`THE CONTEMPORARY SPEECHES’: A book authored by  Governor i P S Sreedharan Pillai, was released by His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews III, Catholics of the East Malankara Metropolitan, at old Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan on September 21, 2023. On the occasion the governor spoke of various  initiatives implemented through Raj Bhavan. He said he was only making good use of his special funds to help charitable institutions and needy cancer and dialysis patients in Goa.  Around 1,900 patients have benefited from the Governor’s discretionary funds, with Rs25,000 disbursed to each patient along with 90 institutions who got financial assistance. He was using his funds without any discrimination for he has been inspired by the speeches of the visiting His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews III, who offered monetary help to the poor and needy. Governor Pillai said  love, kindness and dedication are the basic cause of faith and beliefs and doing something good for the poor people is akin to doing something for God. HH Baselios Marthoma Mathews III, Catholics of the East Malankara Metropolitan, underscored the need to eradicate poverty and drug addiction from society. All religions in the world should come together to fight these evils.  He blessed and extended his best wishes to Goans on the occasion of the on-going Ganesh  festival and said it is a memorable occasion for him to participate in the festivity.

 He honoured the Catholica Bhava (Doctorate of Literature (DLitt) Honoris Causa Awardee in Literature and Law by ASBM University, Bhubaneswar to Governor Pillai.  Present at the event were Mihir Vardhan (IAS,Retd) who introduced the recently published Raj Bhavan publications.  Minister for Transport Mauvin Godinho received  copies of the books at the hands of HH Baselios Marthoma Mathews III. A reception as hosted for the religious heads from outside Goa at the Raj Bhavan. Those honoured also included the accompanying team of  11 bishops, namely  H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos (Bombay Diocese), H G Yuhanon Mar Policarpos (Angamali Diocese), H G DrYuhanon Mar Diascoros (Kottayam Diocese), H G DrYuhanon MarDemetrios (Delhi Diocese), H G DrYuhanon Mar Thevodoros (Kottarakkara-Punalur Diocese), HG Yakob Mar Elias (Brahmavar Diocese), H G Dr Joshua Mar Nicodhimos (Nilackal Diocese), H G Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios (Kunnamkulam Diocese), H G Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim(Thumpamon & Bangalore Diocese), H G Dr Geevarghese Mar Theophilos (Ahmedabad Diocese), H G Geevarghese Mar Philoxenos (Madras Diocese) and Advocate Biju Oommen (Sabha Secretary Orthodox Sabha).

M R M Rao, IAS, Secretary to Governor, welcomed the dignitaries and highlighted various activities carried out by Goa Raj Bhavan. Advocate Biju Oommen, Sabha Secretary Orthodox Sabha, gave the introductory address while welcoming the bishops. First Lady of Goa  K Rita Pillai was also present on the occasion. TH Valsaraj proposed a vote of thanks.


IT’S  23 long years that our dear Selwyn left us after being snuffed away in that horrific road accident at Kanpur, but the music that he created continues to enthral music lovers and lives on. Rockstar Selwyn Pereira was a jewel, someone Ribandar and Goa lost so early, at a very tender age of just 29. Pereira had started his own band when he was just 10 years old and named it Civilians. He went on to play for various bands. 

He departed in 2001 left us grieving and dazed because of the sudden and untimely departure. He has left behind a void that may never be filled and in our hearts Selwyn will live forever. 

It is said that good music is a piece of art that flows through the ears and reaches the heart, and that is how Selwn made a permanent place in our hearts. Plato, the legendary philosopher, said music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and also life to the imagination. We thank you dear  Selwyn for all the music you gifted and left us with! 

–Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar 


WHEN I was near Cafe Tato in Panaji recently I missed a falling stone from the 4th or 5th floor of a high rise building called Vasco da Gama. There were some workers doing repair work on the open high floor window without following safety precautions! They are supposed to install a safety net while carrying out such external work on walls or windows. Increasingly I notice how such construction work goes on all over the city without precautions!

CCP and PWD department people should do a survey and take stock of this kind of illegal behaviour in the construction business and even when it is only repair work. Usually, safety precautions of a net or wooden placards are fixed while undertaking external work. Passers-by on the footpath far below should not be at risk of being injured or losing their life. To whom do we blame if something like this happens to a member of the public? Will anyone take responsibility or pay compensation to the family of injured party?

–Stephen Dias, Dona Paula 

TODAY it is noticed that basic education is given more importance not just by families but also by schools. There is a need for educationally institutions to look into helping all children develop themselves, mainly physically and mentally weak students. There are children with learning disability syndrome who can be helped with some extra efforts.
The government must open more schools for the financially weak students so that they too may be educated and employable. Please look into upgrading, enforcing, entertaining and educating students so that they may grow gracefully. Schools must engage students with disabilities in sports and other social activities through different training programs. Schools are considered as temples of knowledge as they prepare students for a brighter and more inclusive in society future.
—Cajeatan Peter D’Souza, Mumbai

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