KILLER: It is not only covid that kills but also related infections like mucormycosis which is a form of fungal infection which grows rapidly in the upper jaw due to contamination of the oxygen equipment.

If the oxygen cylinders and the connectors and oxygen delivery units are not sanitised every time a new cylinder is used, covid-19 patients develop black fungus (Mucormycosis) which targets the jaw, eyes and even affect the brain!

This is to bring to your information a dangerous disease which is killing people by the hundreds once they have recovered from the dreaded Covid infection.
The disease is Mucormycosis and can be fatal. It catches on to those who have been on oxygen support for five days or more. So, the oxygen which gives you life, actually becomes your death sentence. It’s that dangerous.
Mucormycosis, simply known as Black Fungus, develops in the nasal tract due to poor quality of water used, through which the piped oxygen in hospitals passes to make it hydrated oxygen, before it reaches the patient’s nostrils. It’s very much like the fungus which develops on bread due to moisture, if kept for a long time.
It starts from the nostril, travels towards the eye and then towards the brain. It paralyses the nerves it travels through. *So, first it’s the eye that loses vision very swiftly AND permanently! If not stopped, it enters the brain and then it’s a matter of a day or two before the person paralyses, has multiple organ failure or sudden heart attack and dies.
For any body on oxygen support in a hospital, it’s crucial to keep looking around the nostrils for any black pigmentation. As soon as it’s noticed even as the smallest dot, sirens should ring, and anti-fungal vaccination should start immediately because this is the only treatment of the disease. Call an eye surgeon or specialist at once on video call and show him or share pic.
The injection dosage is 5 ml per kg weight. So if a person is 60 kg, it should be 300 ml, and if more, upto 80 kg, 400 ml.
The oxygen supply also needs to be sanitised immediately. While only distilled water should be used for hydrating oxygen, in all hospitals, due to callosity, negligence or downright ignorance, tap water or any other water available around is used by the para medical staff. What is worse is that the container for this water for hydrating the oxygen is seldom cleaned leading to concentration of viruses and bacteria in the piped supply system, which cures you from Covid temporarily and then kills you with the deadly “Black Fungus”. Also, if tap water or even purified / boiled water is used in the humidifier, over a period of time, there’ll be deposits of impurities, including micro-metals, minerals / salts which make things worse. Even many senior doctors tend to overlook this crucial aspect of the life-giving oxygen supply.
Hundreds of people who were on oxygen support and had recently recovered from Covid are dying of this disease everyday. Because, by the time the black pigmentation is noticed by family members at home, it’s already too late and even doctors are helpless. The most unfortunate part is the complete lack of awareness about this contamination in oxygen supply and about the deadly disease itself.
I have not seen any discussion or government advisory on any WhatsApp group or anywhere on social media which shows our complete and widespread ignorance about this dangerous Black Fungus lurking in the oxygen supply system itself.
I myself got to know about this only today, because my childhood schoolmate, my soulmate-brother is lying in KGMU ICU precisely with this ailment, which threatens his life now. Just three days ago, he was taken off oxygen support and his family and all of us, his friends were so happy when he was shifted to the general ward and we were expecting him to go home in a couple of days, some even asking for a party . Today, he’s back in ICU fighting for life. May he get well soon. We are all praying for him.
Please spread word about this disease so you won’t be in a similar state of despair and helplessness like his family and all of us, his well-wishers, and friends.
I appeal to you with folded hands, please do tell everyone about this, especially those on oxygen support, and if you know any government officials of any rank, please do share this information with them. You can save a life.

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