UNDER Vishwa Guru Narendra Modi  the spy agencies of the country like the Research & Analysis wing are teeming with James Bonds. The first alert was sounded over the killing of a Sikh nationalist by Indian spy agents. “The Manchester Guardian” has recently reported that 22 Pakistan nationals have been killed by Indian agents in Pakistan.  India’s home minister and external affairs minister have remained silent with the defense minister admitting that its part of the new Indian doctrine in pursuing enemies of Bharat anywhere in the world to terminate them.


THE biggest money laundering in the country goes on in the off-shores casinos of Goa. There are six of them including four owned by Deltin and one each by Gautam Kanda of Big Daddy. The other casinos are owned the Casino Pride group headed by Shrinivas Nayak. We have seen politicians and officials coming into casinos with suitcases full of cash. These are exchanged for banker’s checks by the casino cashiers.  Even with regard to the real gamblers they have havala operators present on the casinos who  will extend credit to those gamblers who have exhausted their hard money brought with them. Gamblers who are willing to deposit a minimum of Rs1lakh with the cashier get free 5-star accommodation and transport to and from to their casino.


THOUGH the Congress and the BJP have declared their candidates we feel no poll fever in Goa. There are no political rallies or house to house campaigns.  Posters and hoardings of the candidates are conspicuous by their absence.  The candidates seem to be visiting temples, churches and masjids piously may be thinking the gods will vote for them.


YOU must have heard of Anil and Ruby Ahluwalia doing some very useful work in ameliorating the woes of cancer survivors with their organization Sanjeevani? They are here in Goa with a first of its kind three-day National Conference on Integrative Cancer Care from April 18 to 20,  to be inaugurated by Goa Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai on April 18, 2024 at 4.30 pm. This is very useful conference will be addressed by some of the best known names in cancer treatment and healthcare in India and Goa. They will be addressing the theme of “Life Beyond Cancer.”

Speaking to media people at a press conference on April 11, the petite breast cancer survivor Ruby Ahluwalia shared how after her remission from third stage breast cancer she felt inspired to quit her job as a civil servant (1987 batch) to establish Sanjeevani to help cancer survivors like her. Ruby is the founder of Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer which has so far worked with more than 10 lakh patients across India through the narrative of integrative cancer care.  

Hers was aggressive cancer and although she was treated at Tata Hospital in Mumbai which is the best, “the journey of cancer for me was horrible and torturous and I resolved others must not suffer” – for there is a lot she can do to help cancer survivors who’re underprivileged. It took her three years to get back to work but soon after she decided to leave her job to start Sanjeevani. Today Sanjeevani projects work on the rehabilitation of cancer patients in wholistic ways, be it physically or psychologically, “Sanjeevani is there in 30 government and semi-government hospitals across 15 states of India…we have touched the lives of 2.5 lakh patients and the number is increasing every year.”

Interestingly, Ruby Ahluwalia retired in Goa two years ago. Goa’s high incidence of cancer is of much concern, it has the highest rate of breast cancer and according to the latest WHO reports “1 out of every Indian will have cancer.”  It is a growing burden of cancer rising from 141 million new cases and 8.2 million deaths worldwide in 2012 to 20 million new cases and 9.7 million deaths a decade later. “The IARC predicts there will be more than 35 million new cancer cases by 2050, an increase of 77% from 2022 levels, and deaths will have nearly doubled since 2012 to more than 18 million.”

Cancer is almost in every household today and the reasons are many, from poor eating habits to industrial junk food eating, deteriorating environment and a world driven by more and more  stressful emotions like anger and hate.  Oh yes, she shared, the emotions we cultivate be they positive or negative, play a role in the final outcome of the disease for the body is very fine tuned and responsive.

This is to say if you may want to attend Sanjeevani’s three-day NCICC 2024 conference which will see a whole host of speakers. To mention some of them there’s Dr KS Gopinath of Ambuja Healthcare, Bangalore; Dr Sujatha Kadam, dean of All India Institute of Ayurveda, Goa; Dr Navin Khattry, dy director ACTREC, Mumbai; Dr Vani Parmar, Dr Anupama Borkar, Dr Swapnil Auti, Dr Ashish Gulia,  Dr Pankaj Malhotra, Dr Sandeep Jasuja, Dr Melvin Chagas Silva, Dr Mayur Kaku, Dr Gauri Rokkam, Dr Sara Chimthawala, Dr Ganesh Rao.

For more details and free registration speak to Sumki Begum on 93651 86649.

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