New variant gives you no second chance.

Covid 19 is the same yesterday 2019, today 2020 and potentially more deadly 2021.
The second wave or perhaps aptly referred to as Tsunami witnessed at the global level has been evidence that the SARS COV 2 VIRUS is LETHAL and INCURABLE.
Now with the identification of the mutated virus, it has perhaps become all the more necessary to protect ourselves from it.
Even today, PREVENTION is the only CURE.
In order to consolidate our little success in dealing with the first wave, we need to learn from our experience and implement a collective responsibility at every level in the general population.
The virus is cruel
The virus doesn’t give a second chance
The virus is very much around.
We need to take steps to contain, avoid and protect our people.
Night curfew
Rt pcr negative report mandatory to enter goa at all borders.
Trunat testing at borders on payment of nominal amount.
Masks compulsory.
Covid norms and SOP’s to be strictly enforced.
The truth of the matter is that we will not be able to withstand another wave without being overwhelmed.
An overburdened, burnt-out, fatigued health care system is what stares at us.
It’s okay if we don’t party and celebrate the new year…atleast there is a better chance of being alive for the year ahead if we make little sacrifices and impose self discipline and restraint in our attitude and behavior.
Take care of yourself
Stay home
Stay safe
Stay alive 🙏

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