ALL THE GOA PRADESH MAHILA CONGRESS WOMEN…… felicitated Mrs Delilah M Lobo, MLA of Siolim constituency on March 31, 2022 at Congress House in capital city Panaji. Veteran politician Delilah Lobo’s journey of achievement in politics is worth studying. (Inset) says Delilah Lobo, only hard work results in success, ‘it makes no difference whether you are men or women in politics, who delivers succeeds!’ She also says women are more sensible and can make better decisions!

ELSEWHERE my dears I found myself being irresistibly drawn to a most refreshing woman’s face in the new assembly of Goa – Delilah M Lobo, MLA of Siolim constituency. Felicitating her on behalf of the Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress at Congress House on March 31, 2022 GPMC President Beena Naik said Delilah Lobo is the right woman to “represent us.” Reports are that Delilah Lobo will bring about fresh winds of change in the functioning of the women wing of the Congress party in Goa.
Meet Delilah Lobo. She comes across as a most down-to-earth woman and likely to be an asset to the Congress party which lost out unfairly in the recent assembly elections (for there was no level playing ground in these just over elections although this is a matter of opinion).
Delilah comes across as the ideal woman to represent today’s women now that Congress President Sonia Gandhi is calling for sweeping changes in the country’s first and oldest political party. At the felicitation function after thanking the Congress women who had turned up in force and accepting shawl and floral bouquet, Delilah Lobo said in her brief thanksgiving talk that her victory was due to hard work put in by her fellow mahila team and herself for over a year, hard work alone is the secret to success. They had gone from home to home in Siolim to make voters understand why they have to be clear about what is at stake –either they can split the vote by getting carried away by voting for other parties and letting the BJP win. Or realize that the larger choice is between secular values and non-secular religious values akin to the “divide and rule” policy which the British practiced and gifted to the present BJP government!
She admitted women voters don’t know the nitty gritty of politics although they exercise their democratic voting right faithfully every election. The freshly elected MLA of Siolim enjoys a good reputation in her home constituency with many acknowledging her work in initiating infrastructure for public good. She recounted that during her election campaigning, “We were walking to each house …and by the third day we found 500 women were walking with us!” Women get affected the most when prices of daily needs spiral out of their reach and make living more hellish.
She has 15 years of political innings from grassroots level and is a seasoned and informed politician in her own right. There is no alternative for hard work, she reiterated although this time her son from the USA came down to help her and explain politics to women! I asked her if women will be any less corrupt than men and she responded, “They are the same but women are more sensible!” Women are definitely better managers than men, “Although man or woman, makes no difference, politics is all about who delivers good governance and women can do this as well as men.” This is something we know now for we have good women examples in positions of power around the world. But women must have the time to be available 24 by 7 to their voters, “Being a politician is not a part-time job but a full time job! If men can perform women too can perform.”
Queried about the BJP governance she exclaimed, “It’s all golmaal hai! It is 33% ruling 67% in Goa!” Delilah is an interesting woman to watch out for and may she make it to being chief minister of Goa one of these days, I think Goa can do with a modern-minded woman chief minister.
ON that note it’s avjo, poiteverem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yeta here for now!

—Mme Butterfly

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