“MAIN LADKI HOON, MAIN LAAD SAKTHI HOON!” A memorable quote courtesy Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress chief ministerial face in Utter Pradesh; here she is seen campaigning for Congress’ popular candidate Elvis Gomes in the Fontainhas district of Panaji in Goa. She is all quick warm smiles and disarming, very likeable!


IT is shocking to see that some political parties are catering to taxi owners and drivers. They are offered subsidies and reimbursements on installation of fare meters and in case of accidents free medical treatment. Perhaps there are some more bribes not in the public domain. Such pampering will only embolden taxi drivers to take their passengers for a jolly ride!
Political parties need to consider the grievances of the people (who are also voters), who are charged exorbitantly, non-usage of installed metres, rash driving, turning down rides, etc. If a taxi driver is responsible for an accident will his skin be saved by the parties by offering free legal services?
Will the parties compensate or take care of the passengers who suffered because of a taxi driver’s fault? Soon even bus and rickshaw drivers and motorcycle pilots may also be assured of benefits! Political parties must treat citizens with more respect and not pamper only casino owners, taxi drivers, etc.
— Sridher Iyer, Caranzalem, Goa

AT CAMPAL there was a Military Dental Clinic to say “once open a time” near the Kala Academy, but surprisingly now is a board of some Delhi builder there! In addition, a restaurant has come up next to the creek, if I recollect right all this here was military property all these years.
When a Goan became a Central minister many Ponjekars had expected the Military Camp property in Panaji to be taken over by the Goa government, or CCP, to be converted into a garden and a parking section. There must be many such public lands sold to builders for commission to augment political party funds!
Are Goans going to wake up to save the last of the public lands belonging to the people of Goa?
— Nitin Naik, Goa

A BUNCH of visiting Central BJP leaders of late are frequently heard accusing India’s first prime minister, the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, for deliberately delaying the liberation of Goa from former Portuguese regime to 1961, instead of 1947! This is to somehow portray Nehru as a historical villain! All this in the interests of tarring the Congress party and to keep it out of power in the assembly election on Monday, February 14, 2022.
As per historical facts, Portugal was ruled by the dictator, António de Oliveira Salazar, from 1932 to 1968, due to which Nehru may have rightly refused to liberate Goa in 1947 itself from its colonial ruler by using force. Nehru thought it wiser to wait to see if Goa could be liberated without causing bloodshed and warfare and later in 1961 Goa was successfully liberated. No warfare means thousands of innocent lives were not sacrificed in a mindless war in Goa at that time.
It’s easy to stand on judgement today! I personally feel BJP leaders should stop targeting Nehru all the time to distract Goans from its own failures and instead concentrate on protecting Goa’s unique green and peaceful identity which Goans would like to retain. Please spare Goa from all the outrageous mega development to turn it into another concrete vertical slum.
Most Goans have no regrets about the past and think Nehru did the right thing. He was a great leader who defended the unique identify/culture of Goans for some more years after 1947 by rightly delaying and liberating Goa only in 1961! Or else this tiny state would have definitely been sold to neighbouring outsiders and Goa would have turned into a mini-Maharashtra or Karnataka – all its unique Goan identity gone with the wind.
For this Goans will forever remain grateful and indebted to Pandit Nehru. Jai Pandit Nehru!
— Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

THE choice of the electorate in Goa in all its 40 constituencies are falling into place like a mega political mosaic. As people try to make up their mind about whom to vote for, be it on merit, on favours received, or development done or not done, proclivities arising out of caste and creed, other inducements that have escaped the dragnet of the flying squads trying to contain the flow of cash and gifts…all this only too familiar at election time.
This time it is no different. Three hundred and one (301), the highest number of candidates in the electoral fray, also tell us about the parties which have decided to woo voters by hook or by crook.
Goa’s fate will be decided on how we vote this Valentine’s Day. It is unlikely that there will be a clear decisive mandate in favour of any one party. So come March 10 there will be a rush to form a coalition government! Goa’s destiny for the next five years is about to be decided by the people – a decision they may or may not regret bitterly later.
There is no room for errors of judgement now! Don’t let Goa and Goans down! Vote intelligently for the larger good of Goa.
— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


  1. If AAP wins in Goa, not only AAP voters will benefit but also Congress, BJP and all other Parties voters will benefits. Along with AAP Voters all other Parties Voters will get Home Delivery of Government Services, Home Delivery of Government Ration, Free Best Health Care, Free Water, Free Electricity, Free Education, Free Wi-Fi, Free Pilgrimage, Free Transport For Women, CCTVs Security around whole Goa, Free Treatment in nearby Private Hospital who meet with an accident, Free Training Center for unemployed Youth and many more Good Facilities AAP will give to all Goans, irrespective of Parties.

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