WITH RAHUL: Royla got the best wishes of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during her meeting with him in Velsao, where he interacted with the Ramponkar Ekvott members. Royla aims to light a thousand lamps over the Diwali season for a progressive Benaulim constituency and believed in one of Rahul Gandhi’s key message which is “Goa’s environment is most valuable and must be saved!”

For the first time a highly educated young architect in taking on Churchill Alemao in the Benaulim constituency. Royla, who has been a sarpanch and a social worker, was involved in Rahul Gandhi’s meeting the fisher folk at Velsao which is part of the Benaulim constituency

Benaulim is a census town in South Goa district in the state of Goa, India. It is a beach town a little south of Margao in Goa, India. It is a town of immense natural beauty, located along the scenic South Goa coastline. However, Years of corruption and Self Interest by politicians have destroyed our land, our culture and way of Life. This is our vision and our goal to support Benaulim from a Village level

•Regional plan needs to be done with local involvement and Expertise from Urban planners and Architects out the government boundary
•Initiate steps to Revive Communidade de Goa and improve the infrastructure. The Communidade needs to be financially strong to support itself for a short period of time, until it develop its own entity.
•Goa’s art and architectural heritage deserve more protection. Goa is home to the unique Indo-Portuguese houses; Laws to protect our heritage. Schemes to maintain old traditional homes, monuments is the need of the hour to preserve our culture for the future generations. Modern Day builders need to be introduced to Govt supported ideas to build Portuguese concept homes to maintain our identity. People building such houses/homes should be supported by funding or subsidies to bring down cost of constructions (use of traditional materials and methods of construction to be given importance and funds to be sanctioned by government)
•Priority works will be taken up on urgent and crucial tasks

•Small Police Booths in every village .
•Modernizing the law enforcement agencies and making them accountable.
•Toll Free Call No. managed by a Benaulim Vigilance committee
•CCTV on main roads and junctions, with regular checks to ensure they are functional ,the CCTV’s should be constantly viewed by the Vigilance committee assigned by Local Authorities or by the Govt outreach program for unemployed youth.
•Empower the local police ,by helping them with infrastructural support with the state government

•Enable prominent beaches for specially abled so that it’s easily accessible to them.
•Prevention and removal of stray dogs and cattle all along the beach & roads all over Benaulim
•Empower shack owners to participate in tourism support system to help in maintain the beach, work on waste management , waste segregation and their contribution toward the touristic beauty of benaulim
•Licenses to shacks to be issued immediately prior to Season time. Priority to Goans
•Tourism providers to be encouraged to have business continuity during Monsoons, with help from experts ,guidance provided by government.
•Local Tourism Helpline will be setup for emergency and general help.
•All Prominent Beaches to have a well maintained changing room for women, MEN & infants .
•Garbage / Plastic free beaches, roads and public spaces .
•Scope for Adventure tourism / Cultural Tourism/ Eco tourism / Heritage tourism / Village Tourism will be developed.
•Develop Waterbased tourism in Benaulim’s largest pond/waterbody and Rivers. Locals should be encouraged to take this up under the guidance of the Govt.
•Information Signages and dustbins to be put all over Benaulim appropriately.
•Beaches must be well illuminated without creating any form of light pollution that could affect the biodiversity
•Local museums in Benaulim, should be supported and helped by Govt and be introduced into the tourism plan for the village. Locals should encouraged to take up projects like creating more museums and , art, craft, culture related initiatives.
• Encourage Touristic business that will bring self employment to the locals, Provide necessary guidance and schemes to encourage self employment and job creations.

•Work from Home initiatives to be introduced for housewives and unemployed. Partime jobs, survey collections, internship and other programs to support the government to implement their plans under the Unemployment scheme program. we have different Vocational students passing we should encourage direct internship where the Government requires them where they could add value to both the student & Government.
•Employment and preferences to local youth would be encouraged as per merit.
•Unemployed youth should be trained based on their abilities and experience and involved in Govt outreach programmes to ensure they earn their allowances as per the Unemployment program.
•Government jobs application online and on Merit only . Vacancies, Central & Goa Government schemes portal.
•Companies should be forced to employ 80% a certain percentage of Goans at every post not just the lower posts. Internship programs to be made clear.
•More seats for different educational opportunities should be provided for the youth of benaulim. (Let’s begin by increasing the seats and infrastructure in the current colleges and decrease the number of seats for non goans) .
•Work with local businesses in gathering job requirements and in providing potential candidates for jobs on regular basis.

•Senior citizens forum which would help for shopping and paying utility bills. Special outings
•Senior citizen Forum would have a database of senior citizens living alone and help in their medical care, leisure, religious activities etc.

•Counselling cell to be established with helpline for children for protection of child Rights & harassment to women in Public offices
•Emotional Counselling / Single Parents /Marriage / Addiction counseling to remove social evils.
•Have a Govt supported Family Day, which felicitates students, youth, artists etc.
•Have a budget for community & cultural events
•we should have social grading to all families and Flats with regards to community programmes and their involvement in cleanliness, garbage and community support functions. Community participation in composting pits for either resale value or community agriculture projects.
•Promote Cycling as a habit for eco friendly transport vehicle.
•Community gardens to be introduced for play swings and others for families to gather and for recreational purposes

•Local and Centralized garbage collection points
•Training for waste management at regular intervals.
•Audit check over panchayats to ensure schedule is followed
•Sewage water dumping to be made more stringent.
•Pollution control Board to be made more self sufficient and should have a team that collects evidence etc.. They should also be responsible for talking complaints and acting on them.
•Hospitals, clinics should be able to dispose waste properly while maintaining hygiene or a hospital must be made in charge where waste can be managed.
•Regular training and awareness programs

•24 hour Internet kiosk for utility bills payment at prominent place in village .
•We can have the Pet bottle disposal machines installed on kiosks

•Safer and better transport facilities to and from colleges and schools
•Government busses to and from every corner of benaulim with better frequency
•Add more buses in peak hours to avoid over crowded busses
•Proper dropoff road bus stands busses should not stop on main Roads to drop or pick passengers but to move on the side to prevent accidents or traffic jams

•The proposed Western bypass is through low line area which floods without the road as of today . However the PWD approved this road which the villagers has questioned and stopped as the current plan shows it with Mud and few 2mts channels for water to flow. This will cause flooding from Verna to Benaulim . The people want this road on Stilts as there will be free flow of water.
•Rail over bridge at Seraulim level crossing , just opposite the church there is a railway crossing which is manned by a gatekeeper. As the frequency of trains has increased people requested for a rail over bridge which has not seen the daylight till today.
•No Land Locked situations. We have houses that do not have proper entry / exit access where the law should ensure that One proper access is maintained to the neighbouring plot/ house or road access.
•Govt Maintained Toilets across Benaulim Constituency and at beaches
•Prevent privatisation of Beaches
•3rd Railway to be stopped as it has ecological damage and homes will be lost.
•Maintain & Install traditional Sluice gates, Water pods and others for rain water harvesting.
•Encourage and initiate underground piping for electrical and phone cabling. Build roadside underground piping and conduit piping to prevent redigging all the time.
•Foot path for walking besides the main roads
•Solar power to be encouraged for home and small businesses
•Solar Power to illuminate streets
•Bus stops at appropriate locations on Local roads. Also introduce new/ additional buses wherever required.
•Tarring of roads with warranty.
•Drinking Water contamination to be tested and corrective action to be initiated
•Water storage tanks to be planned one for every village.
•Oppose third railway means more land to be acquired displacing our locals.
•Hazardous waste treatment facility to be established for Goa in consultancy with Goa pollution control board. (Medical, Industrial, E-waste etc) and Collection process to be identified
•To ensure Uninterrupted power supply of the right voltage
•To make a FAST response maintenance team at every village to handle outages during monsoons and other events
•To ensure clean and uninterrupted water supply, with backup water supply incase of outages
•Encourage eco-buildings – skylights and large windows in the direction of the rising sun could bring in more natural light as save consumption of electricity.
•Religious architectural structures like Churches, temples, mosques should have financial support to be maintenance.
•Access to the beach and other touristic places by the locals without any hassle.
•Consumers must be compensated in case of long water and power cuts .
•ProBono Legal aid –PIL, Mediation, law support from Govt on providing such services to the people of Benaulim.
•Tourist Tribunal to be setup in benaulim to help tourists and local is to speed up execution of tourism related queries.

•Participate in legislation to make Coconut grass a tree again.
•Community Farming law for uncultivated land. Farmers market to sell such produce.
•Farmers–Encourage farming by making available Mechanized viable options.
•Eradicate coconut & coconut tree diseases.
•Eradicate Coconut Price Mafia (Coconut price from farmer is 3 -5 and in retail market 15-25 per pic)
•Encourage organic farming with heirloom seeds and other resources.
•Provide monthly training and seminars on Farming techniques, invite guest speakers and others
•Encourage organic farming / Kitchen Garden in every family.
•Introduce options of crops that would help the farmer . Insurance to the crop and Farmer at subsidized rate based on targets to deliver back to the government to resell into Farmer Markets.
•Work on nullahs, water ways to prevent flooding of fields and farming lands.
•Provide harvesting equipment, tractors and other tools on free or subsidised rental fees for locals to encourage farming.
•Involve the community in agricultural competitions and other encouragement activities to improve farming.

•No nationalization of local rivers . It only belongs to the state and its people.
•Water in lakes , rivers to be tested for pollution and contamination.
•Prevent deforestation of Pine trees in Varca & other beaches
•Prevent deforestation of communidade lands and prevent sale of Communidade land
•Setup environmental team and schedule to check/clean lakes and waterbodies in the constituency on regular basis
•Penalise stray cattle owners, or impound them
•Work with NGOs for Spaying / Neutering stray Cats/ dogs. Rehoming and adoption programs to be introduced.
•Privatisation of islands, beaches and other such areas is rather unfair – Nature belongs to all! This needs to be looked into.
•Erosion needs to controlled at the sea or rivers. sedimentation needs to be under control
•Pollution control board to be made active, to monitor rivers and other water bodies, involve in Revitalization of Rivers
•Protection of Mangroves on river banks to stop erosion .
•Stop illegal Sand mining at the sea and other areas.

•Market places for fishing community needs to be enforced with advance facilities so that no one sits on the roads.
•Support for scheme in net mending, transportation, Life insurance for fishermen(for their children) to keep cost of Fish low.
•Support Fishing community with Cold storage facilities, Schemes during non fishing season.
•Encourage the Fishing community to train the younger generations under skill development program
Fishing community to support beach cleaning programmers, Ecological development.
•Provide Fishing community with weather forecasts and other meteorological support from the govt.

•Career Guidance to be introduced in 9th Std curriculum so that the student knows which stream is the best for one self
•Skill Development centers for vocational students that pass out.
•Waste management to be introduced in school .
•Culture based training on romi konkani by retired elderly.
•Surprise checks in schools to prevent trade of drugs, porn and other supplements.
•Introduce Self Defence for girls in School.

•Panchayat ghar to be well equipped with modern infrastructure and accountability. •Panchayat teams to be empowered & Trained
•More fuunding for panchayat activities, Zilla Panchayats to be more supportive
•Ontime salary for panchayat staff
•Panchayat to have Internship programmes with the youth.
•Schools will work closely with Panchayats on Social drives and causes.
•All panchayats must have their files scanned and digitally archived to prevent loss and to be found instantly.
•Power to the People (SWARAJ ) along with the 73rd and 74th Amendment to be implemented. Today the panchayat and Zillas have no power to plan /implement or reject any project on their own. The 73rd and 74th amendment allows the panchayat to have it .

• Short term loans for carpenters , also Carpenters must be categorized in SSI. Differences should be removed between Hindu & catholic Carpenters , where hindu Carpenters are in OBC category. thus more benefits .
• Importance to Traditional Occupations (Agriculture, Dairy, Folklore, Fishing, Feni Production, Toddy Tapping/Coconut Pluckers, Potters, Cobblers, Bakery, salt makers, tailors and other traditional businesses)
• Schemes to Traditional Occupations (Agriculture, Dairy, Folklore, Fishing, Feni Production, Toddy Tapping/Coconut Pluckers, Potters, Cobblers, Bakery, salt makers, tailors and other traditional businesses)
• Sync timing of different factories/ Establishments to reduce buses plying to common destinations
• Single window clearance for certain Permissions / Renewal of licenses for all services through offices / outlets setup in Benaulim constituency.
• Encourage Salt makers and empower them to resolve their difficulties.
• Encourage traditional businesses to teach and introduce the youth to take up such businesses under the Youth scheme for traditional businesses.
•Incentives should be given to startups looking to venture in the lines of recycling of plastic, glass, rubber, etc.

• Hotels and other large scale business needs to focus on job creation with the locals.
• Such Entities needs to encourage local business development for procurement of raw materials such as food, agricultural produce and also to avail the services of local providers , carpenters, etc.
• CSR activities list could be prepared and prioritized with such entities under review with the local Teams + Panchayats and the Business contribution needs to be reviewed on a annual period.
• Waste Management, Infrastructure (Electrical, water) consumption needs to be reviewed on a montly basis.
•Earnings on per

• Quality Education in Government Schools and Balwadis
•Schools will be encouraged to do public activities to build moral responsibility.
•Career Counselling for the youth
• Education in Moral values to be held in schools/ villages
• Skill development centers for seafarers and NRIs,
• training for new entrepreneur and Self employment
• Skill, Art and Culture Centre Training facility to be built in benaulim
• Introduce agriculture as optional subject , with an option to take it as a career under Agricultural university.
• Govt and Balwadi Teachers need to be well trained and exposed the industry demand.
• Need more Lending libraries in benaulim with support for Ebooks.
• Regularization of temporary staff at schools.
• Local benaulim supported Scholarships for various programmes
• Work with Colleges to get seats from benaulim students.
•Introduction to Supplementary classes in Govt Schools, that can help students who cannot afford tuitions fees.

• Football, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Taekwondo. (Olympic) Sports need to be introduced at grassroots levels to become State Level qualified teams from Benaulim constituency as a part of the youth manifesto program.
• Bring back Seraulim Football ground from SAG to the locals or avoid fees .
• Work with Village Sports Clubs and Associations to support grassroot training under the Sports University plan under theyouth manifesto program.
•Provide Local Sports clubs that own football grounds with opportunity to host major events.
•Local sports clubs to have schemes and benefits from the youth manifesto programme.
•Local Village grounds to be developed further to support sports infrastructure.
•Smaller Indoor sports stadium to be introduced for benaulim constituency

•Quality 24 x 7 Health care in Villages through WADDO Clinics
•Keep Check on malaria every pre and post monsoons
•Monitor and review the Senior citizens health care.
•Have monthly village health camps for specialised health segments like dentistry and others.
•Invite monthly talks and seminars on Prevention techniques and educational awareness programmes. IT
•Build a tourism based portal, that will invite tourists and tourism projects into benaulim constituency and give opportunity for locals to register and benefit from this gateway to benaulim project. This project will also generate revenue for the govt.
•Build a job registry portal for benaulim residents to apply, register and look for partime opportunities with companies and others . This project will also generate revenue for the govt.
•Information Kiosks across benaulim with information for locals and tourists
•Automate panchayat with self service counters, edocuments, panchayat websites etc.
•Wifi Connectivity on various spots of Benaulim to help tourists and locals as per youth Policy
•Weekly or monthly newsletter to inform the residents about schemes, information, achievements etc Benaulim Support to through Legislation
•Investment promotion board projects to be reviewed / scrapped .
• Casinos to be shifted away
•Third Railway line to be scrapped due to ecological damage, and the loss of homes to people in Benaulim
•Jobs Bills for Goans on merit
•Export Bill to encourage exports from Goa of items as food, clothing, people. State Level Suggestions
•The type of industries that open in Goa should directly match the kind of courses that are being taught in Goa. For example, since there are many pharmaceutical industries in Goa, we can have more colleges teaching pharma. This way we can balance the supply and demand of workforce
•Applications for Government Jobs must be made online. Where in the selection process is unbiased and based on merits when an opening is created, be it a officer or a cleaner. The software involved should autofilter based on merit conditions.


  1. Goans has accepted AAP as an alternative to Congress. Congress is still in a denial mode. Goans gave Congress more than 3 Decades to solve Goans Electricity, Water, Health, Roads, Environments, Home Delivery of Government Services, Home Delivery of Government Ration and many other problems to solve. But instead of solving Goans problems they joined BJP and betrayed the Voters who voted Congress and not BJP. Congress will again betray their voters and hence Congress voters opted for AAP against Congress in recent ZP Election. AAP will emerge as an alternative to Congress & BJP in 2022 Assembly Election.

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