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VMSIIHE and Turismo de Portugal are offering students a two-week online program. This is part of the existing knowledge exchange program between India and Portugal, students from across hospitality institutes now have the opportunity to engage and participate in an exciting two-week online program initiated by V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal (TBC). Five leading hospitality institutes based in Lisboa, Setubal, Coimbra, Algarve and Douro-Lamego have curated the online course.
The program is being scheduled from June 29 to July 10, and each course will be of over two-hour duration daily, it will cover a wide range of subjects from gastronomy and wine pairing to demonstration of recipes unique to regions to sessions on understanding the nature of food ingredients from the Mediterranean regions more closely. Included, virtual tours of wineries, oyster farms and the neighborhoods of Lisbon and Coimbra.
VMSIIHE recently renewed and extended its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Turismo de Portugal during the visit of President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa while he was on a state visit to India. The MOU was signed by Prof Irfan Mirza, Director/Principal of VMSIIHE and Head of TBC Louis Araujo in the presence of Portugal’s President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant, Dipti D. Salgaocar (vice-president, Corporate Communication, VM Salgaocar Corporation) and Ajit M. Gude (director, VM Salgaocar Corporation) at a ceremony held earlier this year in February.
More details about the online program. It would be conducted from Monday to Friday for two consecutive weeks, participants will have the opportunity to interact with professors from Portugal during demonstrations and classes. The course is in English and free for students of hospitality but prior registration is required. Interested participants may get in touch with VMSIIHE.
Of interest to many would be one of the sessions in which a professor from Coimbra will take students on a journey through a vineyard, to the wine cellar, and a demonstration of popular cocktails in the region. The session on oyster breeding, opening techniques, conservation and a lesson on pairing oysters with wine will be conducted by Escola Setubal.
VMSIIHE Director & Principal comments, “The lockdown has been hard on students. This opportunity which arises from our existing alliance between our institute and Turismo de Portugal will offer students of hospitality a peek into the culinary intricacies and culture existing in regions in Portugal, without having to travel to the country in these circumstances. We are opening the doors to students from other hospitality institutes too who can avail of this opportunity without having to pay a fee.” The existing MOU focuses on a shared vision, to encourage and develop the training and qualification of personnel working in the field of tourism, as well as to offer internship and placement opportunities to successful students. India and Goa will continue to work together in fields of research, training, teaching-learning methods and other aspects in the near future.

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