FOR the first time the Department of Archives & Archaelogy at the center has admitted that the huge villa built by NCP leader Shaina NC in Old Goa is illegal, because it falls in the heritage zone of the See Cathedral. The credit for getting this admission from the Central government should go to Trinamool Congress MP Luizinho Falerio who got a written reply to his question on the legality of the villa.


THE Delhi High Court has ruled that Union Minister Smriti Irani and her daughter are neither owners of the restaurant-cum-bar in Goa. The Court is also noted that no licenses have been issued in their favour. The Gama family has clarified that the property belong to them and the Iranis have no rights over the bar and restaurant!


THE Greater Panaji Planning & Developing Authority has been merged with the North Goa Panaji Development Authority. The Panaji Development Authority was originally created as a gift to Babush Monserrate by Vijai Sardesai who was then the TCP minister. Babush had included Taleigao in the Panaji Planning & Development Authority. However, the PDA will still be within the family as Jennifer Monserrate is now chairperson of North Goa Planning & Development Authority. Former chairman  Michael Lobo has of course been accused of multiple illegal conversions.


THE opening of the new Mopa airport which was scheduled for August 15 has been postponed indefinitely. It is not likely to be commissioned in the September era. This will delay the charter season in Goa as charter flights were expected to use Mopa Airport instead of  Dabolim Airport.


THE Symbiosis group of education institutes has introduced a course in mental health because of the acute need of professionals in the area. All 12 Std pass candidates will be eligible for the BSC in mental health.  Meanwhile, due to a desperate shortage of candidates for super specialty courses such as cancer, neurosurgery, etc, the percentage required for admission for postgraduate courses has been reduced to 0%. So even students who get 0% in their NEET exams will be entitled to become surgeons and super specialists.


IN CASE you missed it the last time they’re back this weekend. The Margao Kitchen Gardener’s Market at Arjuntree One is on Sat/Sun, Aug 6 & 7. What’s available is ready-mix potting soil, organic manures, gardening tools, pots and planters, seeds and seasonal veggie seedlings (spinach, chillies, mustard greens, brinjal, beans, gourds herbs, etc), several fruiting trees. Wide selection!

Timing is 10.30am to 6.30pm (lunch break between 1pm to 2pm). More details: message 8087000708


WE SHARE ardent reader of Goan Observer, Stephen Dias’ last words on the subject of new pothole repairing. Says Stephen, “At last Ponjekars may breathe a sigh of relief. Work  has been entrusted by the PWD to a Haryana Delhi firm with professional  equipment to fill up potholes. I saw this work going on July 31 at 7pm with all set up  of technical staff and supervisor directing the work of filling pothole patches on  18  June road.

“The photo of the vehicle attached here shows the leads protruding from the vehicle rank reservoir filled with bitumen material mixture of cement and stone to fill potholes. I spoke to senior engineer present and it seems our PWD Jr Engineer Antonio Corte was also present at the venue.

“According to me the work was done at very high speed and one square meter pothole filled up in ten minutes, with all action including cutting, levelling and polishing /finishing included. According to supervisor the cost is approximately around Rs1,000 per sq mt to be charged to PWD.

“I learned that the material were loaded in their vehicle at Colvale. They are equipped with two trucks in Goa, one at North and other at South Goa. The Margao group has already started and Panjim too beginning with 18 June road near CCP building. 

“Earlier in the week the CCP had streamlined all the areas in Panjim where there were parking problems near entrance of houses and shops, possible to give access for the pothole machine to perform a good job. Hope everything goes well and in the guaranteed period of 18 months all the pothole repairs are done without any more hazards. With the current state of our roads all the pothole filling up will cost more than the cost of new roads!”


ARE we witnessing the death of democracy in India? Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at least thinks so. Addressing a press conference in Delhi in the wake of recent nationwide protests by Congress party stalwarts and members, he said, “What we are witnessing is the death of democracy. What else is it but the death of lok tantra, democracy, in India?”
Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders pointed out that the ruling government is afraid of the truth and tells lies around the clock – part of the current crackdown against Opposition leaders is because for the government there is no inflation, no unemployment, no problems. He observed, “The entire infrastructure of the government has been taken away by the RSS, this has never happened ever before. That is why they hate the truth which I speak. The more I speak the truth the more they crack down…Lok Tantra khatam ho gaya! Democracy is a memory. There are going to be devastating consequences because the people of India will not keep quiet.”
It is all there for everyone to see, see the videos of how Parliament functions today. He observed, “We demolish the government every time we have a discussion. They don’t want a discussion. They can’t face a discussion with any Opposition party….Hitler won elections and came to power. He took over all the institutions and had the military with him.”
All this and much more. The questions arise every day. How many people is the BJP going to put away behind bars, beat up – for questioning the government and asking for answers. Never before have Opposition members in Parliament been under so much pressure to bow and crack before the BJP. If the Opposition shuts down, media shuts up, what democracy is left?
At one time, reminded Rahul Gandhi, the infrastructure stayed neutral but not anymore. If anyone asks questions the ED is set on them, they are threatened, this is a monopoly government, “This is just complete nonsense. We have maximum unemployment, gas cylinder price is going up…see the statistics, the reality in village, in city. And we can’t ask for answers for the inflation in Parliament! Start up India, show me where it is!”
Indeed, questions to be answered while the government is all set to celebrate the nation’s 75th Independence Day on August 15 as part of its Azadi Ka Amrit Mahosav!
From the sound of it the AICC is not going to relent but continue with its nationwide protests against price rise, unemployment, Agnipath scheme and GST on essential commodities in the run-up to the Modi government’s self-congratulatory celebrations coming up. Clearly, nobody remembers that the country is functioning or not functioning on a huge deficit financing mode or what is currently being called by some thinking economists as a “monopoly capitalism” – that is, for a handful of persons who are friends of the government!

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  1. Venzy Viegas & Cruz Silva are the Two Pillars of AAP. They will make AAP stand tall with zero tolerance for Corruption and both will make AAP & Goans winner from this Corrupt Governance.

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