Abolianchem Fest one more time….

At the abolianchem fest this year at the Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho, Panaji… trainee teachers and staff put up a traditional show offering insight into Goa’s eco-friendly lifestyles. Various stalls depicted Goa’s crafts, plants, games, singing and dancing

In a state of festivals the Abolianchem Festival is yet another one which renews a date with Goa’s very own traditional legacy of music, dance, art, craft, culture and food, annually. It happens at the campus grounds of the Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE), Altinho, Panaji, during the winter months and is not to be missed. This time it happened on Feb 1, 2020 and after the inaugural invocation of the Lord’s blessings, the music trainees demonstrated their skill with various instruments which included the all-Goan ghumot, violin, organ and guitar.
The sang the official theme song composed by teacher trainees of batch 2016-18 with the help of Dr Glenis Mendonca (assistant professor, Carmel College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Nuvem) and Eutemia Fernandes (assistant professor, NIE). The D.EI.Ed students sang Goienchi Mati’ composed by Alisha d’Cinha (lecturer) and Noel Barreto. The festival documents and generate knowledge about Goa’s environment and social-cultural resources, as well as shares the ideas which define sustainable living in the present and future. The focus this year was onGoenchi Mati’ and the entire festival was woven around this theme – the soil of Goa.
There was some delicate detailing at venue at which included the Ro`in (anthill) at the entrance, the maand with the world’s largest mhadalem and ghumot. The ideas were lent by cultural activist Marius Fernandes. Plus, there were stalls of decoration, food, medicinal and ornamental plants, traditional games, a photo-booth reminiscent of the mud houses of old with authentic chooul. Indeed, a veritable glimpse into what traditional sustainable lifestyle is all about, living in harmony with one’s earth.
Vibha Manerikar composed and recited a poem about the richness of the Goan soil and in her address Dr Delia Antao (officiating principal, NIE) introduced special guests for the day, namely Patsy Khan, Dr Marie Fringes, assistants to the Superior General in Paris, she also welcomed the Provincial from India Province South, Philomena d’Sa. Dr Antao said the festival is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate Goenchi mati , weaving in the theme of respect, responsibility and honoring the land which is used and has to be conserved for the future generations. She also thanked the Directorate of Art & Culture, Goa, for its help in reviving this festival anew annually. Director of NIE Dr Rita Paes said one of the aims of the abolianchem fest which has evolved from their project Goa Day is to encourage more and more people to get their own gardens blooming with local flora, veggies and fruit.
It was altogether a day full of insight, perception and inspiration as teacher trainees in traditional attire danced to the beat of ‘cotti fugdi’ and kalshi fugdi’, a harvest dance performed during harvest time in Goa’s rural country side. Various games such as fatrani, mitani, tiktem, virani, tablam and other fun games were demonstrated to the delight of the audience. A Cantaram group sang to the lyrics of Roque Lazarus’ “goenkarponn” and the mando which captivated everyone.
All this and much more at this year’s much loved Abolianchem Fest where lovers of the original good life in Goa exchange notes and network for a better today and tomorrow to live in peace and harmony!

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