Some of our most cherished ideas and ideals are of peace and goodwill to all life on earth, including human life, are enshrined in Sanskrit prayers. According to Hindu mythology, beginning the morning with a prayer regularly is a powerful way to invoke blessings. Praying regularly ensures we change ourselves for the better. Our prayers may or may not change the world but it has been observed that praying changes the way we deal with the world!
With the old year passing on and a new year about to begin we thought it was a good idea to present some favorite prayers and invocations from the original Sanskrit of the Vedas (books of learning) ….to invoke achhe din in our lives…

1. Brahmarpanam Brahma Havih
Brahmagnau Brahmana Hutam
Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam
Brahmakarma sanadhina

(Brahman is the Offering
Brahman is the Oblation
Poured out by Brahman into the fire of Brahman
Brahman is to be attained by the one
Who contemplates the action of Brahman
(a Sanskrit prayer to Brahman, the Absolute one, or pure Consciousness, from the Bhagavad Gita)

2. Aum …Aum…Aum
Sahana vavatu sahanau bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam karavavahai
Mavid visha vahai
Aum…Shanti Shanti Shanti

(Let us be together. Let us be together.
Let us produce energy together.
Let there be no limit to our energies.
Let there be no ill-feeling among us.
Aum…Peace Peace Peace.)

3. Asatoma sadgmaya,
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya,
Mrtyorma amrtam gamaya.

(Lead us from unreal to real,
Lead us from darkness to light,
Lead us from fear of death,
To knowledge of immortality.)

4. Sarvesam swastir bhavatu,
Sarvesam santir bhavatu,
Sarvesam purnam bhavatu,
Sarvesam mangalam bhavatu.

(May all be blessed with prosperity,
May all be blessed with peace,
May all be blessed with perfection,
May all be blessed with bliss.)

5. Svasti prajabhyah paripalayantam,
Nyajena margena mahim mahisah,
Gobrahmanebhyah subham astu nityam,
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu,
Kale varsatu parjayyah,
Prthivi sasya salini,
Deso yam kshobha rahita,
Brahmanah santu nirbhayah.

(May people be happy. May the peacemakers
Righteously rule the earth.
Let there be welfare for animals and people,
Of wisdom at all times.
May all be happy.
May it rain at the proper time.
May the earth produce grains.
May this world be free from famine.
May people of contemplation be fearless.)

6. Aum trayambakam yajaamahe,
Sugandhim pushtivardhanam,
Urvaaruka miva bandhanaam,
Mrutyo ruksheeya muksheeya maamruthaath.

(We worship the three-eyed one Lord Shiva,
Who is fragrant and nourishes well all beings,
May he liberate us from death,
For the sake of immortality,
Even as the cucumber is severed,
From all bondage to the creeper.)
PS: This prayer is the maha-mrtyunjaya mantra for protection from sickness

7. Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah,
Sarve santu nir-aamayaah,
Sarve bhadraanni pashyantu,
Maa kashcid dukkha bhaag bhavet,
Om shaantih, shaantih, shaantih.

(May all be happy,
May all be free from illness,
May all be see what is auspicious,
May no one suffer,
May there be peace, peace, peace).

8. Om bhur bhuvah swah,
Bhargo devasya dhimahi,
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat.

(We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence – divine light – illumines all realms – physical, mental, spiritual – may this divine light illumine our intellect.)
PS: The Gayatra mantra is the mother of all prayers and very universal in nature, probably the most loved mantra of them all.

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