RISKY: Lonely young men and women who are using dating Apps may be putting themselves in danger while getting into a relationship, later on when the romance sours they may be ill-treated, killed, chopped to pieces and stored in the fridge for furtive disposal…

By Rajan Narayan

Primarily due to the dating Apps which shy women use to develop a relationship with a friend, a number of unsuitable live-in relationships are taking place and resulting in gruesome murders. Conservative Indian girls are reluctant to make friends with boys in the open and so prefer to use the Apps which can turn out to be deadly tragedies.

LIVE-IN relationships between young people are not new. We know several cases of live-in relationships. But in the past such relationships have been between friends who have known each other for a long time before they decided to live with one another together.
Nowadays in urban areas and modern societies, live-in relationships are quite common, because young women from small towns find it difficult to find a husband on their own. This has led to the rise of dozens of dating apps. This dating apps are an anonymous way of connecting with boys. There are even dating apps which offer coaching classes in developing and sustaining relationships. You can go on a date with the coach who will guide you on how to relate to boys they are interested in. If the initial friendship is good soon the couple go into live-in relationship to make life easier and more economical.
Unfortunately, in a live-in relationship, there is no commitment to marriage although family and friends may accept the couple and hope it will end in marriage. The fact is in many live-in relationships there is secrecy and sometimes even your closest friend may not know that you are living together with a boy. This is what makes a live-in relationship dangerous and risky, the secrecy to hide it from family and friends and office colleagues.
As long as a romance continues everything is smooth sailing. When differences develop the girl may be asking for trouble and is at great risk. Since there is no commitment to marry her boyfriend may sooner or later yield to his family pressures to get married to another more suitable girl. As it happened recently in the Mehrauli murder case when an young man Aaftab Poonawalla strangled his live-in partner Sharadha Walkar On May 18, 2022, cold-bloodedly and brutally killed his partner and cut her into 35 parts to dispose of leisurely so as not to invite any attention.

Further, a senior police official revealed that the 22-year-old Pahadin belonged to a primitive tribal community and was allegedly killed by her husband. As of now, Jharkhand police have found at least 12 pieces of her body and a search operation has been underway to recover the rest of the parts. “At least 12 parts of the body of a 22-year-old woman belonging to a primitive tribal community found in Sahibganj. Some parts of the body are still missing and the search for them is underway. Her husband Dildar Ansari has been detained by Police, the deceased was his second wife,” said SP. As per the latest development, the forensic team reached the incident site and the police officials were to brief the media in the evening.
The entire incident came to light after the mutilated body of a woman was recovered from an old house in the Santhali Momin Tola area on a Saturday evening following a police complaint filed by her family members, reported “India Today.” Citing the police officials, the report mentioned that Ansari lured the woman with false promises to marry her. Furthermore, police maintained that Ansari may have used an electric cutter to cut the body of his wife.

Second such incident after Shraddha Walkar murder case
IT is worth mentioning this was the second such incident and in the past month a woman was brutally killed and chopped into pieces by her partner. Recently, the nation went into shock after Aaftab Amin Poonawala cut the body of his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar into 35 pieces and kept it in a refrigerator for almost three weeks at his residence in Mehrauli in south Delhi. Later, he dumped the pieces across the city over several days.
A total of 13 decomposed body parts and part of a jaw were collected from the Mehrauli forest – all parts were suspected to belong to a 27-year-old woman. Delhi Police confirmed that some of the remains of the body parts recovered from forest in Mehrauli and Gurugram belonged to Shraddha Walkar.

Sahil Gehlot, who is a resident of Haryana’s Jhajjar, has been accused of murdering his live-in partner Nikki Yadav and stuffing her body in the refrigerator of his Dhaba on February 10 2023. What adds to the shock value of this case is the fact that after murdering his girlfriend, the man married another woman the same day.
What is disgusting is that in all these recent cases of the murder of young women, they have been mutilated very badly. They have been cut up into pieces ranging from 12 to 35. This seems to be a case of pure sadism. Surely the man could not have been so bitter with his girlfriend or wife that he had to cut her up into pieces? This is a grave and dangerous physiological development and the origin of such vengeful psychopathic behaviour may well be the arrival of the dating apps. Unlike arrange marriages or even love marriages dating apps do not permit you to understand your partner. The normal procedure is for the girl to approach a boy and build up a relationship on the social network. When they feel they know each other enough they have a physical meeting which ends up in a live-in relationship.
Unlike the west and even in Goa where boys and girls are free to meet and get to know each other, in small towns girls are not even allow to meet boys. In frustration many of them start trying to make contact through dating app. Indeed dating apps are the only opportunity young women have of establishing contact, even though it may be virtual with a boy. Unfortunately because of lack of experience in judgement and experience of the girl she makes the wrong choice with deadly consequences.

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