Mobile phones/cyber crimes/safety precautions and code of conduct and rules…primary lessons to learn if you have a mobile phone.

By Ujwal D Kamat

EVERYONE should download True-caller identity app in our mobile phone sets to detect various types of incoming calls such as sales, fraud, fake, spam, scammer are to be blocked and delete them immediately from our call history.
On daily basis we have to delete from our mobile gallery like images, WhatsApp images, videos, downloads, audios, documents, camera photos and others by fault/default installed apps to avoid and control our mobile sets jamming, hanging, and slowing, etc. Due to overloading of incoming data (in MB’s + GB’s).
We should not entertain unknown/strange persons online offers, proposals, friend requests and online payments from our wallets to avoid and control to access our linked bank accounts to Aadhar card which also results in losing of money and other losses by hacking, fraud, false, and fake accounts of those unknown persons.
Twice in a week we should re-boot, restart, and switch off our mobile phone sets for two minutes time period and then switch on our mobile phone sets to delete, erase, eradicate and formatting and streamline our mobile phone sets working for various types and forms of old data already browsed by everyone.
We are all should not press, click, and download any strange, unknown links and apps in our mobile sets from the source, direction and guidance of unknown/strange persons on all various types of social media platforms.
We are all should not entertain any types of business related proposals, orders, assignments, offers from unknown/strange persons on ONLINE modes without establishing our/theirs mutual identities by checking on Truecaller app and making voice calls, video calls and physical personal meetings with those persons in prime locations of ours or their cities, OFFLINE mode basis strictly to avoid direct and indirect losses.
We should not entertain any money offers, gifts offers, lottery offers, lucky gift offers from unknown/strange persons by SMS’s, voice calls, emails, any types direct messages from all types of various social media platforms without establishing theirs mutual identities of unknown/strange persons.
We are all should not entertain, inform, tell and share our details of bank account number, credit debit card details, one time password (OTP), registered mobile number, pin number to any unknown/strange persons and also misrepresented authorized persons and officers of any banks and other financial institutions on SMS’s, calls, emails and direct messages from all types of various social media platforms.
We are all should change our passwords, pin numbers and secret codes every three month’s time/period in our mobile phone sets of installed UPI (unified payment interface) or other mobile payment wallets to do online payment transactions and also on all types of various social media platforms.
We should lend our mobile phones/sets to unknown/ strange persons even in emergency cases to anyone to avoid and control hacking of our mobile phones data, call forwarding settings and other any settings of hacking in our mobile phones/sets.
We should/must be aware, careful to update/upgrade our day-to-day operations of mobile phones/sets from various channels like newspaper reported news, TV/electronic media news reporting and various messages, post and videos forwarded on all types of various social media platforms
We should/must be aware to add/save any unknown and strange persons mobile numbers in our contact list of mobile phone sets which results in hacking and access to our UPI (unified payment interface) or other mobile payment wallets to do online payment transactions and also on all types of various social media platforms. Suspicious mobile numbers should be deleted and blocked immediately from contact lists of mobile phone sets.
We should maintain a private diary or notebook and keep it under lock and key or in locker. This serves as vital reference when you want to cross check required passwords, pin numbers, user names, registered mobile numbers, emails, one time passwords (OTP) and other important information to do with offline and online mobile operations works.
Some of we have habit of texting/ digital typing on KEEP NOTES provision in our mobile phone sets which is very dangerous because once our mobile phones sets misplaced or lost by theft, hacked them to lose all our important data information.
After the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns era the entire world was forced to change, depend on and be ready for digital transactions by ONLINE & OFFLINE modes. While functioning on a day-to-day basis the result has been various online scams, frauds, cheating by misrepresenting with fake and false identities/profiles of unknown and strange persons.
Finally, the aforementioned mobile phones/cyber/ safety precautions, code of conduct and rules are based on our daily life experiences, news media reporting, social media messages, post and videos to update and upgrade our knowledge to protect ourselves from all such dangers and threats from internet, online, virtual and various functions/transactions in our day today life. So be wise and wish you all the best and safe life for all!

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