio-diversity rich Western Ghats of Mollem Wildlife Sanctuary will be severely affected.

The failed government wants to convert Goa into a coal hub. The permission granted to Nu Shi Nalini Naptha ship  endangered the entire coastline of Goa. The BJP government has tried to supress the voice of the people during the public hearing on draft Coastal Zone Management Plan. The BJP has a secret agenda of nationalisation of rivers in Goa, expansion of port limits and setting up marine projects at Nauxi in Tiswadi taluka. All these projects will result in environmental disasters isn’t the state of Goa.

Charge 3

Collapse of Health Infrastructure  & Management

The BJP government completely failed to provide basic health care facilities to the people of Goa. The failure of the government to fully commission the Sotuh Goa District Hospital resulted in chaos during he outbreak of the covid pandemic causing serious inconvenience ot patients and their relatives. The stay at the ESI Hospital which was designated as Covid Hospital was termed as a nightmare by the covid patients as well as their relatives. The lack of adequate manpower, equipment and infrastructure resulted in death of several patients. The BJP government is responsible for murder of covid patients due to shortage of oxygen. The insensitive BJP government focussed on supplying oxygen to neighbouring Sindhudurg, keeping  Goan patients gasping for oxygen. The sub-standard quality of work due to mass corruption in the government resulted in the collapse of the roof in one of the covid wards of the Super Speciality Block just on the second day of its inauguration. The government focussed on community survey instead of community testing and announced Goa as green zone after the recovery of a few patients during the primary state of the covid outbreak in Goa.

The most irresponsible statement of the Chief Minister  Dr Pramod Sawant was “Bhivpachi Garaj Na.” (“There is no need to fear.”) The BJP government’s decision of opening the borders of the state resulted in a huge covid wave hitting Goa, causing the death of many patients. The BJP government continued to celebrate during the nationwide lockdown and completely ignored to create necessary infrastructure such as oxygen plants, ventilators and quarantine facilities, etc. The “Thali bajao-Tali Bajao-Diya Jalao” events culminated in burning of pyres and high number of burials.

The insensitive BJP government made business from people’s sickness, converted Goa into a “testing laboratory” by using Goans as guinea pigs for its prophylaxis treatment of covid patients by using   Ivermectin tablets, against World Health Organisation  (WHO) guidelines and various medical experts. There is a scam of Rs22.50 crore in purchase of the said tablets exposed by the Congress party.

DESTROYED: The Kadamba plateau has witnessed massive hill cutting for the benefit of the construction industry, particuarly the Gera group from Pune.

Charge 4

Bankruptcy & Financial Emergency

The BJP government has pushed Goa into bankruptcy and there is financial emergency in the state. The total debt have gone up to almost Rs27,000 crore with the BJP government continuing to borrow funds for paying salaries and taking care of other day-to-day expenditure. The BJP government completely failed on the cost cutting and austerity measures. The debt burden on every Goan is almost Rs1.75 lakh.

The BJP government failed to provide financial assistance by announcing economic revival package of Rs100 crore to the marginalised sector of Goa. The BJP government also failed to effectively implement “Goemchem Daiz” scheme to help those doing traditional occupations like fulkar, khajekar, chanekar, render, poder, motorcycle pilots, kakankar, nalikar, cobbler, barber and others.   

Charge 5

Collapse of Law & Order

The BJP government has completely failed to maintain law and order situation in the state. Goa has now become a preferred destination for the criminals, drug mafia, anti-social elements as the BJP government is encouraging the criminals. The government miserably failed to investigate the posting of obscene videos from the mobile phone of deputy chief minister of Goa. The government failed to solve the murders mystery of young girl Siddhi Naik from Bardez in a time bound manner. The daylight murders of Swapnil Walke at Margao, Amar Naik at Bogmalo and murder of Vilas Methar at Porvorim exposed the failure of the BJP government to nab criminals and take measures and act as deterrents to criminal activities. The government failed to control the rising beggar menace in various parts of the state. The government failed to curb the prostitution rackets in the state.  The government failed to control thefts, burglaries, rapes, kidnappings, murders in the state. The government failed to provide safety and security to women. The sex scandal involving a minister is a direct reflection of the vulgar regime of the BJP government in Goa.

Charge 6

Corrupt Administration

The BJP government has received “Certificate of Corruption” from the Goa Lokayukta. The government failed to conduct investigations into the 21 corruption cases ordered by Retd Justice  P K Mishra, Lokayukta of Goa. The former Governor of Goa  and present governor of Meghalaya Hon’ble Satya Pal Malik has gone on record stating that the BJP government in Goa indulged in corruption during the covid pandemic. He had also termed the chief minister of Goa as “liar.” The BJP government pushed its “Mission Commission” agenda at all levels which resulted in mass corruption, mismanagement in governance and sub-standard works. The cracks developed on Atal Setu, potholes on roads across Goa, scam in tourism promotional activities, collapse of front façade of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium, collapse of roof at the in Super-Speciality Block of GMC, blowing away of 300 tin sheets at Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, hiring of Spaces Building at Patto by paying exorbitant rent are some of the examples of the mass corruption in the BJP government. The Atal Setu and Canacona bypass have now become “monuments of corruption.” Smart City Scam, Ivermectin Tablets Procurement Scam, GMC Medicine Procurement Scam, GSIDC Plot Allotment Scam, Beach Cleaning Scam, IPB Scam, Electric Pole Fixtures on Atal Setu Scam, Beach Security & Safety scam…are the direct reflections of the most corrupt BJP government. The ministers and MLAs of the BJP government have openly charged their own colleagues and ministers with corruption charges. The scam in Goa buildings and other construction workers welfare scheme during the peak time of covid pandemic and the sale of job scam has totally exposed the corrupt BJP government in Goa.

Charge 7

Failure to Provide Social Security

The BJP government failed to provide social security and help to the needy citizens. The BJP government failed to provide timely financial assistance to various social welfare scheme beneficiaries like senior citizens, widows, seafarers and persons with disabilities as well as beneficiaries of Griha Aadhar, Laadli Laxmi and other schemes of the government. The government failed to protect the children and senior citizens in the state of Goa.

The BJP government pushed the government employees under additional financial burden during the covid pandemic by abruptly withdrawing the House Building Allowance Scheme.

Charge 8

Failure to provide jobs and create employment opportunities

The BJP government miserably failed to provide 50 thousand jobs to the unemployed youth. The BJP government also failed to give promised unemployment dole to the youth of Goa. The BJP government failed to create employment opportunities for the youth of Goa. It failed to regularise the staff working on contractual, daily wage, temporary basis for more than five years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised 2 crore jobs per year. Unfortunately, the BJP government’s so called Investment Promotion Board and Tuem Electronic Manufacturing Hub completely failed to create jobs for Goans. The BJP government failed to control migration of educated youth from Goa in search of employment opportunities. The ministers and BJP office bearers made fortunes from sale of jobs and favouritism. The government completely side-lined the Staff Selection Commission.


Injustice to farmers and fishing community

The BJP government with its anti-farmer policies have done gross injustice on the farming community of Goa. The BJP government closed the Sanjivani Sugar Factory which affected the sugar cane farmers in the state. The farmers issue at Mapusa remains unresolved till date. The farmers of Mopa are fighting for their rights as their cultivable lands have been acquired by the government for the Mopa Airport Project. The government has failed to provide relief to the fishing community on account of a steep rise in diesel prices. The government has failed to create an infrastructure for storage of farm products in the state of Goa. The government has also failed to start the Food Testing Laboratory in the state of Goa to ensure availability of hygienic, unadulterated food products, fruit and fish. The government used brutal police force against the protesting farmers of Shel Melavali who were opposing the attempts of the government to give their cultivable land to the IIT project. The BJP government failed to give deserving MSP to the cashew farmers.


Disrespect to freedom fighters

The BJP government insulted the freedom fighters and their families by disrespecting them in the 60th year of Liberation of Goa. The government intentionally did not invite the freedom fighters for the Goa Liberation Day function attended by Hon’ble President of India. The renovation and beautification work of the historic Lohia Maidan at Margao was deliberately delayed by the BJP government in the 75th anniversary year of  Goa Revolution Day. The government failed provide jobs to the children of freedom fighters in the 60th year of Goa Liberation. Historic monuments and martyrs memorials remained in dilapidated condition.


Failure to provide consistent network connectivity

The BJP failed to provide consistent and uninterrupted high speed internet connectivity in the state of Goa. The failure of the government has seriously affected the educational sector online and distant education, especially after the outbreak of the covid pandemic. The business community and professionals also suffered due to non-availability of proper internet network connectivity in the state. The BJP government has also failed to expand the already existing intranet Underground Optic Fibre Cable Broadband Network gifted to Goa by the then Congress government at the centre which has reached every Panchayat in the state of Goa.


Injustice to artists community of Goa

The BJP government failed to provide help and assistance to the artist community of Goa. The BJP government failed to promote the local art and culture by encouraging the local folk and traditional artists. It failed to successfully implement various schemes from the Art & Cultural Department and also failed to recognise and reward Goan artists for their performance at national and international level. The BJP government failed to provide assistance to various cultural, theatre and cultural groups after the outbreak of the covid pandemic. The BJP government kept various schemes of the Art & Culture Department dormant and also failed to give timely financial assistance to deserving beneficiaries under the Kala Sanman Scheme, State cultural awards, etc. It failed to complete and commission the Kala Bhavan at Sancoale and also build Ravindra Bhavan at Mapusa for Bardez taluka. The Ravindra Bhavan at Canacona is awaiting completion. The BJP government failed to provide assistance to local film producers under the Goa Film Finance Scheme. The BJP government failed to screen  Goan films in the official section of the International Film Festival of India and also failed to resolve various issues of the local line producers in the state. 


Injustice to sports persons and sports associations

The BJP government failed to provide necessary infrastructure to various sports persons and sports associations. The failed government did not create proper facilities for facilitating training and coaching of sports persons. It did not release monthly financial assistance to the sportspersons in indigent condition. The BJP government failed to maintain swimming pools, various indoor stadiums and other sports facilities. 


Failure to recognize and provide basic facilities for persons with disabilities

The BJP government has completely failed to recognize and provide basic facilities and create necessary infrastructure for persons with disabilities. The government failed to build a hostel-cum-care centre for persons with disabilities. The government failed to create recreational facilities, libraries, sports and cultural centre, also failed to provide free and easy accessibility to them in the state for persons with disabilities. 


Illegalities in land conversions and damage to heritage sites

The BJP government committed illegalities by violating rules and regulations and guidelines of the Town & Country Planning Act. Rampant permissions were granted for conversion of cultivable lands, irreparable damage was done to the Heritage Site at Old Goa by giving illegal permission for construction of concrete structure in the vicinity of the Holy Precinct. Attempts were made to convert this beautiful land into a concrete jungle by undertaking land conversions under Rule 16-B of the TCP Act.


Damage to tourism sector of Goa

“Mission 30% Commission” of the BJP government resulted in total collapse of the tourism industry in the state. The government miserably failed to create necessary infrastructure at various tourist destinations in the state. Investigation was ordered by the Goa Lokayukta in the massive scam in the beach cleaning contract of the Tourism Department. The Tourism Department  abandoned the Amphibian Vehicle Project, Hop On-Hop Off Bus Project, Sea Plane Project, thus causing loss to state treasury. The most irresponsible statement “Show Must Go On” of the most corrupt tourism minister resulted in influx of rude, undisciplined and criminal-minded tourists into Goa leading to fights with the locals.


Industrial sector ruined in Goa

The faulty policies and corrupt practices by the BJP government resulted in ruining of the industrial sector in the state. The government caused loss of Rs133 crore due to illegal payment of interest to the SEZ promoters. None of the industries cleared through Investment Promotion Board could see the light of the day and generate employment opportunities. The BJP government failed to provide assistance to the small and medium scale industries after the outbreak of the covid pandemic.  


Failure to support co-operative sector in Goa

Two cooperative banks were forced to close down by the BJP government due to its failure to extend help to the two banks. Various co-operative credit societies, etc, are facing challenges due to the non-cooperative approach of the BJ P government.


Failure to create proper infrastructure and provide basic amenities to the people

The BJP government completely failed to provide motorable roads across Goa. The high number of potholes and bad condition of roads resulted in various fatal accidents across Goa. The government failed to adopt advanced technology in construction of roads and buildings in the state. The government also failed to maintain the buildings in the state. It failed to construct much needed bus stands at Margao and Mapusa in the last ten years. Although the Union Jal Shakti Department announced Goa as “First state to provide 100% tap water in rural households” the people of Goa are still dependent on well and river water. Urban areas like Mapusa and Panjim face acute water shortage. Despite repeated announcements the  government has failed to provide 24×7 drinking water to the people of Goa. The Union government falsely announced Goa as “Open Defecation Free State.” Many people, mostly in rural areas, still do not have proper toilet facilities. The BJP government failed to provide un-interrupted electricity to all the households and commercial establishments in the state. The government failed to provide basic safety gadgets and equipment to the staff of the Electricity Department. It failed to handle scientific management and disposal of garbage in the state. The government filed to provide tecnology, funds, expertise to Panchayats and Municipalites for garbage management and disposal. The government failed to provide advance technology, equipment and machinery as well as safety and security gadgets to the employees of local self-bodies.


Failure to provide adequate public bus transport in the state of Goa

The BJP government has failed to provide adequate public bus transport in the state of Goa. Most of the buses operated by the state-owned Kadamba transport corporation are old and face frequent breakdowns. The newly introduced electric buses are also not made fully operational till date. There is urgent need to expand the connectivity to the hinterland of Goa and increase the frequency of the public transport system.  


Failure to provide protection to stray animals

The BJP government failed to provide protection to stray animals in the state of Goa. The government failed to create shelter homes for cattle, dogs and other animals. The government also failed to control the movement of cattle, dogs, pigs another stray animals, etc, on roads which caused various fatal accidents.

The charge sheet with 21 charges against the most incompetent, insensitive, immature, irresponsible and illegitimate BJP government is placed before the people of Goa by the Indian National Congress with a prayer for ouster of the failed BJP government. We humbly appeal to the people of Goa to vote and elect people-friendly Congress government for protecting the identity of Goa.


  1. AAP has given Financial Support to all the people of Delhi including Taxi & Auto Drivers. AAP has given 1 Cr. For the Frontline Warriors who died of Covid-19 Disease. AAP has given 1 Cr. For the Army & Policemen who died while performing their duty. AAP will be the Parents of those children who’s both Mother & Father has died due to Covid-19 Disease. AAP will be the Child of those old Parents whose only earning Child has died due to Covid-19 Disease.

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