How we eat is how we shape our environment! More and more people concerned about the mass poisoning of the good earth are switching over to primary, traditional plant based eating and living habits. For fighting fit good health food is the key to survival… not the plethora of junk food we eat today day in and day out!

OVER and over again I hear that the quality of our environment is the key to fighting fit health! Yet we are bogged down by all kinds of ailments, maladies, degenerative diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart problems, cancers of the various vital organs). Hospitals of course are doing very well in our world. Precentive health care too nowadays in the various Ayurveda, wellness, alternate medicine clinics and camps…if we have any sense we would change our lifestyle drastically and concentrate on going back into the kitchen to master the fine art of primary cooking or fixing of meals — to improve the immune system. For it is around our immune system all health of mind and body, heart and soul revolves.
Alas, the pharmaceutical industry geniuses are only too aware of this and are chasing the human immune system! They would like nothing better than to replace drugs with as many vaccines as drugs, which in effect means telling everyone your immune system is weak, it can’t fight any longer, so let us modify and make it dependent on more and more pharma-created vaccines!
The argument is that Mother Earth’s environment is no longer good enough to gift us with a great survival immune system anymore. That’s a testimony to how much our civilisation has impacted the environment for the worse in the last hundred years alone – increasing we are fighting for clean air, clean water, clean food. That is food which is nutritious and not fancy or pretty or transformed into an enchantment of the senses (being taken for al ride), we are not even able to make out between what is life-giving and what is life-compromising, life-destroying any more).
Increasingly we are eating pasteurised, hydrogenated, transformed foods out of food factories and sold to us at fancy rates in plastics — we’re so brainwashed and we don’t even realize it. Plus, we think food coming out plastic bottles and packets is …er…food for life. More likely it is food for death but we’re so obsessed with life, we’ve forgotten sooner or later we will die. Life is as much about how we live as how we die – sublimely or grossly.
To live sublimely we have to get back to living more sensibly, intelligently, with discipline, work at natural lifestyles — instead of the grandiose killer lifestyles we patronize today with ambitions of making it to the minority in utopia. As if that would be easy or even safe for that matter and ensure life forever!
Quite a few folk I know personally in the countries of the west are making the changeovers for a more rewarding Mother Earth – while we are becoming like them in the old sense and haven’t seen the light yet– in love with our mod cons, sedentary lives, content to tell ourselves the human race is living longer than ever before so all’s well. No more negative talk, please! The point is today more and more of us are suffering for want of air worth breathing, water worth drinking, food worth eating…the kind of freebies our grandparents had when there was less of everything which defines the good life for us today!
Take stock of the great ironies of our times, my dears and look towards the children at least, they are more likely to do what the parents’ generation is reluctant to do because they’re looking into a bleak future…where only money will buy you food, water and health. Or is that right? Think again.

A FINAL note, as my dear friend the USA-based Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (remarkable systems scientist and inventor of Email, MIT, PhD Systems Sciences and much, much more) keeps reiterating in various ways: Today’s education system fails because it teaches us what to think and not how to think. Therein lies the flaws of what’s screwing us down the road to perdition or so to speak (my words). Interestingly, Dr Ayyadurai was in India recently visiting his hometown in Tamilnadu for a couple of months (but of that another time).
The thrust of Dr Ayyadurai’s message over and over again all the way from US of A is, “We have Bread, but no Health; We have Land, but no Freedom; We have We have `Peace’ but no Truth. For Truth, Freedom and Health, we need Revolution. And Revolution occurs when you set your goals for your life and understand what it takes to achieve those goals.” Catch up with his remarkable educationist extraordinary in his books as also his websites where he trains tens of thousands of those who want to learn the science of systems — which affect every aspect of our life and society.
His TFH movement is quite revolutionary as it is philanthropic in an amazing way. He says we don’t know what’s truth anymore, at least the working people don’t! If life continues as it most of us will be back to slavery anew at the mercy of not so obvious establishments and governments ganging up against the people in league with Big Tech or powerful technology fixers. Something like that. He says we don’t want a homogenized world, we have to go beyond dialectics, we have to see the interconnection of things and that is the science of systems. Absolutely fascinating, for me at least for all this is what I want to hear!
I urge you to catch up with Dr Shiva Ayyadurrai at VASHIVA.COM. If thousands of folk are following him around the world there is no reason why the Indian government should not take a look into Dr Shiva’s educational syllabus and the science of systems and input it into the Indian education for transformation of energies and synergies on fast forward. It would be a real thumbs-up.
ON that note its avjo, poiteverem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yeta here for now. Don’t forget to visit the Botanical Society of Goa’s Konkan Fruit Fest over the weekend of May13,14 and 15, 2022 at the INOX end of the Campal promenade in capital city in Panaji – it return to us after some years and offers oodles of insight and pleasure into the cornucopia of fruit which grows in the Konkan states, see varieties of mangoes, jackfruit, kokum, bananas, pineapples and all kinds of fruit wild and cultivated with other item numbers lined up like fruit and vegetable carving, flower arrangements, bee-keeping, a range of fruit produce for exhibit and sale. Last heard of here Dr Pradip Sarmokadam, Member-Secretary of the Goa State Biodiversity Board was all set to inaugurate this iconic festival of fruit and more. It’s absolutely my favourite festival of Goa which is indeed, turning into a veritable state of festivals of all kinds!

—Mme Butterfly

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