CONMAN: The young man from Kerala took his father-in-law for a ride to the tune of Rs100crore, plus jewelry, plus gifts given to the bride for her marriage

By Livemint Staff

A trusting father who got his daughter married to a young man from Kerala discovered that he had been cheated to the extent of Rs100 crore.

A Dubai-based NRI businessman Abdul Lahir Hassan was allegedly robbed by his own son-in-law, who is a Keralite hailing from Kasaragod. When he got his daughter married to a person belonging to Kerala in 2017, he would have not imagined that his son-in-law would cheat on him after five years.
Besides 1,000 sovereigns of gold jewelry gifted to his daughter, the businessman’s son-in-law robbed, identified as Muhammad Hafiz, around Rs107 crore from him, according to the news agency PTI.
Hafiz also managed to obtain the ownership of some properties of the businessman, as per the complaint made by Hassan to Aluva police around three months ago when he found out what was happening.
On Thursday, November 24, the investigation of the case was handed over to the Crime Branch wing of the Kerala Police as the amount involved is over Rs100 crore, and the accused is still at large and reportedly in Goa.
Speaking to a TV channel, as quoted by PTI, the complainant said that Aluva police allegedly failed to arrest the accused or even call him for questioning and they also could not recover from him Rs1.5 crore worth of car given for his use.
Hasan also stated that the alleged fraud or cheating started with his son-in-law asking for around Rs4 crore to pay the fine imposed on the latter after an Enforcement Directorate raid. Thereafter, under various pretexts, like buying land or opening a footwear showroom, his son-in-law managed to obtain over Rs92 crore from him, he told the channel.
A police officer informed that Hassan’s son-in-law did not do it all alone, but had an accomplice named Akshay Thomas Vaidyan. Hassan has named both of them in the complaint made to the police.

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