(L-R) Ragini Deshpande, Aditi Kashyap, Avani Tanya, Khushboo Madnani, Nimmi Joshi and Tanushree Singh are talented Goa-based female artists who will be showcasing their ceramic creations at the upcoming exhibition titled ‘Unearthed’ at the Museum of Goa, Pilerne.
…at the MOG exhibition to unveil artistic potential beyond utility! Six Goa-based women ceramic artists are showcasing their personal work at an exhibition titled “Unearthed” at the Museum of Goa (Pilerne) from March 16 to March 31, 2024. The ceramic work showcases the “qualities of malleability, longevity and durability of clay craft artworks which stretch beyond the realm of utility ceremics” or so says our press release. The exhibition is supported by Bhoomi Pottery. There will be hands-on workshops, performances, a panel discussion with the participating artists and pop-ups to broaden the ceramics perspective as an art form for viewers. The artists whose artwork will be on display are Aditi Kashyap, Avani Tanya, Khushboo Madnani, Nimmy Joshi, Ragini Deshpande and Tanushree Singh. The exhibition celebrates the power of ceramics as a medium of personal expression and collective storytelling, worth a dekho surely! Go and find about the lesser-known ancient art of ceramics, a medium of human expression since 29,000 BCE!


GOOD Friday is the day we commemorate the death of Lord Jesus Christ, when he was crucified on the Holy Cross at Calvary. Though many Catholics follow the traditions faithfully of doing their Lenten confessions and following the season faithfully, there are few people who are looking for total reconciliation by way of fasting and penance.
There are still a few people from the parishes who have excluded themselves from the Church and the parish, for reasons best known to them. As the Novena of the Divine Mercy begins from Good Friday, this should be an occasion for the Church to observe Holy Saturday as Reconciliation Day and visit those people who have been excluded from the Church. They are the Lost Sheep, which the Good Shepherd (parish priests) has to go out to look for.
The strayed sheep may also be having a dangerous sting with the various other people and may lead others astray. They have left the Church and now the Church should receive them back to their flock by a special service either during Easter season where the lost sheep will be granted total forgiveness and be accepted back in the flock.
Holy Saturday should remind us to reach out to all the people who have strayed away from the Church and bring them back, thus making the Season of Easter more meaningful. The parishes could organize the “Reconciliation Day” on a Sunday during Easter Season.
—Cajetan Peter D’Souza, Mumbai

THE underpass outside the Goa Medical College & Hospital (GMC) at Bambolim, which is used by a lot of students and public at large, is usually always in darkness, the lights rarely function. The CCTVs installed may be functional or not, that’s another issue.
Students, women and seniors walk in the darkness on this narrow road as there are no footpaths within the underpass. Besides there is construction debris here and there making the place dangerous. To add to public woes during the monsoon months there is perennial flooding. This entire underpass is very unsafe for the public and children in particular and the authorities need to do something about it like making sure it is safe with lighting and with CCTV working. Police should also patrol this area. There is need to maintain cleanliness and sanitation within the underpass.
Let us not wait for some untoward incident to happen! Please, the powers-that-be take some steps swiftly to ensure safe passage here in front of the GMC which sees a lot of movement of traffic and people daily.
—Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

THE BJP can win the South Goa parliamentary seat only by doing setting with some Opposition parties in Goa.
The State BJP leaders were heard confidently saying that their party candidate (whoever it might be) will win the South Goa seat very easily this time with the blessings of the people of Goa.
Unfortunately, these same leaders are currently seen struggling to name one single strong candidate of their own and are now believed to be considering a woman candidate in sheer desperation for the south Goa parliamentary seat.

It looks like the BJP leaders know they have absolutely no chance of winning the south Goa seat whatsoever, due to which they are indulging in time-wasting gimmicks and refusing to name one strong candidate for that particular parliamentary seat in Goa.
The only way the BJP can win the south Goa seat this time is by doing setting with leaders of some Opposition parties, especially the Congress as the leaders of this party in particular, despite having a sitting MP, are still refusing to name one single strong candidate for the south Goa parliamentary seat. They are digging their own party’s political grave in Goa!
—Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

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